NO.299 Message to President Trump 37 ・・・ Comments on the account may be read by the US government, CDC, investors, wealthy individuals, and entrepreneurs. Therefore, I will comment. If the pandemic spreads all over the world, it will be truly dangerous. The greater the population, the greater the potential for viral mutations. The New York Stock Exchange needs to rise again. Investors cannot find investment opportunities in existing businesses. It will be solved if entrepreneurs start new businesses. There will be many such innovations. If entrepreneurs do it without fear, everything will be resolved.

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Comments on this account may be read by CDC people. So I make this comment.

At present, the CDC has no choice but to deal with the challenges it faces. And it will be difficult for them now to inspire, especially in situations they have never experienced in the past. So it makes sense to say the following: Since I am not an expert, I can freely think.

The current spread of coronavirus infection is unlikely to ever have been experienced by humankind. Humans have not experienced the speed of this spread in the past. Mankind has never experienced a complete pandemic to the whole world.

Are coronavirus mutations more likely to occur in larger populations? Are coronaviruses affected by the environment in which they are spread? If so, they may cause environmentally affected mutations. become.

I remember that coronavirus was written in an article when one individual multiplied to 1 million after one day. It may be a memory mistake.
Coronaviruses that have pandemic throughout the world will multiply 1 million times a day later. The likelihood of mutation also increases one million fold.
After the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus, the likelihood of mutation and the diversity of mutations soar.

Do current measures assume that the nature of the coronavirus does not change?

Mankind will face situations that have never been experienced in the past. A variety of catastrophic events may occur.

Comments on this account will be read by the US Government. Entrepreneurs may also read. So make this comment.
In Tokyo, stock prices fell on Monday. Thirteen hours later in New York, stock prices will fall. An investment opportunity would be a corona countermeasure related industry.

Last time, I commented. If the corona pandemic throughout the world, the risk of malignant mutations is dramatically increased. The greater the population of the virus, the greater the chance of mutation.
Stopping the spread of infection and the rapid development of therapeutics would be well worth setting for national purposes. It's no wonder President Trump makes a commitment.
Reduce opportunities for human-to-human contact. Digital networking to cities, transportation of goods by robots. Delivery of goods. PC suitable for telework. Digital payment when purchasing products.
The slower the corona spreads, the more time it will take for the drug to be developed. It is worth investing all the power in developing therapeutics.

If you envisage such a project led by the U.S. government and make an announcement immediately, wouldn't it be expected that the stock price would rise?

US government, investors, entrepreneurs. Everyone, please read this comment. As the pandemic spreads worldwide, coronas are at increased risk of mutating into dangerous viruses. The greater the population of the virus, the greater the possibility of mutation. For example, a dangerous mutation in Europe could cause catastrophe in the United States.
The only way to prevent it is now. So you have to invest in stocks. New York's stock price has to rise. If the economy collapses, corona measures cannot be taken. If a pandemic spreads to the whole world and coronas make dangerous changes, the world will break down. The assets of the wealthy people are also catastrophic. So let's gamble now. Invest in new high-risk businesses. The current decline in stock prices means that existing businesses have no investment opportunities. Invest in new ventures. Invest in the space travel business. As the economy grows stronger, corona control becomes possible. Investing in the space travel business is a countermeasure against coronavirus that investors can make.
To stop the spread of infection, reduce the contact between people. Telework. Home delivery business. Transportation of goods by robot.
Rapid development of therapeutics. There is a need to cure all cases of corona worldwide.

US government, investors, entrepreneurs. Please read this comment. Even now, New York's stock price is falling. You have no choice. With courage, you must develop new businesses. Investors cannot invest in existing businesses. So the stock price falls.

As the pandemic spreads around the world, coronaviruses are more likely to make dangerous mutations. The higher the coronavirus population, the greater the potential for virus mutation. I've heard one corona grows to one million a day later. It may be a memory mistake. Mutation is one million times more likely.
Now we need to stop the spread of infection. If the pandemic spreads all over the world, the world economy will collapse. Many companies go bankrupt. Wealthy assets will be catastrophic. Then we would not have to fear danger.
The reason stock prices continue to fall is that entrepreneurs do not innovate. There may be risks in implementing innovation.
Even if coronavirus spreads, stock prices will not fall unless economic activity stagnates. Telework. Home delivery business. Transportation of goods by robot. A factory that prevents the spread of infection. These are businesses that are needed without the spread of corona. There is undoubtedly huge demand for coronavirus drugs.
If entrepreneurs succeed in innovation one after another, the stock price will stop falling.

US government, investors, wealthy. Please read this comment. Falling stock prices on the New York Stock Exchange will continue tomorrow. As the pandemic spreads around the world, the risk of new catastrophic events increases. The greater the population of the virus, the greater the potential for mutation. If the economy is damaged, countermeasures will be difficult.

Now, the creation of new industries is needed. Investors cannot find investment opportunities in existing industries. That is why stock prices continue to fall.

There is huge demand for the development of therapeutics for coronavirus. Countries around the world need this drug. Countries around the world must cooperate in the development and supply of this drug.
I think it is best for the healthcare industry to put all its resources into the rapid development of coronavirus therapeutics. The government needs to provide sufficient support for this. If this is not done, the state will be catastrophic. If this intention is declared, the stock price will rise.

Industries have benefited from existing methods. Therefore, we did not take on new high-risk businesses. Now you don't have to fear the risk. If you continue doing the same, you will be catastrophic. When entrepreneurs start taking on new businesses, New York's stock price rises.

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NO.298 Message to President Trump No. 36 ... I support Donald Trump. I support White House. It has given me, as a Japanese, the opportunity to comment globally. They will know all the comments. They are opening accounts to fulfill their responsibilities. If only one-sided claims, they will use other SNS. Comments on this account may be read by wealthy and entrepreneurs. In this sense, it is worth commenting on this account for me. It is not important for all people to expand the wealth of the wealthy. Many agree that wealth management invests in raising the incomes of others. Comments made to this account may be seen by entrepreneurs and wealthy people. So I will comment on this account now. Once wealth assets are managed financially and huge financings are created, thereby creating many new businesses and increasing the incomes of many people, many people agree to the wealth expansion of wealthy people. Let's go. Comments on this account may be read by wealthy or entrepreneurs. So make this comment. The area of ​​greatest demand in the new drug development business today is in the treatment of coronavirus infections. Moreover, rapid development is currently needed worldwide. Comments on this account may have been read by infection control professionals. So make this comment. Coronavirus transmission is an outbreak that humanity has never experienced before. Causes a situation that has never been experienced in the past. As the pandemic spreads globally, the potential for viral mutations becomes extremely high.

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