No.311 Gov bond with zero interest. Allow only central bank to buy. Gov execute new projects using this funds. This bond redeemed only when inflation rate exceeds upper limit. Solve problem. Please judge.

Expansion of industry and economy. State will execute projects that private industries do not. Economy expands by that size. Circulate currency to society according to the scale of economy.

Inappropriate to use taxes for this national project. Private industry shrink as much scale as the project. 

With right funding, NASA projects, for example, will revolutionize everything in the world.

Government envisions the project. Central bank will issue new currency to supply necessary amount to the project. Gov issues zero-interest gov bonds in the amount necessary for project, and let central bank buy them.

Let me explain.

Industrial production is value-added production. Value-added is creation of monetary value from zero. Currency must be provided to there.

Purchasing decide value-added of product.So, Executing natinal project always produce value-added.

 If product is not used, it's consumption.  Pyramid construction is  huge consumption. Supported ancient Egyptian economy.

Let's build giant space station like Death Star for using space city.

Ancient Rome, powerful gold mines supported Roman economy. Perhaps Roman gov continued to buy goods with mined gold. Even if industry has production capacity, it will decline if goods are not purchased. If gov buys goods,  industry will grow,  people can earn income and consume.

New national projects are new industries. If no gold mine, central bank can issue currency to fund project.

NASA wouldn't even have even envisioned project due to funding constraints. If released from funding constraints, NASA's real ability will be demonstrated.

When value-added production ceases, currency of that scale need recovery to central bank. Redeem gov bond only when inflation rate exceeds upper limit.



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No.308 Potential in India. ・・・“God prepared India for the crisis of the world.” Some Christians may think so.