NO. 317 US-China Conflict ・・・ The Pentagon-controlled United States is completely lacking in world affairs analysis. Are Germany and Britain, which send their navy to the Spratly Islands, ready to begin war in the event of a military clash in an accident?


Will the Chinese gov respond seriously with the G7 at the other day?

The conclusion of G7 is a brilliant delusion. It will result in disappointment and loss of trust in the G7 participating countries around the world.

If it becomes an obstacle for China, the cause is that China is incompetent and counters by stupidity measure.

Coercion by power will be useless to solve the Uighur problem. The Beijing gov will already understand this. In the past, they may have done something that was persecuted because they couldn't understand how to respond appropriately. But now it will be fixed.

The younger generation, who have experience studying abroad, will eventually become leaders in China. They will find a better way than they are now.

The current Beijing government will already be aware of this.

Beijing gov will understand that themselves are relics of the past.Because Beijing gov is basically capable. The more capable, the more difficult job they have to do. So, they are keenly aware of the limits of their ability.

Beijing gov has governed a vast land with a population of 1.3 billion.

G7 people are also relics of the past. Some of them seems to be poor people who became relics at young age.

It may be insult, but since the incompetence of a politician is sin, let's say it.


I conclude that the Beijing gov and its enemies have continued their life-and-death struggle for control of the Chinese state.

Taiwanese gov claims that they are the legitimate government of China. It contends for control of China with Beijing gov. There are other enemies of Beijing gov. They take advantage of Taiwanese gov.

Uighurs living outside of China are easy to use. If their families disappear in China, the international community will conclude that this is genocide.

Beijing gov has continued to govern the land of China.

If Beijing gov is overthrown, it cannot be governed and China will collapse and become a hotbed of terrorism.

This is the result made by those who plan the collapse of China in the international community.

If Uighur becomes conflict zone, China will be catastrophic. If deny the pride of the people, they will definitely be hostile. Beijing gov has only the option of completely extinguishing the Uighurs or gaining voluntary cooperation from the Uighurs.

Beijing gov chosen Belt and Road for survival. Belt and Road needs the participation of Muslims. Eliminating the Uighurs, who are Muslims, makes all Muslims enemy.

If Beijing gov in the past persecuted Uighurs, it was mistake because of inept. But they can correct mistakes.


Meaning of cooperating with Taiwan because of "Sharing the same values."

Taiwanese gov claims that Taiwan is the legitimate government of China. For them, the Beijing gov is rebel and aggressor, the enemy to fight for regain China.

To Japanese people.

Taiwan cannot want independence from China. This means that Taiwan recognizes that the Beijing gov is the legitimate government of China.

Taiwanese gov claims sovereignty over the Senkaku. When the Japanese gov joins Taiwan to counter the Beijing gov, which claims sovereignty over the Senkaku, the next battle for sovereignty over the Senkaku begins with Taiwan.

Taiwan's military expansion aims to wage war with Beijing gov. The purpose is to fight Beijing gov and recapture mainland China.

US military cooperation with Taiwan means participating in the war between the Taiwanese gov and the Beijing gov over mainland China in an alliance with Taiwanese gov.

Choosing an alliance with Taiwanese gov because US and its allies "share the same values" is to force an ideology on billion of Han Chinese.

US and its allies have not confirmed the will of the Han Chinese, haven't they?

billion of Han Chinese will be seriously angry. They will recognize US and its allies as enemies.


Consideration on the Uighur problem.

Uighurs have a history of hardship. In the past, they tried to become independent twice and the administration collapsed in a short period. Uighurs seem to have migrated to various parts of the world and formed communities. They did not have a leader to unite people.

I think they would recognize other peoples as potential enemies because of their history of hardship.

They seems not to have found ways to deal with their problems.

I hope the Han Chinese will communicate with the Uighurs. It is important for Uighurs to make sure that friends can exist in other ethnic groups.

I think Han Chinese are now keenly aware of this need.

Han Chinese may have gone through a history of not being able to find suitable means of dealing with the Uighurs. The person in charge of dealing with the Uighurs may have been confused by various difficulties and used force. It was criticized by other countries as persecution. It didn't solve anything.

Again, the United States today has not yet taken the perspective of analyzing world affairs. Because military strategists do not have this.

US is blindly aware of the threat to China.

US says the entire Uighur has become huge camp. This will be big project like the Great Wall construction. China will not choose this.

2021.04.06 1

There was news of sovereignty dispute between Bhutan and China.

About China's claim of sovereignty. It's probably the job that the people in charge was assigned as routine. They will pick up the areas where the border is not fixed in detail. It would be their mission to claim sovereignty over the area. The purpose of Chinese gov is the prosperity of Han Chinese.

If the Supreme Leader decides on a choice, the people in charge follows it.

I propose to Bhutan to propose coexistence and co-prosperity to China. If China agrees, I think there is no problem in trusting it.

India is backing up Bhutan. India is monitoring the situation.

India produces the best genius.

Caste presents Hindus with life challenges and sometimes challenges.

They are trained in Hindu ideas. It is true that they have the highest intelligence in physics and mathematics.

Like the genius who created the Bible, the genius who created Hinduism is probably the best genius.

Discrimination fosters hatred and a sense of mission. Caste trains his intellect. Dalit, who will be most discriminated,  creates best genius to act with sense of mission.

I wonder that did the genius who set the caste assume this?

If India faces crisis, caste will create genius.

India will keep to monitor the situation in Bhutan and China.



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