NO.321 Dear Ukraines. Participation in the war by the general public is a war crime. If you fight as a civilian, you will be executed in a war trial. If you don't join the army, please run away.

Russia is on the verge of extinction. Russia takes revenge before its extinction. Russia chooses World War III. Putin keeps saying. "There is no winner in this war."

Once Ukraine joins NATO, Russia's defense will be impossible.

Once NATO's missile base is built in Ukraine, Russia cannot intercept. Russia will be ruined. Russia is trying to regain Ukraine by invading the military as Ukraine does not withdraw its request to join NATO.

Economic sanctions by the United States and its allies will disrupt the Russian economy. Russia will be destroyed. So Russia chooses World War III.

If Ukraine withdraws its NATO membership request and declares it neutral, all will be solved.

No further territorial expansion is possible for Russia. Most of Russia's land is economically vulnerable. If the territory expands further, the Russian economy will bear the burden and collapse. The vast land has saved Russia from the invaders. Therefore, Russia cannot let go of its land.

Putin's intention is to prevent NATO from expanding eastward.

Putin would lose the support of the Russian people altogether if he abandoned the Russians in Ukraine.

So he fully supports the two separations.

A solution must be realized that fully protect both Ukrainians and Russians.

If one of both is persecuted, there will always be another military clash. The next military clash will surely extend to World War III.

The Ukrainian president says, "I will not give the territory to anyone." He demands active support from NATO. He feels he is trying to get NATO into the war because of his own ambitions.

I fear.

There is hope. Great power that can properly analyze world affairs may take action to deter World War III.


NATO countries do not understand Russia's will. They seem to think, "Russia has no intention of invading the military and is trying to gain a superior position in negotiations with NATO."

Russia continues to convey the ultimatum to NATO countries. Economic sanctions by NATO countries will have a fatal blow to Russia. At that time Russia chooses a full-scale war.

Once Ukraine joins NATO, Russia's defense will be impossible. Russia will be destroyed. Russia chooses as revenge, a full-scale war, before be made to ruin.

Russia therefore invades Ukraine to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO.

Russia will be prepared for a full-scale war with NATO. This is World War III. 

Russia has approved the independence of some parts of Ukraine. Probably to protect the Russians who live there. Putin completely loses the support of the Russian people if he abandons Russians outside Russia.

A solution that respects both Ukrainians and Russians in Ukraine must be realized.

If either is persecuted, it will always cause the next military clash. The next military conflict will surely extend to World War III.


Russia does not think of aggression. Most of Russia's vast land is economically vulnerable. Maintaining a vast land is a harsh burden on the Russian economy. Further territorial expansion will lead to the collapse of the Russian economy.

The vast land saves Russia from aggression. So Russia cannot let go of its land.

Russia needs to stop NATO from moving eastward. And Russia needs the neutralization of Ukraine.

China holds the key. The Han Chinese are a genius in analyzing world affairs. Understand that Russia will choose a military invasion due to Ukraine's accession to NATO.

China understands that the spillover to the entire world situation caused by this military invasion will cause a dangerous situation for China.

There are many countries in the world that support China today. The leaders of those countries participated in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

The leaders of these countries are judged to be competent. Despite America's global influence, they chose to support China. Those who can make such a judgment.

I think China and its supporters will take action for their own survival.

This time, I think they will try to achieve the neutralization of Ukraine.


If Ukraine withdraws its request to join NATO and declares it to be a neutral zone, Putin will accept it.

If Russia invades Ukraine, which remains neutral, NATO will be more willing to fight. NATO approves Ukraine's accession and chooses a war between NATO and Russia.

Putin understands this and will never invade Ukraine, which is neutral.

If Putin's next president is incompetent, I don’t know what he will do.


A military invasion by Russia is inevitable. Russia will carry out a military invasion in the face of extinction.

The request of the United States and its allies is for Russia to accept Ukraine's accession to NATO. Once NATO's missile base is built in Ukraine, Russia cannot defend. It means destruction.

When the United States and its allies say, "Russia can return to negotiations," it means that "if Russia accepts the destruction, it can return to negotiations."

The leaders of the United States and its allies may not understand the meaning of their remarks. Without doubt, they are dementia. Everywhere, they only repeat the remarks of the sentence made at first.

So war is inevitable.

They have entrust military personnel to do policy towards Russia. Military personnel act on the principle of military personnel's behavior. The principle of action is to win a war with Russia.

Once a military clash occurs, it will expand into World War III.

NATO leaders will continue to blame Russia in a fierce tone. Because they are demented, they cannot understand what caused the war. Cause of war is incompetence of them.



NO.306 Message to President Trump 41 ・・・ This is a war between all mankind and the coronavirus. The meaning of President Trump's declaration would be beneficial. The whole world will be able to implement projects that put all the will and power of the nation in order to overcome coronavirus infection. Keynes policy is needed. Many companies around the world are temporarily suspended. Many people are fired temporarily. People who have purchased products until now can no longer purchase products. The performance of companies that continue to do business deteriorates. This causes a recession. The government needs to hire the unemployed and keep paying them. The government orders the required number of respirators. If there is not enough production equipment, the government will expand.

NO.303 Message to President Trump 39 ・・・ Considerations as of March 17, 2020 Japan Time. Countries have jointly implemented maximum quantitative easing. The Fed has moved to a virtually zero interest rate. Entrepreneurs are not willing to use the investment funds provided. Stock prices fall because investors can't find investment opportunities. In the United States and Europe, entrepreneurs do not try to solve problems themselves. They wait for others to help them. Then, I propose Keynes's policy. The United States sets a national purpose and declares a state enterprise to achieve the purpose. Giving huge funds to the national business. If war, the US government could do this. This is a war between all mankind and the coronavirus. I suggest that Trump do this.

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