NO.302 Decline in New York Stock Exchange stock price as of March 13, 2020 ・・・ The key to the solution of the current global stock price fall is the New York Stock Exchange. If the US industry responds to the spread of the coronavirus, stock prices will rise.

The United States is a revolutionary country.

In the past, the United States has realized innovation and change. And they have solved the challenges they face. In the United States, the spread of coronavirus infection will be solved by realizing innovation.

The founding of the United States itself was innovation. Founding fathers shared the common objectives and chose independence to achieve them.
The United States is a country that is constantly changing. The United States implements change and solves problems. This seems to be an American ideology.
Dr. Naoki Komuro, a Japanese sociologist, pointed out. America's founding business is still ongoing. Americans share one ideology. "Tomorrow's America will be more American than the United States today."
In other words, today's America is transformed and becomes more American.

The United States has transformed the world. After World War I, the League of Nations was realized with a proposal by the United States. The League of Nations was innovation. The League of Nations was the first world organization in sovereign state, the first in human history.
World War II revealed the problems of the League of Nations. The United States conceived a solution to the problems of the United Nations and created the United Nations.

The United States is currently leading the world. The current global economic crisis caused by the spread of coronavirus will be solved by US innovation.

What is clear as of March 13, 2020.

The US industry is not ready at this point to respond to the spread of coronavirus. This became clear.
At this time, the US industry cannot keep up with the spread of coronavirus infections. That is why stock prices are falling. If the US industry remains the same, it will not be able to keep up with the spread of coronavirus. That the stock price has not stopped falling means this. Transformation is needed to respond to coronavirus. In the past, the United States has overcome problems by innovating and enabling change when it is needed.
The American industry is not ready to carry out innovation at this time. So, at this point, the decline in stock prices has not stopped. It's just that.
If the US industry responds to the spread of the coronavirus, stock prices will rise.

No problem. The U.S. already knows why it will follow in the future. And the United States understands what needs to be done.
Not that we can't find a solution. The United States can build an action plan to resolve. Be sure to be resolved. The spread of coronavirus is not a real crisis.

On Thursday, March 12, the stock price fell. The New York Stock Exchange on that day anticipated this. President Trump has suspended Entering the United States from Europe.
This is a temporary measure. The United States is a country where coronavirus infection is unlikely to spread. In the United States, there is little opportunity for a person to get closer to the distance that the coronavirus can spread from person to person.
The spread of infection in the United States will end shortly, and infected people will recover. The prospect is ahead.

Stopping the spread of the coronavirus itself is significant. The greater the population of a virus, the higher the possibility of mutation. As the pandemic spreads around the world, the virus is more likely to make dangerous mutations.

Even if the outbreak is resolved, the epidemic of coronavirus infection will continue until therapeutics are developed. It is necessary that the spread of the coronavirus be kept arrested.

Now, globally, the spread of infection will be much faster than in the past. The spread of the infectious disease pandemic throughout the world is unlikely to be experienced by humankind in the past.
So, at first, no one would have given any thought to what would happen. But now, many will envision what could happen.
As the coronavirus pandemic spreads worldwide, new dangers are more likely to arise.

Until therapeutic drugs are developed, stopping the spread of infection will be a common course of action for the entire international community.

Reducing opportunities for human-to-human contact is a common policy for the international community.

There will be huge demand for related industries. Already, many American entrepreneurs will be aware of this. They will be envisioning a project. However, at the moment it is not ready to go into action. It's just that.
Once they have implemented the project, the stock price will turn up.

Supplementary information

The New York Stock Exchange as of March 12 is not desperate for the situation. The current phase is not that no solution has been found for the problem. It is understood what must be done. You can create a time schedule.
However, if possible, we want to stop the stock price drop at this point. However, I have given up on that now. Eventually the problem will be solved. Until then, they have no choice but to wait. This is the current situation on the New York Stock Exchange.

Many companies may go bankrupt due to the current decline in stock prices. When that happens, many unemployed people will emerge. The emergence of many unemployed people will cause a great depression in the world economy.
Keynes' policy solved the Great Depression of the past. The employment of the unemployed and the wages paid to them solve the Great Depression.
At today's very low interest rates, there is no credit crunch. It does not become a deflationary spiral.

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