NO. 318 Message to Miss Sumire ・・・"World Religions" dominate world affairs. White Protestants and Indian immigrants are key to the situation in the United States.

I understand that "World Religions" are the most important factor in "World Religions". "World Religions" were created by the best geniuses."World Religions" understand the essence of this world deeply.

The idea of ​​modern physics is the same as that of Hinduism and Buddhism.

Matter, Space and Time are not the essence. The Law is the essence. When a phenomenon that follows the Law occurs, a place for the phenomenon to proceed is required. Therefore, matter, space, and time arise. When the phenomenon ends, matter, space, and time disappear. These are not the essence. It's a foam. This is "空." And this is the meaning of "色即是空"

But, modern physics was created by Christians. Christians (Protestants) whose intellect were trained in the ideas of the Bible created modern physics.

Hinduism and the Bible give birth to genius. This is because the intellect of genius will be trained by these religious ideas.

Would you like to have a little more time with this?

Let me explain the essence of America.

And I have a feeling that what I will say from now on will be the key to the world situation.

The Predestination is a deep-seated fear for Protestants (the basis of Christian faith is to fear God). Relieving this fear will become the purpose of Protestant life.

The most intelligent people of Western society would have impulsively tried to logically deny the idea of ​​the Bible. As a result, the person falls into the sensation of being moved by the invisible hand of God. And they would have come to believe in God.

A miracle is evidence that the power of God has worked. Things that can never happen happen. Only God can change the law of the universe because the law of the universe has changed.

The Gospels state that no miracles other than the sign of Yunus (the resurrection from death on the cross of Jesus) can be given to humans. That is, all events in the universe proceed according to the laws of the universe. Humans are required to have a critical rationalistic spirit.

God's purpose is realized by the progress of phenomena according to the laws of the universe. God set God purpose before the creation of heaven and earth, and created heaven and earth for the purpose.

At the time of the Last Judgment, most of humanity will be appointed to eternal death and only a few will be rescued. So, God has already decided who will be saved before the Creation. This is the Predestination.

God's decision is absolutely immutable to humans. And it is absolutely impossible for human beings to know God's decision.

The Predestination is a bottomless fear for those who fear God. Freeing from the fear of predestination became the principle of action of Christians of Europe and America.

Catholicism developed to alleviate the fear of predestination. Protestants faced the predestination. Driven by the urge to freed from fear of the Predistination, the Protestants continued to look for hope in the biblical account.

As a result, the intellect of the Protestants was trained by the ideas of the Bible.

White American Protestants have acquired the highest intelligence of mankind. But now I think the intelligence of Indian immigrants surpasses that of white Protestants.

For Hindus, caste is a natural destiny, and solving the caste problem is the purpose of Hindu life. Therefore, Hindus are trained in their intellect in Hindu ideas. Especially Dalit at the bottom. Discrimination fosters a sense of mission.

I believe that the Dalit (most being discriminated) will give birth to a genius who acts with a noble sense of mission.

Did the genius who created Hinduism set the caste with considering this?

I think white Protestants are amazed by Indian immigrants. For the first time in history, immigrants may take control of the United States.

I think this is a major factor in the current division of America.

One last thing. I think that when America falls into a real crisis, a prominent genius will be born from white Protestants.

White Protestants are dominated by the urge to not face the fear of the Predestination. Therefore, in peaceful times, he impulsively tries to avoid looking directly at the Bible. Their intellect is not well trained.

However, in situations that presage "The Last Judgment.", They will return to the Bible.

America is a country founded for faith. The destruction of America is the destruction of heaven and earth.

I think white Protestants will give birth to geniuses when America is in danger of survival.



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