No.308 Potential in India. ・・・“God prepared India for the crisis of the world.” Some Christians may think so.

India's potential・・・My guess, from speculation. 

Japanese people who visit India suffer a culture shock from the caste system. They choose to be Indian friends.

Hindu laws govern everything. When the upper caste and the lower caste come into contact with each other, an undesired "Cause" is created in the upper caste. "Cause" causes "Result". "Result" is the result of the dynamism of reincarnation. At this time, an undesired cause is not born to the person in the lower caste.

In Indian society, the upper caste does not touch, for example, tableware that the lower caste touches. This causes culture shock to visitors from Japan. I think it is inappropriate to describe it as discrimination. It is a requirement by Hindu law.

The highest level of the caste system is Brahmin, and below the four-step caste, there is a caste that is an outcast such as Dalit.

The people of Dalit are all free. All are permitted under Hindu laws. I think the Brahmin people are only allowed to do very limited things. The people of Brahmin are not allowed to go outside the luxurious palace in India. I'm guessing that's the case.

The people of Brahmin speculate that they cannot work in the international community. The people of Dalid will be free to work in the international community. Christians treat the Dalid people as equal personalities.

India cannot live in the international community without the people of Dalid.

Caste will be a big inner theme for Indian people. Indian people will try to solve this inner theme by dialogue with the international community.

How did Hindus learn about Hindu laws? Not by God's prophecy. Maybe by meditation.

Professor Naoki Komuro pointed out the theory of Yogachara.

The human spirit is one of the "Results". All worlds in "Everything" are results. Reincarnation is a dynamism. When "Cause" occurs, reincarnation causes "Result". "Result" is a creation. The human spirit is part of the dynamism of reincarnation. Therefore, humans can learn the dynamism of reincarnation by meditation.

Christians have a similar idea. Christians created modern physics. Hindus could also produce modern physics.

Understand that in modern physics, dynamism is considered to be the main subject. Dynamism requires a place to work. Dynamism demands the generation of time, space and matter.

It is likened to the surface of the water. Reincarnation is a wave generated on the water surface. Reincarnation requires the generation of foam. The human spirit and the whole world are this foam.

When the dynamism ends, the bubbles disappear. After that, the quiet water surface remains.

Different "Cause" causes different reincarnation. Hindu doctrine is a reincarnation of "Cause" that humans have experienced in the past.

Hinduism does not know about reincarnation due to a new cause. Hinduism has the potential to change the doctrine.

Hindus of the past did not know IT. The existing caste does not support IT. I hear Indian society is building new rules for IT caste.

I think the potential for change is great. In India, communication between people with different castes can be difficult. Brahmin people in particular are not allowed to come into contact with other caste people. Most Indians will barely know about Brahmins.

Most Indians hear that there are Brahmin people. However, he never sees Brahmin or hears Brahmin voice. And Indians can only know the information that has been conveyed. I guess this.

India has enormous potential for change.

Hindus will have a strong awareness of the fate of Caste as a problem. Caste may at times be a curse of fate. They will have a strong will to solve their inner destiny. They have a strong will to understand the essence of reincarnation. They train their insight to understand the essence of things.

They will seek to solve their inner destiny by interacting with them and a radically different international community.

Because India is a member of the international community, problems in the international community are destined for them to be resolved.

The Indian people look like people chosen by God because they have special missions. It seems as if God prepared India to save people from the crisis facing human society.

It looks to me as if it were like this.

Proposals for study abroad to US graduate schools  young people of Dalit, Indian discriminated.  

They will give insights by contrasting Hindus with Christianity. They get deep understanding of both religions.

Bible is probably the book of mankind's greatest genius. Christians will agree with this. Bible is word of God. However, God does not allow humans to know God. This is a Christian principle.

"There is no human who has seen God. I don't know which religion is  true God. Creator God may not exist, and Hindu view of the universe may be true. But I believe Christian god."

This will be attitude of Christians.

God does not allow people to know truth of God. Those who do not know truth of God are not allowed to judge. Christians must not judge pagans as guilty. Christians therefore respect Hindu faith.

If Hindus can accept Christians, both can be friends.

And Hinduism may have been created by humanity's highest genius intelligence. Both religions have a deep understanding of the essence of the universe.

Christianity presupposes the Creator God, and Hinduism presupposes that the Creator God does not exist.

In Hinduism, people learn dynamism of reincarnation by meditation. Science discovers truth of universe one by one. 

Similarly, Hindus will continue to discover dynamism of reincarnation, by meditation.

World will change when new truths are discovered. Hinduism is essentially a revolutionary idea, like Christianity.

Like Christians, Hindus will transform the world affairs and solve the problems facing human society.

Hindus, exept Brahman, will be aware of discrimination. Discriminated people have a sense of mission as being chosen for a special mission because of discrimination. This is a principle of humanity.

Most Hindus can be warriors of God. This is  expression by view worshiping God.

Dalit will has highest sense of mission as chosen person because most discriminated against.

Hindus will recognize caste as an inner matter to be solved.

Christians, especially Protestants, will understand meaning of inner fate as curse. Theme of the Romans, Predestination is an unfathomable fear for Protestants.

Freeing from this fear is a Protestant task. Protestants will understand meaning of caste inside the Hindus.

Fearing God is basis of Christian faith. People of Nineveh were justified because they feared God and repented. This will be hope for Christians.

Raise doubts. Which caste people are the Indians active in the international community?・・・ Are the Brahmin people religiously allowed to work in the international community?

The excellent intelligence of Indian people has been proven in the international community. The intelligence of Indian people may have been nurtured in the Indian social environment. The top caste Brahmin people must have the most strict obligations.

In the caste system, Brahmin people may be the only ones who are not conscious of discrimination.

However, the people of Brahmin will have the toughest religious restrictions. They did not choose Brahmin at their own will.

They may not be allowed to act in the international community. They may only be allowed to act in the closed and narrow environment of India.

I don't know the actual situation. Unless Hindus voluntarily tell me, I don't choose to look up facts about this. However, that possibility is envisioned.

For Protestants, being free from the fear of Predestination is an internal task that eagerly seeks a solution.

Similarly, for the people of Brahmin, the fate of caste may be an internal task that they desperately need to solve.

If so, Brahmin people are born with a fateful internal burden. I feel that the conditions for being a person to be given a special mission at birth are in place.

About fear of Predestination. The basis of Christian faith is to fear God. For Protestants, Predestination didn't end in despair. Protestants have always been looking for hope. The process of the history of the Protestantism faith has enabled various problem solutions.

It seems to me that the Indian people will solve various global problems.

Hinduism will not survive if Brahmin people do not fulfill their strict religious obligations.



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