NO.290 Message to President Trump 28 ・・・It seems that the CDC in the United States has established a coronavirus testing system and will examine those who have been killed in the flu to see if they may have been killed by the coronavirus. The United States has accepted a wide variety of people. This may be the reason why more people do not go to the hospital. In Japan, the principle is that all citizens take out public health insurance. Therefore, the confirmation of coronavirus infection may have been prompt. Coronaviruses cause aerosol infection but do not cause aerial infection. Coronaviruses are less susceptible to infection when breathing in the same space for a short time as the infected person. Staying in the same space as the infected for a long time increases the risk of infection. The continued isolation of passengers on the cruise ship may have spread the infection. It is a repeated comment. As suggested in the previous article, I propose to American revolutionaries to solve various problems by transforming the world economy and world affairs.

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In the United States, influenza was reported in Japanese news with 14,000 deaths. The CDC was reported to suspect deaths attributed to influenza to be due to coronavirus. It was reported that the inspection system had been set up. It may be a memory mistake. In the United States, if I did not go to a hospital and decided to report myself as influenza, I heard that the person was treated as influenza.
In Japan, it is a rule that all people have public health insurance, so many people go to the hospital. For that reason, I think it is easy to grasp the actual situation of coronavirus.
A doctor specializing in infections pointed out. Coronaviruses cause aerosol infection but not aerial infection. A person cannot be infected unless he stays in the same space for a long time as the infected person. It can be infected at home, at school, or at work, but is less likely to be transmitted on commuter trains, which only take a short time. Quarantine on board the cruise ship may have spread the infection.

The United States is undoubtedly aware of the crisis in America's situation. Therefore, America's crisis management skills must be trained.
Society does not always maintain the ideal state forever. Society can enter a catastrophic phase. But no matter what happens, the United States will survive. This is the American choice.

I have been commenting repeatedly. The United States is a revolutionary country. American wealthy people are revolutionaries. They have achieved success by achieving innovation. The people who bring innovation are revolutionaries.
American Revolutionaries are the successors of America's founding fathers. They inherit the founding business of the United States from their founding fathers.
American revolutionaries are transforming the world economy and world affairs, and will continue to build the United States of tomorrow. Tomorrow's United States will be more American-like than today's United States.
American revolutionaries will transform American society. I think so.

Does American society need change? American social change has a major impact on world affairs. However, the way the United States should be is decided by the American people.
Again, I comment. I expect American wealthy people to change the world situation and the global economy. They are revolutionaries. They succeeded by realizing innovation. Those who bring innovation are revolutionaries. I hope they will make a difference in the world situation and the world economy and solve various problems.
They were born in the United States and grew up in the American social environment. Deep in their hearts lies faith that fears God. The purpose of Noblesse oblige is to practice neighbor love. Noblesse oblige is the command of God.
Wealthy people follow the professional ethics of ascetic Protestantism. It is God's order that people engage in vocational work. The profits gained through employment are testimonies of God's glory. One has to get more profits and manage them. Ascetic Protestants may change the interpretation of the Bible. Pursuing profits in occupational labor may not be God's order.
Revolutionaries in the United States may set a project to fulfill the purpose of Noblesse oblige in vocational work.
If a powerful energy source with almost zero cost is realized, industrial production costs will be zero. Businesses are released from profit-seeking constraints. Companies are obliged to employ people and provide them with opportunities to engage in professional work. Even if AI does all the work of the company. People must work diligently in employment to keep God's orders.
This will change the way people behave and change industries. This will change the world economy and world affairs.
Professor Naoki Komuro, a Japanese sociologist, pointed out. America's founding business is still ongoing. All Americans share one ideology. "Tomorrow's America will be more American than the United States today."
American revolutionaries are the successors of America's founding fathers. They inherit the business of their founding fathers in the United States. They enable innovation. They transform the world and the world economy. They transform America. They continue to build America tomorrow more like America than today. They fulfill the purpose of Noblesse oblige.

Global warming countermeasures. More powerful antivirus. American transformation may be needed.

Revolutionists deliver innovation. The United States is a revolutionary country. American wealthy and technologists are revolutionaries.
Let American revolutionaries realize innovation. For that, let's set a common purpose for all mankind. Immigration to the Universe of mankind. Someone of the descendants of mankind will survive somewhere in the vast Universe. The purpose is to achieve the instinct of preserving the race of human beings as living things.
"Some of the descendants of humanity will survive somewhere in the vast Universe." With this end goal set, the revolutionaries would gradually envision a project that could be realized at the time. , Run and keep solving the issues one by one.
If a common goal is set for all mankind, the necessary scale of investment will always be made. The revolutionaries are convinced.

Black hole engines and warp navigation are pointed out in current physics. Real technologists recognize that this will happen. Now they enable the innovations that can be realized at the moment.

If a powerful energy source with almost zero cost is realized, industrial production costs will be zero. People are engaged in vocational work in order to be free from the pursuit of profits and to purely keep God's orders.
People's behavior changes. The industrial revolution is realized.

Revolutionists set the realization of the purpose of Noblesse oblige to professional work.

GAFA has repeatedly acquired companies. Is there anything wrong? Facebook has provided support for Instagram and made the leap. Entrepreneurs who have sold their business to GAFA may open up new businesses. GAFA may help young revolutionaries to pioneer the frontier. GAFA may take over everything from the business of the young, revolutionary who has provided support and growth.

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