NO.289 Message to President Trump 27 ・・・My mother is now 90 years old. I am afraid of coronavirus infection. In Japan, no one knows the current state of infection. Infections have emerged throughout Japan. In Japan, several people have been infected in several cities and regions. The source of infection in some areas is unknown. The virus spreads from people without any symptoms. In Japan, infected people have been identified. However, if the infection is not confirmed, death from the virus will not be recognized. Some people will never go to the hospital. I think the United States will make this a top priority. In American society, a wide variety of people live a wide variety of lives. The United States has a clear sense of crisis on its weaknesses. The United States has set overcoming the weaknesses of the United States as one of its most important tasks, and will surely overcome them. I think this is America. Expect American wealth owners to stop the spread of the coronavirus. I raise repeatedly. U.S. wealthy people realize innovation. They are revolutionaries. Deep in their hearts lies faith that fears God. Noblesse oblige is a practice of neighbor love. Noblesse oblige is the command of God.

Message to the site to President Trump

About the spread of coronavirus infection. My mother is now 90 years old. My relatives are afraid to infect their mother. In Japan, the number of infected people is increasing. In Japan, the number of infected people is increasing. I don't know the route of infection at all. Currently, anyone in any region of Japan can be infected. That's starting to be said.

Even if infected, there are no subjective symptoms. The infection spreads from people who have no subjective symptoms. I do not know at all how the spread of the infection is spreading throughout Japan.

However, in Japan, you can check for infection. Even if the person has no subjective symptoms, the infection of the person can be confirmed.
In Japan, the infection has been confirmed and has been widely reported in the news. "One infected person was found in Wakayama Prefecture, far away from Tokyo. I do not know who was infected."

If the infection is not confirmed, it will not be reported in the news. Is there any chance that death from a coronavirus will be perceived as having died of the flu? This may be the case if many people do not see a health care provider. The United States is a country where a wide variety of people live.
For the United States, I think this has been one of the most important issues in crisis management. The United States will have a strong sense of crisis on its weaknesses.

When a new virus is born, it must be detected promptly and stop its spread at the source. If this fails, it will be impossible to stop the spread of the infection worldwide.
Be aware of the dangers of your own weaknesses and put all your will and power into overcoming them. This is America.

I hope the United States will complete a system that will stop the spread of infection at the source.

We hope that wealthy Americans will stop the spread of the coronavirus infection. American wealthy people are revolutionaries. They won success because they realized innovation. The people who bring innovation are revolutionaries.
They were born in the United States and grew up in the American social environment. Deep in their hearts, a faith that fears God has grown. The purpose of Noblesse oblige is to practice neighbor love. Noblesse oblige is the command of God.
Dr. Naoki Komuro, a Japanese sociologist, pointed out. The US founding business is still ongoing. Americans share one ideology. "I don't know what America will be tomorrow's America, but tomorrow's America will be more American than today's America."
American revolutionaries inherit the business of American founding from their founding fathers. They realize innovation and transform the world and the world economy. They build tomorrow's America, more American than today's America.
They act according to the professional ethics of ascetic Protestantism. It is God's order that people engage in vocational work. The profits gained through employment are testimonies of God's glory. People have to acquire and manage larger assets.
Ascetic Protestants can change the interpretation of the Bible. It is God's order that people engage in vocational work. But pursuing profit may not be God's command.
If mankind obtains a powerful energy source with almost zero cost, industrial production costs will be zero. Businesses are released from profit-seeking constraints. Companies are obliged to hire people and provide them with the opportunity to engage in professional work. Even if AI does all the work of the company.
Revolutionists will set the realization of Noblesse oblige to vocational work. If the world economy and affairs need revolutionary change, revolutionaries will make this happen.
Let them stop coronavirus transmission.

The wealthy are revolutionaries. They succeeded by realizing innovation. Those who bring innovation are revolutionaries. Create an environment where revolutionaries can innovate. In order to realize innovation, huge will and huge power must be invested.
Let's set a common purpose for all humanity. I propose to set the migration of mankind to the Universe for a purpose common to all mankind. Someone of the descendants of humanity will survive somewhere in the vast human universe.
Mankind is a living thing. Therefore, mankind sets race preservation as the most important purpose of action. Therefore, if humanity is set up for the purpose of migrating to space for the purpose of preserving races, human beings will be able to use all their will and power for that purpose.

I think it is important to set the purpose. The investment to overcome the challenges is definitely made. If entrepreneurs and technologists are convinced of this, they will envision and carry out the project step by step as a real task.

For example, black hole engines and warp navigation will be recognized as real challenges. They never consider these unrealistic delusions.
Of course, they do not recognize these as immediate challenges. However, they gradually plan and realize the projects to be realized at that time.
"Some of the descendants of mankind will continue to live somewhere in the vast Universe." With this end goal set, they can be confident that investments will be made to enable innovation. They envision projects in stages and solve problems.

If a powerful energy source with almost zero cost is realized, industrial production costs will be zero. Businesses are released from profit-seeking constraints. Industry is fundamentally transformed. The behavior of people is radically changed.

If a powerful energy source with almost zero cost is realized, for example, the problem of global warming will be solved.

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