NO.288 Message to President Trump 26 ・・・ I want to tell the Chinese sages. I hope that China proves that China is a country worthy of trust from people in other countries. We Japanese have been watching the behavior of Chinese people visiting Japan. As a result, we Japanese are judging Chinese. I think people in other countries are no different. As a result, if people in countries around the world were to be distrustful of the people of China, they would have added to the distrust of China in the spread of the coronavirus infection. I think the whole world is aware that there was a problem with China's crisis management. I am dominated by obsession with fear of the coronavirus. So it might be this recognition. However, if people around the world lose confidence in the Chinese government, Belt and Road will be frustrated. China may not need to deter military operations. I am dominated by this sense of crisis. So I hope China will reassure me. Repeat and comment. I hope that American wealth owners will motivate the sense of mission of Noblesse oblige to realize innovation and solve problems.

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What is the state of damage caused by the new Corona virus in China? I guess everyone in the world is skeptical. Is China not providing the necessary information?
We Japanese are experiencing the dangers of the new coronavirus. From a single Hong Kong passenger on a large Japanese luxury liner, the infection spread to all passengers and crew. At present, only about 10% of all people have been infected, but the number of infected people has been increasing over time. The Hong Kong embarkation was for a short time. By the time the infection was confirmed, the person had already disembarked.
At present, infected people whose transmission route is unknown are beginning to appear in various parts of Japan.

At present, the spread of this virus to the whole world may have begun. Many people around the world will doubt this. It's like a virus that spreads before the symptoms appear in the infected person.

The Chinese government could not stop the virus from spreading worldwide. This case has exposed the entire world to China's lack of crisis management capabilities. Many countries around the world will be aware of this.
My statement is not racism. It is caused by the behavior of Chinese people who have been nurtured in one huge society called China. I have that suspicion.
If the people in the country that caused the infection had followed the Japanese pattern of behavior, things would have been different.

If the people of other countries have the same perception of the Chinese way of doing things, it will be clear in the responses of other people to this case. People in other countries will have seen what the Chinese people who have visited that country have done.

I think China needs to prove to people all over the world that China is a country worthy of trust.

I believe there are definitely people in China who have very good intelligence. I hope they get this comment.
I want to share the crisis awareness with the Chinese sages.

I have an old mother. I am afraid my mother could get the virus. The route of infection cannot be predicted at all. So we don't know when to be sacrificed by the invisible devil. It is dominated by such an obsession.

About the spread of new coronavirus infection. What if Chinese people were traveling abroad, knowing that they would spread the infection?
People from other countries are watching the behavior of Chinese people visiting that country. As a result, it may be possible to distrust the Chinese in general and deny Chinese access to the country.
And Chinese people criticize it as "discrimination." Then, the refusal of entry is withdrawn. After that, a person infected with the coronavirus enters the country, concealing it, spreads the infection to the country, and leaves the country before the problem surfaced.
When I fire this bell, they report me to Instagram and close my account.

There is no problem if the above is my complete delusion. There is none. After everything has been settled, we are eager to see China prove to be a trustworthy country. But if people in other countries have any doubts about China, this will be a risk factor. Many people in the whole world will not understand the principles of behavior of Chinese people well. This leads to misunderstandings.

If the spread of coronavirus spreads the trust of people around the world in China, I believe that trust in Chinese companies could be greatly impaired.
And the trust of people around the world in the Belt and Road will be destroyed. Many countries will also decide to withdraw from Huawei's digital network.

I have a sense of crisis that if China's Belt and Road fails, China may not need to curb its use of military power. Until now, China would have refrained from using silver power for the success of Belt and Road. In the future, China may use military power.

So I would like to ask the Chinese sages. Prove that China is a country that people around the world deserve. Prove the honor of China.

Democrat candidate Sanders claims dismantling of GAFA. He is motivated and should argue. There was some obstacle in America now, and he would have determined that the cause of the obstacle was GAFA.
Once GAFA resolves the obstacle itself, the problem goes away. But if GAFA continues to ignore the obstacles, Sanders will have more support. Eventually, it is possible that the Democrats will win the US presidential election.
An American voter has suffered a disability caused by GAFA and has opted to dismantle GAFA.

I hope GAFA will solve that obstacle. Commented many times. The American wealthy are Christians. They were born in the United States and grew up in the American social environment. Deep in their hearts lies faith that fears God. I think so.
Noblesse oblige is heard as a thought that exists in Europe and the United States. The purpose of Noblesse oblige is to practice neighbor love.
Japanese sociologist Dr. Naoki Komuro pointed out that the US founding business is still ongoing. Dr. Komuro pointed out that Americans share one ideology. "I don't know what will happen to the United States of tomorrow, but tomorrow's United States will be more American than today's United States."
American wealthy are the successors of our founding fathers. They inherit the business of the United States. American wealthy have succeeded by realizing innovation. Those who bring innovation are revolutionaries. American revolutionaries continue to transform the world affairs and world economy and build a more American United States. I think this is the instinct of the American wealthy.

Ascetic Protestants may change the interpretation of the Bible, and it is God's command that a person engage in professional work. However, pursuing profit in vocational work may not be God's order. Revolutionists can set up a project motivated by a sense of mission by the Noblesse oblige as a form of labor.

Powerful energy sources with almost zero cost make the production cost of the industry zero. Companies are obliged to hire people and provide them with opportunities to engage in professional work. It is because God's order that a person engages in vocational work. However, companies are released from the pursuit of profit.

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