NO.300 Message to President Trump 38 ・・・ Comments on that account may be read by the US government, CDC, investors, wealthy, and entrepreneurs, and therefore comment. Wednesday's stock price on the New York Stock Exchange is likely to fall, but we believe it is likely to turn up in the near future. In reality, it is unstable, but it has risen. Until now, entrepreneurs have benefited from doing the same thing in the past. So they did not try to choose risky innovation. Now entrepreneurs must understand the need for change. They will choose innovation. The crisis will be overcome.

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Comments on this account may be read by the US Government, CDC, investors, entrepreneurs, and wealthy individuals. So make this comment.
Stock prices are likely to fall on Wednesday on the New York Stock Exchange. But in the near future, stock prices will turn up. Unless today's entrepreneurs have lost the ability to innovate.

Innovation comes with risks. Therefore, no one will challenge innovation if they continue to benefit from the same approach. This is why the current decline in stock prices will not stop. Investors can't find investment opportunities in existing businesses, but entrepreneurs don't create new businesses.

Entrepreneurs have no choice but to take risks and innovate in the future.
What needs to be done in the future is to stop the pandemic from spreading worldwide and to develop corona remedies quickly. If we cannot do this, humanity may be catastrophic.
As the pandemic spreads globally, it is very likely that the virus will make dangerous mutations. The greater the population of the virus, the greater the potential for mutation.
This is a common recognition at the level of all mankind. Agreement of intention is realized. This enables a movement in one direction on a global scale.
Efforts to stop the spread of infection need to be continued for a long time. If innovation is not realized, stock prices will continue to decline during that period.
Entrepreneurs have no choice. Realize innovation without fear of risk. If that is not possible, it will be catastrophic.

This is a great business opportunity for Amazon. Reducing the chance of contact between people is of paramount importance. There is huge demand in the home delivery business by drones.

Comments on this account may have been viewed by the US government, the CDC, investors, wealthy individuals, and entrepreneurs. So comment. Wednesday's New York stock market is likely to fall. However, at this point, the problem has been analyzed. After that, there is only a solution.

The entrepreneurs would not have tried to innovate. They have been able to continue to profit by continuing to do the traditional methods. Innovation comes with risks. So they dared not take the risk.
At present, investors cannot find investment opportunities in existing businesses. So stock prices keep falling. Entrepreneurs do not choose to innovate. That is why stock prices are falling.

Now, entrepreneurs have no choice. Entrepreneurs must take risks and challenge innovation. Otherwise, catastrophe is inevitable. Now, this is clear.
Today, industries around the world are not responding to the spread of infection. Until now, there was no need to respond to the spread of infection. But not now. In order to survive, change was needed.

After the pandemic spreads worldwide, a truly dangerous situation arises. Coronas are extremely likely to make dangerous mutations. The likelihood of mutation increases as the population of the virus increases.
Unless the pandemic is stopped, entrepreneurs will not survive. As long as the spread continues, stock prices continue to fall.
Business innovation to stop the spread of infection is essential. Telework. Home delivery business. Robot car. Digital network. All of them are just those that have been undertaken. Until now, entrepreneurs were not just trying to put their power into practice. Entrepreneurs could benefit if they followed the same approach as in the past.

Comments on this account may also have been seen by the US government, CDC, investors, entrepreneurs, and wealthy individuals. Therefore, make a comment.
Trading on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Tuesday rose from Monday. In Extended-hours trading in the United States, stocks seem to be bought. Soon, Tuesday trading in New York begins.
Stock prices may go up. But everyone will understand that there is no fundamental solution to the problem. In the future, everyone will continue to be scared.

I would not be pleased if the Tokyo market stopped falling. The Japanese economy is supported by the American economy.

If stock prices turned up on Tuesday in New York and continued to rise, it would mean that American entrepreneurs have begun the necessary change. Entrepreneurs have begun to implement innovation. Until now, the industry has not responded to the spread of viruses.
The spread of the coronavirus will continue for a considerable period of time, so without change, the economy will not be able to grow in earnest.

I hear that some experts disagree that greenhouse gas emissions are causing climate change. However, climate disasters seem to have intensified over the past few years.
Typhoon No. 19 has caused enormous unprecedented damage throughout the eastern half of Honshu, Japan. As climate disasters intensify and become more repetitive, they could pose significant economic impediments.

Now, I think many people can share a sense of crisis. Possibilities may be created for a fundamental solution to the problem. So raise this thing.

Stock trading on the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday will begin shortly. Stock prices are expected to rise. Are entrepreneurs preparing for innovation? I think past entrepreneurs were revolutionaries. The difficulties must have been overcome by innovation.

Comments on this account may have been seen by the US government, CDC, investors, entrepreneurs, and wealthy individuals. So make a comment.

On Wednesday, the New York Stock Exchange gained share prices. There was an unstable fluctuation. I think the minds of the investors were dominated by fear. However, I think investors trust entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs must overcome this crisis. I believe that the investors' hearts did not lose their fears.

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