NO.305 NASA's ultimate goal is to emigrate humanity to the great universe・・・ The purpose of NASA is to keep humanity alive even if the Earth is disrupted. NASA's purpose is not just about human migration to Mars. Universe outside the solar system. In other words, NASA will seriously consider the immigration of mankind to the galactic universe and even to the extragalactic universe. NASA has the same sense of purpose as me.

Somewhere in the vast universe, some of the descendants of humanity will survive. ・・・ This is the ultimate goal of NASA.

NASA has a crisis awareness of human catastrophe.

NASA seems to be constantly examining the huge number of asteroids that could hit Earth. It is often reported in the news.
It is said that the time of Betelgeuse's supernova explosion is near. It is said that if the gamma burst hits the earth, humanity would be destroyed. In fact, the gamma-burst has been calculated to be off Earth because Betelgeuse's axis of rotation is offset.

NASA is also seriously researching warp navigation. NASA may be seriously studying the migration of humanity to the Universe.
NASA is an American state agency. NASA was established for the purpose of the United States Government.
The purpose of the United States is to keep the United States alive no matter what. The purpose of the United States is to keep Americans alive.
The United States was founded by founding fathers for a common purpose. America exists for the common purpose of Americans.

The reason NASA keeps observing the universe outside the solar system, not just within it, is probably for NASA's ultimate purpose.
NASA researches warp navigation as it is necessary to achieve its ultimate goal. NASA does not care whether warp navigation is realistic or unrealistic.
NASA has concluded that humanity needs to migrate to the Universe outside the solar system.
The final goal is set first, and all intentions and powers are put into it for that purpose. I understand that this is the American way of behavior.

I support NASA's ultimate goal. I and NASA share the ultimate purpose.
I choose to cooperate with NASA. I may be able to do things that NASA people cannot do.

"Americans are those who agree with the founding philosophy of the United States and choose to be American." So the United States has continued to accept all immigrants.

Because the United States has this ideology, I and NASA can share a purpose.

Since people at global organizations like NASA have the same problem awareness as me, my problem awareness may be appropriate.
It makes sense to have real people who share the same problem awareness as me. If I make a realistic proposal, I may get consent.

At the moment, the realization of warp navigation will be impractical. Migration of humanity to Mars will be too challenging. However, there may be feasible projects on the theme of human migration to space.

In fact, I think the project for this theme is already underway. Currently, various researches are being conducted on the space station, mainly in the United States and Russia. The purpose will be people's life in the Universe.

President Trump has declared the creation of a space force. It means that there is a space development project in the United States.
The United States and Russia are competing to enter Mars.

They are doing space projects with a sense of purpose.

"Somewhere in the vast universe, the descendants of mankind will continue to survive." ・・・I propose that this be set and declared as a common end goal for all mankind.

I think it is important to set the purpose and declare this. This is the opportunity for people to agree on a project for this theme. We can make a huge investment in that project.

I think NASA's lack of understanding from many people is a major constraint for NASA.
NASA is run by the US national budget. For example, there are many people who oppose the study of warp navigation. NASA's activities will be subject to various constraints.

Once the necessity of the objectives is understood and people have a common understanding, a huge investment in the project can be made.
It will be important that new businesses and new industries be created. New industries create entirely new jobs. Young and talented people enter new industries one after another. Employment in existing industries will not change. People working in new industries also buy goods. New huge demands are created for products created by existing industries.
In other words, the industrial society has grown only with newly created industries.

A project to realize sudden warp navigation would be impractical. But if we start with the space travel business, it would be realistic.
Now, many wealthy people take part in space travel. I think they consider it a duty to participate in space travel. I think they share a sense of purpose with NASA. There will be an agreement between the US government and the wealthy. The U.S. government implements a policy that can win the support of voters. With this in mind, the US government will pay attention to the wealthy in policy. Wealthy people cooperate with the US government.
Start with a trip around the moon. And the pattern of staying in space gradually increases. Wealth owners participate in these space trips as their obligation.
The result is a huge business opportunity for space travel projects.

Population explosions will benefit the economy. Let's say the population has doubled. That would double the demand for products in all industries.
If the population is doubled, where is the living space required? Search for the living space in the Universe. This should be fine.

Let's do my own simulation below. To try to point out the possibilities.
The purpose of NASA is to keep humanity alive outside the Earth when the Earth breaks down. Therefore, it is necessary for humanity to secure the same living environment outside the earth as on earth.
For example, if humans migrate to Mars, it does not matter whether Mars' atmosphere is suitable for human respiration. We need to build a city on Mars with an environment where humankind can live like on earth.

We are not looking for a planet where humanity can survive outside the solar system. Build an artificial city on this planet where humanity can survive.

NASA may also be considering the option of building a huge space station and making it a space city.
Space station materials are required outside the Earth. The development of non-Earth planets, satellites, asteroids, and even interstellar resources will be considered.

Once humanity has acquired a strong source of energy, all the problems of resource development outside of the planet will be solved.
In today's terrestrial world, the cost of production in industry is the cost of energy, excluding labor costs. If mankind acquired an energy source with almost zero cost, the cost of the material would be zero. I think so.

If a black hole engine were to be realized, the problem of resource development outside the earth would be solved.
For example, an automated machine grows itself while mining resources and producing materials. And ultimately, any huge space station can be completed.

Is the universe a place of war for great powers?

Humans can take away the lives of other humans. But humans sometimes sacrifice themselves for the survival of others. I thought about the reason.
Mankind is a living thing. Mankind is subject to the instinct of tribal preservation. Mankind puts tribal preservation action at the top of everything.
The reason that humanity wars is because the territory of the world where humanity can survive is limited. Each person tries to secure their own survival by robbing the limited world.

However, one would not choose war if the greater the number of humans, the more likely the human race is to survive.
Humanity who has decided to emigrate to space will not choose war.
One will seek to open up a new world in order to keep one's life alive. As many as one person will survive in as many as one. That increases the likelihood that humanity will survive.

Mankind who chooses to exploit the Universe to preserve their races will no longer fight.

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