NO.285 Message to President Trump # 23 ・・・ I expect the wealthy people to act with a sense of mission for Noblesse oblige. I think the wealthy people are the people who succeeded by realizing innovation. The people who bring innovation are revolutionaries. Revolutionists transform the world and the world economy. American wealthy people are Christians. They have a faith deep in their hearts that fears God. The purpose of Noblesse oblige is to practice neighbor love. The world economy is in the Great Depression phase. The Great Depression is attributed to the widening gap between rich and poor. I don't think the Great Depression can be dealt with in macroeconomics. Wealthy people think that they have to engage in vocational work, earn a little more profit, and manage their assets. The profits gained from vocational work are proof of God's glory. This has widened the gap between rich and poor. If they change the interpretation of the Bible, they will change the principle of action. I proposed the migration of mankind to space as a common goal for all mankind. Revolutionary entrepreneurs will understand the meaning of this proposal. If humans want their descendants to survive, this should be a choice.

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I hope that wealthy people will act with a noblesse oblige mission. Innovation is needed to solve problems. Wealthy people are those who have succeeded by realizing innovation.
They are Christians. At the bottom of their hearts will be faith that fears God. They were born and raised in the American social environment.
The purpose of Noblesse oblige is to practice neighbor love.

Many young white people may support the Democratic candidate Sanders. Enough to affect the presidential election. Perhaps a prejudice by the Japanese, but the youngsters could be middle-class youths who are direct successors of the founding fathers of the United States.
The young people are in financial distress. The young people cannot get the chance. As a result, many American youth have become supporters of American democratic socialism. This situation has been reported to Japan.
The US presidential election can change the whole world. So I am interested. So I keep commenting on this account. Be careful not to spam. I will continue to comment on this account after the US presidential election. As long as this account allows.
Personally, I want to believe that there is a millionaire who acts with a sense of mission of Noblesse oblige, such as the anime Thunderbird.

I believe that middle-aged white American youths are direct successors of the founding fathers of the United States, but they seem to want to raise taxes on the wealthy.
Japanese sociologist Naoki Komuro said that the American middle class has supported the United States. Komuro said that the American middle class is the successor to the essence of America. They are choosing to increase taxes on the wealthy. If so, how will wealthy people respond?

I hope wealthy people will choose action with a sense of mission of Noblesse oblige. Wealthy people have succeeded by realizing innovation. Problem solving requires innovation.
Wealthy people are Christians. They were born in American society and grew up in the American social environment. At the bottom of their heart is a religion that fears God. The purpose of Noblesse oblige is to practice neighbor love. I think so.

Those who can innovate are revolutionaries. Those who have become successful business owners will be revolutionaries.
Revolutionists can change the world.

In the current world economy, global wealth is centrally distributed to a small number of rich people. I believe this is on the verge of expanding the poor worldwide and causing a great depression in the world economy. The Great Depression occurs when the economic cycle is cut off. Macroeconomics describes an economy in which an economic cycle is established. The Great Depression cannot be addressed by macroeconomics. Therefore, economists around the world cannot understand the Great Depression. I think so.
The world economy will enter the Great Depression if the world's poor expand and suffer severe recession, followed by bankruptcies and massive unemployed people.
Currently, the Depression is not a deflationary spiral because of very low interest rates worldwide. I think so.

Such a change in the world economy can only be done for revolution songs. It is possible that the behavior of the wealthy will change.
Wealthy families believe that the professional ethics of ascetic Protestantism is God's command. I believe that it is God's command to work in employment, earn as much profit as possible, and manage assets. They believe that the benefits of vocational work are testimonies of God's glory.

The professional ethics of ascetic Protestantism can change. It is possible that the interpretation of the Bible will change. Engaging in vocational work is a divine command, but pursuing profit is not. One can choose a project that is motivated by the mission of Noblesse oblige, through vocational work.
In that case, I think that a revolutionary with a faith that fears God will make this choice.

What should be done now with regional conflicts in Africa and elsewhere? For the United States, these conflicts are domestic issues in other countries. But America cannot be left alone. America is a Christian country. The United States must practice neighborly love.
There are population explosions, food problems, and many problems.

In order to solve these problems, I propose that a project of human migration to space be seriously set as a purpose. Will humankind choose to have their descendants survive as long as possible?
If humanity continues to limit its living space to the earth, it is likely that the time of destruction will be reached in the near future.
On Earth, mass extinctions have repeatedly occurred in the past. In addition to astronomical collisions, even if a gamma burst due to a supernova explosion hits the earth, human beings may be destroyed due to complete destruction of the ozone layer.
Somewhere in the vast universe, some of the descendants of humanity will survive. I think it is worth setting this as a common project for all mankind.

Needless to say, God forgives this to mankind. If God does not allow mankind to do this, the creature, mankind, will obey God's will. America is a Christian country.

It is important to be set as a common purpose for all humanity. The will and power of all mankind are united in being invested for this purpose.
Real technologists don't think this project is ridiculous. At present, real-world technologists believe that a black hole engine, a product of science fiction, is also feasible. At this time, it certainly cannot. However, real science and technology scientists understand that they will continue to solve the problem step by step and will eventually realize it. They have been achieving it until now.

Revolutionary entrepreneurs can understand what this goal setting can produce. They understand that this goal setting creates innovations that can solve population explosions and food problems. They envision and execute projects that achieve their goals.

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