NO.314 The reason why China built a naval base in the Spratly Islands is that the United States allowed the Japanese government to nationalize the Senkaku. ・・・ The nationalization of the "Senkaku" is almost to the act of waging a war on China.

If Japan landed the Self-Defense Forces on the "Senkaku", China would undoubtedly launch a military attack.

Both Japan and China claim sovereignty over the Senkaku. For China allowing the Self-Defense Forces to land on the Senkaku means abandonment of territorial rights of Senkaku. China will undoubtedly attack the Self-Defense Forces on the Senkaku.

So if Japan intends to war with China, it will land the Self-Defense Forces on the Senkaku. Then, when China attacks the Senkaku Self-Defense Forces, the United States will participate in the war in accordance with the provisions of Article 5 of the Japan-US Security Treaty. Japan landed the Self-Defense Forces on the Senkaku with the intention of having the United States enter the war.

Those who intend a peaceful solution respect the will of the other party. The nationalization of Japan's Senkaku does not respect China's willingness to claim sovereignty over the Senkaku. Japan may have intended a war.

China will guess that.

The United States has allowed Japan's Senkaku to be nationalized. As a retaliation, China built a naval base on the Spratly Islands.

For protest against the United States and for self-defense. With the United States accepting the nationalization of the Senkaku, China doubted the United States' intention to war with China.

In contrast, countries claiming sovereignty over the Spratly Islands continue to neglect this situation. Eventually, China's sovereignty over the Spratly Islands will be finalized.

The US military will only demonstrate the protest and will not use force on the Chinese military. ・・・ US has no intention of waging war with China for purpose of respect to claim sovereignty on the Spratly Islands by countries ohter than China. 

Countries claiming sovereignty over the Spratly Islands are not trying to regain sovereignty by themselves.

China continues its arms race. The purpose of the Chinese army is to fight in the surrounding areas of China, for self-defence. Launch missiles from mainland China to destroy US aircraft carriers. From mainland China, a missile destroys a fuel facility at a US military base in Okinawa.

The purpose of US diplomacy is to enable the Department of Defense to formulate a defense plan.

The United States opposes this. The reason may be that it will be difficult for the Pentagon to formulate a defense plan. US foreign policy seems to be determined by the Pentagon's intentions.

The Pentagon develops a defense plan to ensure US security. The Pentagon urges the US government to eliminate military forces that make this defense plan difficult to formulate.

If Iran's nuclear program is diverted to nuclear weapons, it will be difficult to formulate a defense plan. So the US government has decided to deter Iran's nuclear program.

The cause of Chinese hegemony. ・・・ Simply, Chinese diplomats have a narrow view and are immature. This is all.

China diplomacy has short career. There is no accumulation of diplomatic careers cultivated over many years like in European countries.

Chinese diplomats have a narrow field of view and are immature. They are only interested in immediate interests. Easily try to rely on menacing. If they intimidate their opponent and give in, they can become a hero in China. This is the principle of action of Chinese diplomats.

China's supreme leaders will be capable. Among the 1 billion Han Chinese, those who have won the power struggle. However, the supreme leaders may not have set the basic policy of Chinese diplomacy.

As a result, immature individual diplomats diplomatically seek immediate interests on their own. The sum of the actions of these individual diplomats is recognized as Chinese diplomacy.

The United States misunderstands this as hegemony and takes countermeasures. Chinese diplomats are immature, so they can't understand the situation and are overly repulsive. This is the reality of the US-China military conflict.

Now China continues to put pressure on Taiwan, but it is of no use to China. It proves the immaturity of Chinese diplomats.

If Taiwan is competent, maintaining One country-Ttwo systems should be Taiwan's basic policy. China is closer to Taiwan than the United States. Until now, because the United States is a superpower, it has been able to exert influence far into Asia. The United States has continued to benefit the democratic nation of Taiwan in order to counter the communist nation of China.

The profits Taiwan has gained so far have been the accidental result of this situation. The time may come when America's power will decline. If Taiwan is competent, this should be a prerequisite for action. Taiwan should find a way to cooperate with One country-Ttwo systems. China is the main defender that protects Taiwan from the military threats of major powers other than the United States.

If the Chinese diplomats were capable, they would have understood this situation. And they should have guaranteed the survival of Taiwan's current system and offered to cooperate with One country-Ttwo systems.

And Chinese diplomats  should explain the situation to Taiwan politely and get an understanding. They should make Taiwan understand that Taiwan really needs One country-Two systems.

However, because of its immaturity, Chinese diplomats continue to put pressure on Taiwan, inviting unnecessary backlash from the United States.

The Han Chinese empire has never invaded the world in the past.

The Han Chinese nation has never invaded the world in the past. All the Han Chinese have done is to create a nation on the land of China and defend it.

The purpose of the Chinese army is purely self-defense. Currently, the corona pandemic imposes significant operational restrictions on military forces around the world. Only the Chinese army controls Corona. For the Chinese army, it is now a great opportunity to expand into the world, but the Chinese army does not choose to expand into the world.

Now China has clearly stated its intention to support the world free trade system.

War is an obstacle to free trade. The Han Chinese nation chose free trade over world invasion.

If there is a war in East Asia, the cause is probably Japan.

The Government of Japan declares that it will lead the "Free and Open Indo-Pacific." They are calling on East Asian countries to participate in this initiative. They have declared that they will support the participating countries in order to realize this concept.

China will recognize this initiative as an act of war against China. Japan is safe because of the Japan-US Security Treaty. If China exerts military force on Japan's territory or the Senkaku, the United States will jointly defend with Japan.

However, the United States has no intention of defending other countries. The countries that participated in this initiative will have to fight China by alone.

Japan is repeating such a dangerous thing. Someday, Japan may cause a war.



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