NO.304 Message to President Trump Part 40 ・・・Countries around the world have embarked on marginal monetary easing. President Trump has declared a $ 1 trillion economic policy. Still, the decline in stock prices will not stop. Investors may be disappointed by entrepreneurs. The ultra-low interest rate may have been beneficial for the wealthy to benefit. The company lost its ability to innovate. Companies have lost the ability to overcome the crisis. Maybe that's what it is. However, it is possible that corporate functions are paralyzed worldwide because social functions are paralyzed worldwide. The solution is Keynes's policy. The government invests a huge amount of money in an investment business. There is no other way. The current situation is equal to war. The current situation is the war between all mankind and the coronavirus. Governments should declare: It's no use in a haphazard way, as it is now. The nation envisions a comprehensive national strategy and implements a comprehensive national project. Otherwise, humanity would not be able to overcome this crisis.

A collection of comments on Trump's account.

United States Government. Comments on the New York Stock Exchange Instagram account.
To the administrator of this account. please listen.
Countries around the world implemented thorough quantitative easing. Still, stock prices continue to fall. Investors cannot find investment opportunities. Entrepreneurs do not use the investment funds provided. Entrepreneurs do not try to solve problems themselves. Entrepreneurs can only wait for others to help them.
The only option left is Keynesian policy. The United States declares a national purpose. The United States will carry out a national operation to achieve its purpose and invest a large amount of money. If war, the United States can do this.
The United States can choose the Keynes policy. This is a war. American soldiers are deeply hurt if they kill enemy soldiers. A war against the coronavirus without such a thing. The United States can execute a huge state operation to win this war. The US government can invest TRILLIONS in this state-led business.
What is most needed, however, is that the entrepreneurs themselves win the coronavirus. If the spread of coronavirus is a hindrance to business, it can be solved by transforming the business to overcome the hindrance. Is this impossible?
In the United States and Europe, social functions are paralyzed, so entrepreneurs can do nothing?

This is a war between all mankind and the coronavirus.
I suggest that President Trump make this declaration.

United States Government. please listen. Wednesday's stock seems to have started falling.
Governments have cut interest rates. The Fed has a virtually zero interest rate. President Trump has announced a $ 1 trillion economic measure. Still, stock prices fell. Investors seem to have no expectations. Entrepreneurs will not do anything on their own to the worsening business performance. They can only wait for others to help.
Investors know it. So they don't buy stock.
If so, the only option is the Keynesian policy. If entrepreneurs do nothing, the only option is to do business with the government. The US government conducts a national operation and invests $ 1 trillion there.
Entrepreneurs do not allow the government to intervene in the economy. In the case of war, it is allowed.

This is a war between all mankind and the coronavirus. It is necessary that President Trump declare this.
And once the US government's investment business begins, stock prices will rise. Right now, President Trump has just declared and the government has not yet begun investment, so the stock price will not rise.
Investors may be disappointed with entrepreneurs.

However, American and European societies may be paralyzed by the coronavirus infection. For that reason, entrepreneurs may not be able to do anything.

Again, this is a war between all mankind and the coronavirus.

United States Government. Wednesday's stock ended with a fall. There may be hope. Dollar has been bought. Investors may be preparing to invest in dollar-denominated assets.
It's clear why stock prices continue to fall. Entrepreneurs are unable to keep up with the spread of coronavirus.

In the United States and Europe, social functions are paralyzed, so no company may be able to respond.
There are curfew measures around the world. Around the world, people experience things they have never experienced before. People all over the world may recognize that the nation is totally powerless to the present situation.
If human-to-human contact continues to be deterred for three weeks, the spread of the infection will converge. New infections disappear, and those who develop the disease recover. Hokkaido in Japan is the case. The emergency in Hokkaido has been lifted.

Until treatments are developed, the epidemic of coronavirus infection will repeat. But the situation may be better. The number of people with antibodies may be increasing.

Raises one possibility. The current ultra-low interest rates may have been extremely advantageous for the wealthy to make a profit. As a result, companies may have lost the ability to deliver innovation and overcome the crisis.

The current situation is the war between all mankind and the coronavirus. It is a war that protects society from coronavirus. The nation should build a comprehensive national strategy and implement national projects. A haphazard measure, like now, would be inappropriate.

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