NO.282 Message to President Trump-Part 20 ・・・ A former boss of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Commander Soleimani, said in an interview that Iran-backed forces might retaliate against the United States. He is not in a responsible position of the government. I make irresponsible statements. Related to the lives of many people. The US cannot be exiled by armed groups. The United States will not withdraw from the Middle East after an attack until the insurgents have disappeared. Armed groups are neither politicians nor revolutionaries. They just want to live happily with their family and fellowmen. The only solution is for armed groups to become American partners. Suggests to the United States to ask the Iranian government for cooperation. The Iranian government analyzes the situation and selects the most appropriate measures. That is the politician. Let Israel stop using the United States to eliminate hostile forces. Israel sees the United States as a pagan. If the United States thought that the United States had been betrayed by Israel, the United States would revenge on Israel. Israel cannot survive without American protection.

Message to Trump's site.

A former boss of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps commander, Soleimani, said in an interview that Iran-backed forces might retaliate against the United States.
"Middle Eastern rebels probably think that the U.S. forces must withdraw from the Middle East," said the former commander.
The former commander is no longer in a position to speak of the Iranian government's will. He will only state his opinion as an individual with no responsibility. Responsible persons of the Iranian government will consider the real situation and make responsible judgments. The problem is related to the lives of millions of people in the Middle East.

I suggest. I think it is appropriate to take measures to withdraw the willingness of the US resistance to attack the US military.
Attacking the U.S. forces would make it impossible for U.S. resistance to withdraw the U.S. forces from the Middle East. The only way is for all these resistances to become American partners.
The purpose of these resistances is to make their families and fellowmen live happily. They wouldn't think of anything else.
The rebels are neither politicians nor revolutionaries. They cannot make the right judgments about the real situation. Once they attack the U.S. military, the U.S. military will never retreat, at least until the power to attack the United States has disappeared.
I suggest to the U.S. government that we can help the rebels with help. I propose to the US government to ask the Iranian government to cooperate in this matter.
The Iranian government should judge the real situation and take action.

In the next comment I will suggest how to persuade Israel.

I want to tell everyone in Israel.

Is Israel trying to use the United States to eliminate Iran and its collaborators from the Middle East? Jews are controlling the US government from behind. Many people in the world say so. Many people around the world say that Jews control the world's major mass media from behind and control their speech on a global scale.
This means that Jews are always at risk of persecution. People all over the world have nothing to ascertain whether these reputations I just mentioned are true or false. I believe lack of evidence is one of the causes of persecution. That is why the invisible devil is creeping behind. The whole world will be governed by this obsession.

If the United States, China and Russia make serious decisions, Israel and the Middle East will disappear from the planet. Nuclear weapons held by Israel and the Middle East are totally powerless.

If the United States judges that he has been betrayed by Israel, I think this possibility will arise. The United States does not regard Jews as pagans. However, Jews regard Christians as pagans. To that end, Israel may be trying to use the United States unilaterally. The United States may recognize that.

Jews and Muslims are demons. The whole world is about to be sacrificed by the devil. If people of the whole world are so aware, the extinction of Israel and the Islamic countries of the Middle East may be possible.

In the past, Yahweh may have ordered Joshua a genocide, a resident of the land of Canaan. But this may not be the case today.
I want to believe that Jerusalem is not a city of slaughter, but a city of prayer and mercy.

I hope that no Jews, Muslims or Christians die from war.

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