NO.301 What will happen if the constitution is amended? ・・・Constitutional amendments will lead to horrible things. It is a SDF coup. The Self-Defense Forces members have become revenge demons against the Japanese people. No Japanese seem to consider this possibility. The history of the establishment of the Japanese Constitution is described in the preamble of the SF Peace Treaty. The Japanese government has forgotten this. Due to the historical fact of World War II, the Constitution of Japan was enacted. An amendment to the Japanese Constitution is a violation of the agreement of the SF Peace Treaty, and the international community will exercise strict sanctions on Japan. Japan may re-enter the war against the world.

Considerations on Japan's domestic situation

The constitutional amendment is a decision by the majority of the Japanese people that SDF members will sacrifice life on the battlefield.

Current Self-Defense Force members have joined the SDF on the premise of the current Japanese Constitution. The Self-Defense Forces are ready to take the risk of life in the event of a war. The constitutional amendment is to change the rules concerning the lives of SDF members.
The referendum for the constitutional amendment is a decision by the majority of the Japanese people that SDF members sacrifice life on the battlefield.
Most people in favor of specifying the SDF in the Constitution are those who are not willing to endanger themselves.

One LDP member insists that the constitution specify a military court. "Self-Defense Forces are human beings, and sometimes they want to flee on the battlefield. So those who flee on the battlefield must be sentenced to extreme sentences in military court.
However, those who died in battle bravely are given the highest honor. "
The lawmaker is not asking SDF members to agree to this rule change. They are asking for Japanese citizens who are willing to fight on the battlefield.
The SDF members are stripped of their right to survive by a majority vote by the Japanese people.

Today's Self-Defense Forces members are dedicated to rescuing affected people. SDF members will continue to serve the Japanese people.
Nevertheless, SDF members will be able to decide to die on the battlefield by a majority vote of the Japanese people.
In the event of a war, it is inevitable that the SDF members will die one after another. When that happens, the SDF members will change.

Suppose an individual opposed the constitutional amendment. However, the constitutional amendment is realized by majority vote.
If so, the human rights of those who opposed the constitutional amendment would have been stripped by a majority vote in Japan.
If the SDF is specified in the Constitution, the duty of conscription and military service will be imposed on the people.

The LDP's original constitutional amendment draft substantially deprives Japanese people of human rights.

The current constitution of Japan has become a powerful deterrent to war. If we mention the SDF in the Japanese Constitution, Japan will definitely enter war.

There is no need to change the current Constitution of Japan to protect Japan from invaders. The governments of other countries would not expect Japan to remain pacifist after a military attack.
If Japan suffers a military attack, the SDF will stop staying SDF. People in other countries think so. People in other countries must be more afraid that the SDF will transform into something else.

"If we don't attack Japan, Japan will defend pacifism." People in other countries recognize that. And in this state, people in other countries feel relieved.
People in other nations are reassured that they will continue to be a radical pacifist Self-Defense Force, so that they appear to be out of peace.
"The Self-Defense Forces are in violation of the Constitution." People in other countries are relieved that Japan is dwindling to such a peaceful debate.

Once Japan specifies the SDF in the Constitution, other countries will try to consider Japan's intentions. Other countries will determine that Japan is willing to war. Other countries will begin preparing for war against Japan.

The Japanese government does not even consider this. The Japanese government does not consider whether it is necessary to explicitly state the SDF in the Constitution.
The assertion that "the SDF is in violation of the Constitution" is a deterrent to Japan's choice of military attack. The intention of the Government of Japan is to remove as much as possible the restrictions on the SDF's use of force.
Once the SDF is specified in the Constitution, it is affirmed in certain cases that the SDF will use force.
The Japanese government is trying to create a situation where the SDF is justified in using force.

And when the constitutional amendment is realized, an immediate situation will be formed with various countries around the world.
The Japanese government has no idea what other countries will decide. As a result, each and every country's response to Japan is unexpected for Japan.

Japan will enter a war where the situation cannot be controlled. One after another, SDF members are forced to sacrifice life on the battlefield. The Self-Defense Forces are ready for everyone to turn next. Wife and children lose their husbands and fathers.

I think the SDF members will never be able to forgive those who have sacrificed their lives by majority vote.

SDF members are obliged to unconditionally obey orders. And they are not allowed to express their opinions on government policies.

I think the Japanese Prime Minister is engaged in war diplomacy. The partner country will respond to the war. Japan is provoking war.
Suppose that the Prime Minister of Japan provoked a war on another country, and the war between Japan and that country would result in the SDF members being forced to lose their lives one after another on the battlefield.
SDF members will not be able to submit to the Japanese government for a long time. Once the SDF members decide to coup, no one in Japan can stop the SDF. I think they will not be able to sacrifice their lives without revenge on those who have decided by majority.

How do you judge?

A study on the meaning of the Japanese constitutional revision in international relations

The history of the establishment of the Japanese Constitution is described in the preamble of the SF Peace Treaty. The name of the Constitution of Japan is not specified in this preamble. However, I understand so.
The enacted Japanese Constitution was recognized as a declaration of Japan's national will. As a result, the conclusion of the SF Peace Treaty and Japan's accession to the UN were decided.
The United States instructed Japan on the enactment of the Constitution of Japan. It seems that the first draft of the Japanese Constitution was English. A team of leading American law scholars seems to have created it over time.
The United States may have implemented a project for the end of World War II. The United States aimed not to repeat the tragedy of World War II. As part of the project, the United States guided the enactment of the Japanese Constitution. The text of the Constitution of Japan was prepared based on the Charter of the United Nations. One of the goals was to make Japan a democratic state that respects human rights. And Japan was joined by the United Nations.

Japan has chosen to start World War II. This historical fact exists.
The situation in Japan after the war was determined based on this.

I don't think Japan's constitutional amendment is a purely domestic matter. The history of the establishment of the Japanese Constitution should be recorded in the United States.
The United States and the United Nations will determine Japan's constitutional amendments and decide what to do. The United States and the United Nations will exercise decisive sanctions if it is determined that a constitutionally amended Japan will be a dangerous country.

The constitutional amendment that the LDP intends to make does not presuppose the preamble of the SF Peace Treaty.
The situation in Japan following the constitutional amendment will be daring beyond the expectations of the Japanese government.

The process by which Japan achieves the constitutional amendment will continue to be reported worldwide.

The Constitutional Amendment is proposed by the Diet and approved by two-thirds of all members. A month later, a referendum will be held.
At this point, the full text of the proposed new constitution has been released. Countries around the world have already analyzed the principles of action in Japan. Analyze how Japan interprets the new constitution.

This process will turn into a global event. Countries around the world continue to express their will.
This process will be something that the Japanese and the Japanese government did not imagine.

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