No.312 Proposal of funding method for NASA project. ・・・This will bring about a revolutionary change in the whole world.

Proposal of how to fund NASA projects. Funding constraints will be  biggest neck for NASA.

Macroeconomically, it's a heretical idea, but endorsed by several economists. 

Why I support NASA.・・・Innovations NASA creates will bring revolutionary growth to the world.

“Somewhere in the vast universe, human descendants continue to survive.”

This would be NASA's ultimate goal.

NASA will have strong sense of crisis about the possibility of the Catastroph due to factors from universe.

Inevitably, NASA will set the above end goal. NASA should have been established for the national purpose of USA. Continuing survival of American citizens and American collaborators will be national purpose of USA.

For survival of human beings, realizing the survival in the universe outside the solar system is required. For this purpose, NASA will devote all will and power.

Warp navigation, black hole engine. NASA will study because possibility is pointed out in physics. This is important. At first, everyone thought of a quantum computer as an illusion. Only real science engineers did not consider it illusion.

At every time, NASA will realize the feasible projects one by one.

Biggest neck.・・・ NASA projects will be constrained by the size of funding. Projects impossible due to financial constraints will not be planed. I think NASA might have lost courage to envision a bold project.

So I propose this.

"Gov bond with zero interest. Allow only central bank to buy. Gov execute new projects using this funds.

This bond redeemed only when inflation rate exceeds upper limit."

If development of black hole engine is realized, humankind will acquire a powerful energy source with almost zero cost.

Cost of industrial production is zero, excluding labor costs. (For the Protestant doctrine, companies will be obliged to hire people.) An industrial revolution will occur.

NASA designs black hole engine development project and calculates required funding. Fed will issue and supply new dollars. This will be possible.

Gov bond with zero interest. Allow only central bank to buy. Gov execute new projects using this funds.

This bond redeemed only when inflation rate exceeds upper limit

This will be solution.

Expansion of industry and economy. State will execute projects that private industries do not. Economy expands by that size. Circulate currency to society according to the scale of economy.

Inappropriate to use taxes for this national project. Private industry shrink as much scale as the project. 

With right funding, NASA projects, for example, will revolutionize everything in the world.

Government envisions the project. Central bank will issue new currency to supply necessary amount to the project. Gov issues zero-interest gov bonds in the amount necessary for project, and let central bank buy them.

Let me explain.

Industrial production is value-added production. Value-added is creation of monetary value from zero. Currency must be provided to there.

Purchasing decide value-added of product.So, Executing natinal project always produce value-added.

 If product is not used, it's consumption.  Pyramid construction is  huge consumption. Supported ancient Egyptian economy.

Let's build giant space station like Death Star for using space city.

Ancient Rome, powerful gold mines supported Roman economy. Perhaps Roman gov continued to buy goods with mined gold. Even if industry has production capacity, it will decline if goods are not purchased. If gov buys goods,  industry will grow,  people can earn income and consume.

New national projects are new industries. If no gold mine, central bank can issue currency to fund project.

NASA wouldn't even have even envisioned project due to funding constraints. If released from funding constraints, NASA's real ability will be demonstrated.

When value-added production ceases, currency of that scale need recovery to central bank. Redeem gov bond only when inflation rate exceeds upper limit.

About my intention.

I'm a bachelor of physics and learned only the essence of macroeconomics at internet article. I tried to thoroughly consider the essence. My idea is an amateur's idea.

However, it has been endorsed by several LinkedIn economists. There is clear opposition from other several people.

My layman's idea my be appropriate. I think my idea is a heresy idea. Economists would not seems to have noticed at past the idea I've proposed.

But professional economists, once recognized, seem to quickly understand deeply. Their knowledge is rebuilt and the professional vision is built. Otherwise, they would not agree with the heretical idea.

I can't do more than creating layman's idea. But they will solve real problems.

It is my hope that our common problems will be resolved.

So, I hope please remember that I sent another inMail. Even if you are not interested in it now, it may happen that you are interested in it at future. If my idea is appropriate.

A serious recession is expected. Spiral process between emergence of a large number of unemployed people and further deterioration of corporate performance. Is this the Great Depression?

I think Economists are truly capable. I'm sure they will solve problems. I hope please watch the situation.



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No.311 Gov bond with zero interest. Allow only central bank to buy. Gov execute new projects using this funds. This bond redeemed only when inflation rate exceeds upper limit. Solve problem. Please judge.

No.308 Potential in India. ・・・“God prepared India for the crisis of the world.” Some Christians may think so.