NO.316 Letter to American Indian immigrants. ・・・Why the Bible and Hinduism create genius.

1. Letter to American Indian immigrants. 

White Protestants will fear the intelligence of Indian immigrants. In the past, they had better intelligent than immigrants. Because the Bible's principle trained their intellect.

But now, the intelligence of Indian immigrants surpasses them. Because Hindu principle train the intellect of Hindus.

For the first time, immigrants will be about to gain rule of the United States.

Immigrants may not understand US history, culture, and traditions. US may be transformed into something else. White Protestants cannot forgive this.

For Protestants, Predestination is fate at born. At the time of the Last Judgment, most of humanity is appointed to eternal death. Only a few are rescued. Before the Creation, God has already decided who to rescue. It is impossible to change this decision, and humans cannot know God's decision.

Predestination is a bottomless horror for Protestants. Freeing from this fear is the purpose of their lives. They seek hope in the biblical account.

I think the Bible is a book written by an outstanding genius. I think the description in the Bible is a tremendous and original idea. By trying to interpret the Bible, I think that intellect will be trained.

But, Protestants wish impulsively to avoid facing the Predestination. In peaceful times, they cannot face the essence of Bible philosophy. Their intellect is untrained.

But foreseeing the Last Judgment, they will face the essence of the Bible, to ask for forgiveness of sins. Their intellect is trained.

Tremendous genius will be created.

For them, US is the country founded for the faith of Founding fathers. If America ceases to be America, it may be judged as a disqualified person of faith.

If so, they will remember the Last Judgment.

I consider as below.

Caste for Hindus is fate set at birth. Solving the fate of caste is the purpose of Hindu life. One of the solutions chosen is immigration. 



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