NO.315 A dictator may be born in the United States. Immigrants do not rob America. America is trying to destroy democracy on its own.・ ・ ・White Protestants and Indian immigrants are the keys. Both the Bible and Hinduism produce genius.

1. Both the Bible and Hinduism would be  thoughts created by the greatest genius intellect in history.

There are 200 million White Protestants. There are more than 1 billion Hindus. Hindus may have a higher chance of producing a genius than  White Protestants.

There are more than 1 billion Han Chinese. There is a high probability that good intelligence will be produced. The potential of Han Chinese intelligence is unknown to me at this time.

However, history proves the huge potential of them.

However, I think the Bible has stronger power to create genius than Hinduism. Hindus are freed from caste by converting to other religions, but Protestants have no way out of the fear of predestination. The unfathomable fear of Predestination hunts down the Protestant spirit forever. The urge that "I want to be free from the fear of Predestination." Under the control of this tremendous overwhelming urge, Protestants interpret the Bible in search of hope.

The best geniuses of 200 million white Protestants may outweigh the best geniuses of one billion Hindus.

However, Protestants impulsively want to refuse to face the predestination. In peaceful times, Protestants will not face the predestination. Their intellect is untrained.

However, when they foresee the end of the world, that is, when the Last Judgment is near, they will face the predestination. A genius is born.

However, from the current point of view, white Protestants cannot face the predestination. At this point, the intelligence of Hindus and Indian immigrants who have been trained in harsh conditions may outweigh the intelligence of white Protestants.

In the past, I think the intelligence of white Protestants has surpassed that of immigrants. The whites have continued to secure control of the United States.

But now, the intellect of Indian immigrants and others may surpass the intellect of white Protestants.

Immigrants may be about to gain control of the United States.

2. If migrants have been discriminated against or persecuted in their original homeland, the urge to revenge may not be suppressed. ・・・ But Caste may foster a noble sense of mission.

Discrimination and Persecution create tragedy.

Mail voting will destroy democracy if it cannot prevent fraud by mail voting. Democracy is fragile. The enthusiasm of the people gives the republic to the dictator.

In America today, it seems that no one understands the fragility of democracy. Today's Americans are dominated by enthusiasm and may give America to a dictator.

Protestants traditionally have good intelligence. Bible thought trains Protestant intelligence. But now, the intelligence of Indian immigrants may surpass that of white Protestants. Indian immigrants are trained in Hindu ideas. Immigrants are those who have abandoned their original homeland. Their intellect will be trained by harsh experience.

If the genius Indian immigrants are dominated by the urge to take revenge, they may become American dictators.

Depending on the future situation, white Protestants may foresee the end of the world. They will foresee the Last Judgment. At that time, they return to the Bible. Their intellect is thoroughly trained. A genius is born from white Protestants.

Caste can be a source of discrimination and persecution.

However, Caste may also produce selected apostles who act with a noble sense of mission.

For Hindus, Caste is fate at born. Hindus may perceive Caste as a curse. They will think through about the meaning of the fate of Caste. As a result, a strong sense of mission can be fostered. Their intellect will be well trained.

They can be as chosen by God and may be like apostles.

God chose Hindus to give them a special mission. God prepared the Caste as ordeal to train the apostles. I think situation like this can occur.

3. A dictator may be born in the United States. ・・・ In ancient Rome, the enthusiasm of the people gave Caesar a republic. The same thing may come to happen in America today.

Americans themselves may have destroyed American democracy.

Democracy is fragile. The most democratic referendum produces a dictator. The founding fathers of the United States understood this, and that understanding was passed on to their successors. They have continued to build efforts to protect American democracy.

The US presidential election system is a legacy of the wisdom of those predecessors. They have continued to build and maintain their electoral system because they understand the fragility of democracy.

The procedure is important. Everything is a legacy of wisdom.

If there is room for fraud in the election process, it will destroy the principles of the presidential election system.

In this presidential election, the factor that decided the victory of candidate Biden was the vote by mail ballot. Even if the mail ballot was fraudulent, it could not be found.

Voting by mail was adopted in a fierce battle states that determines the outcome of the election. The governor was the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party might have been able to cheat with a planned strategy and win the victory.

By using postal voting, it is possible to create a dictator in the United States.

It seems that no one understands the wisdom of the ancestors that have been built up now.

So American democracy is about to perish.

Voting, which cannot be stopped if fraud is committed, should not have been adopted. Voting is invalid unless it proves that there is no room for fraud.

American ancestors who understood the principles of the presidential election system would have understood this. But now, no one understands this.

Those who hate Trump are dominated by enthusiasm and continue to ignore the principles of the presidential election.

In America today, the birth of a dictator cannot be stopped.

4. The presidential election ends when one of the two candidates declares that the other is the next president of the United States.・・・ this is a convention, but an absolute rule.

This is a practice and not be legislated. But it's an established absolute rule.

The path the nation should take must be decided by the sovereign with responsible and free will.

Elections proceed according to the prescribed procedures. But in the end, the decision must be made by the responsible free will of both candidates entrusted with the right of representation.

Candidates making this Declaration must take full responsibility for the consequences of this Declaration.

For example, if Trump now makes this declaration, there will be no trial in the Federal Supreme Court against postal voting that cannot prevent fraud. The United States will allow this mail ballot. A dictator could take control of the United States by mail voting.

That responsibility must be borne by Trump.

To make this declaration by the presidential candidate is to take full responsibility and choose to transfer power to the other party. That is why the political party to which the person belongs follows this declaration.

Voter vote on November 3, 2020.

Voted by electors on December 14, 2020.

Approved by Parliament on January 6, 2021.

This step will be to verify the legitimacy of the presidential election that took place. This is to provide an opportunity for verification if an error has been made.

Trump has opted for a court battle, claiming fraud by mail ballot. In previous court battles, Trump was liable for proof. All previous court battles have been defeated by Trump because he could not prove fraud.

Trump must have one more court battle to carry out.

What if the mail ballot was not monitored by a third party?

If fraud is committed, proof is virtually impossible. Even if fraud is committed, it is virtually impossible for Trump to prove it.

Established voting methods should ensure third-party oversight.

Should a voting method that is not guaranteed to be monitored by a third party be invalidated? If the voting method is valid, who use that method to illegally gain political power. This becomes possible to do. Democracy dies.

This is real problem in many countries.

Is voting by mail, which is not guaranteed to be monitored by a third party, valid? It is a life-threatening issue of democracy in the United States.・・・ I think this should, in principle, be contested in the Federal Supreme Court.

And I think this is Trump's duty as president-elect candidate.

It is possible that Trump would declare Biden's victory, even if the mail ballot was fraudulent. This is Trump's declaration that the fraudulent presidential election is valid. And it is to declare that Trump bears full responsibility for the consequences of this.

If there are no Americans who understand this now, then there are no defenders of American democracy.

The Americans themselves are trying to destroy American democracy and give America to the dictator.

5. The principle that Bible thought creates genius.

The key to Christian faith is the Last Judgment. White Protestants return to the Bible when they feel that the heavens and the earth are about to die.

This causes a revolution. White Protestants are trained in intelligence by returning to the Bible. White Protestants will produce those who will have intelligence at learst equal with Indian immigrants.

For Hindus, caste is fate at born. Some may perceive caste as a curse.

For Protestants, Predestination is the fate at born. Some may perceive Predestination as a curse. Protestants and Hindus will understand each other.

Predestination. The theme of the Bible's Letter to the Romans. At the time of the Last Judgment, God sets most of all mankind to eternal death. Only a few are rescued.

Here, God has already decided who will be saved and who will perish, before the Creation. God's decision cannot be changed by humans. And humans can never know God's decision.

For Protestants, predestination is a bottomless fear. For Protestants, the only purpose of life is to be free from the fear of Predestination.

The basis of Christian faith is to fear God. Humans cannot be clean soul, but they can fear God. Christian faith begins with fear of God.

Protestants try to understand the Bible in order to be free from the fear of predestination. It tries to interpret the Bible logically in an attempt to find hope in the Bible's account. This trains their intellect.

About miracles. A miracle is something that can never happen. God created the universe and created the law of the universe. Creatures can never change the laws of the universe. Only God changes the laws of the universe. A miracle is a phenomenon that occurs when the laws of the universe are changed, and only God can cause a miracle. A miracle is a proof that the power of God has worked.

So, the Gospel says, "God never gives humans miracles." That is, all phenomena in the universe proceed according to the laws of the universe that God first created. The Bible requires humans to have a scientific rationalist spirit.

God's purpose is realized by the progress of phenomena according to the laws of the universe. God first created the universe, planning everything to achieve his purpose. The universe is moved by the invisible hand of God to achieve God's purpose.

It was all God's first plan for the Protestants to be dominated by the fear of Predestination and to desperately interpret the Bible in search of hope. Protestants realize that they are being moved by the invisible hand of God and come to believe in God.

In peaceful times, Protestants do not face Predestination. This is because they wish not to dominated by the fear of Predestination. Intellect of Protestants in peaceful times cannot be trained. However, when the world is destroyed, that is, the time of the Last Judgment is near, Protestants return to the Bible. Protestant intelligence will be trained.

That is, when America faces a crisis of destruction, white Protestants return to the Bible and their intellect is trained. Genius intelligence will be created.

For Hindus, caste is fate at born. Some will recognize this as a curse.

Hindus will inevitably think about the fate of caste. They will try to understand Hindu ideas. This will train the Hindus intellect.

Hinduism is a revolutionary idea. Buddhism is an innovation created by Hinduism. Buddha discovered a new phenomenon called "enlightenment" according to Hindu principles.

Both the Bible and Hinduism are thoughts created by the greatest genius in human history. Deep insight into the essence of the universe.

Both Protestants and Hindus will be dominated by the urge to refuse to believe in their religion. They will impulsively try to find the mistakes of thought. But to this day, those with the highest intelligence have not succeeded in this.

Bible and Hindu ideas that give insight into the essence of the universe will train the intellect of Protestants and Hindus.

Quantum mechanics would be a Protestant idea. Hindus could have the same idea.

The dynamism of the causality of reincarnation. Causes arise, and the dynamism of causality causes results. I understand that dynamism is the essence. A place where the phenomenon progresses due to dynamism is needed. Therefore, space, matter and time are created. So that bubbles are generated on the surface of the water. When the phenomenon is over, the field is no longer needed. It disappears like a bubble.

I think this idea is the same as modern physics.

Hindus are dominated by the fate of caste. This can also create hatred in their hearts. However, it can also foster a noble sense of mission.

It is as if Hindus were chosen by God to bestow a special mission. And it is as if God had prepared a caste to train Hindus. 

6. Hinduism is a revolutionary idea. ・・・ Consideration of the causal law of reincarnation.

I conclude by comparing Hinduism with the Bible that Hinduism is a revolutionary idea.

In Hinduism, the universe is governed by the Causality of Reincarnation. So how did Hinduism know this truth? In the Bible, God tells humans the truth.

Hinduism does not envision a Creator God as in the Bible. Hindu gods are governed by the causality of reincarnation. Hindu gods do not create the causality of reincarnation. The Bible Creator God is the creator of the laws of the universe. Humans were created by a phenomenon caused by the causal law of reincarnation. Hindu gods were also created by the causal phenomenon of reincarnation. Hindu gods are not omnipotence.

In Hinduism, humans explored and discovered the Causal law of Reincarnation. The method of exploration would be meditation. Humans have not yet discovered all the causal phenomena of Reincarnation.

The reason for the huge number of Hindu scriptures is probably that many people searched for the laws and phenomena of the Causality of Reincarnation and recorded the results of the search.

From Hinduism, several religions such as Buddhism and Jainism were born. These religions presuppose Hindu doctrine.

These religions are Hindu innovations. Buddha discovered a new phenomenon called "enlightenment."

Max Weber pointed out that when Hindu society meets a new tribe, a new caste will be set up for that tribe. In Causality of Reincarnation, the cause causes the result. Caste is the result. Hindu society has continued to discover new castes as a new result of the Causality of Reincarnation.

In Hinduism, new laws and new phenomena can always be discovered. In Hinduism, new solutions can always be discovered. Discovering new solutions can make a revolution. Hinduism is a revolutionary idea.

Buddha said, "Everything is suffering." For Buddha, caste is a pain. Seeking a solution to be free from suffering.

If this is universally common to Hindus, Hindus will think through the principle of causality of reincarnation. The greater the suffering, the greater the force of the urge to think through the principles of reincarnation causality.

Hindu intellect will be tremendously trained, right?

Each caste is governed by its own causality, and the more diverse the caste, the more diverse the causality. Thinking through a wide variety of causal laws means that the intellect is trained.

Hindus will have their own perspective on the caste they belong to. The existence of a wide variety of castes means the existence of a wide variety of perspectives, and by thinking through a wide variety of causal laws, the intellect of a wide variety of individualities will be nurtured.

For Hindus, this world is the suffering, and I think Hindus have hope for reincarnation in order to be free from the suffering of this world.

They are willing to suffer commandment in this world in order to be free from suffering in the afterlife. Such a thing seems to happen.

I heard that Jainism qualifies those who have completed rigorous training to be released from this world by death from starvation.

Refuse to take any life for a good rebirth to the afterlife. When a Jesuit missionary showed drinking water under a microscope to some Jain people, they learned that many microbes were alive. They refused to drink water and chose to die in order not to kill the microbes.

Hindus will understand what this means. Hindus will look at each caste and think through the meaning of the causality of that caste. I think some people will develop a strong sense of mission to solve problems.

A strong sense of mission and tremendous intelligence will be nurtured.

Indian society has tremendous potential.



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