NO.281 Message to President Trump 19 ・・・ Postscript about the UC Berkeley submission issue. I also wrote a reply to the comment. I think the Broadcasting Law will be used as a tool to subject Japanese people to the government. I am seriously afraid.

For University of California, Berkeley

I think there are quite a few people in Japan, where I live, who hate Chinese people. That's what I haven't experienced directly. Listen to Chinese people who do not follow the rules of Japanese society. Therefore, some actual harm occurs. After that, the Japanese are going to clean up.
I sometimes hear about white people who come to Japan for sightseeing who have violated the rules of Japanese society. There is no doubt that Japanese people in other countries, even without knowing, break the social rules of that country and may feel disgust.
Tell me that a descendant of a German immigrant immigrating to the United States is to understand American tradition, understand American law, learn English and become an American citizen. Gave me
I think it is important for people from other countries to fully understand and respect American traditions and rules in order to stay in the United States or to live in the United States for a short period of time. I don't think it's racism if you're disgusted because you can't do it.

I want to tell you this.
If a person does not like discrimination, he or she has no problem unless he goes to the country. Someone who makes this choice will be real. I think the reason why discrimination in the United States has attracted attention is that the United States has accepted all people of all ethnic groups.
Looking back on myself, I think there is a sense of discrimination among Japanese people. Maybe just me. And I am afraid to face my discrimination in myself.
From the perspective of people in other countries, Japanese may be discriminating that people in those countries do not. The Japanese may not understand that.
I am afraid that the United States will not accept people of all ethnicities. Finally, I realized that I was most afraid in my heart.
If white Americans gave up resolving discrimination, there would be no one in the world trying to solve discrimination.
I believe there is definitely Christian religion in the hearts of white Americans.
Thank you.

Reply to my reply to a comment.

You're right. I am not eligible to participate in your discussion. At the moment, as long as I am in Japan, it is safe to say anything. In the United States, making similar statements could be insecure in some cases.
Japan is a fortunate society.
But nobody in the world can be forever unrelated to what happens somewhere in the world. I have a sense of crisis in this.
So I couldn't help but raise my awareness in the way I could.
Japan cannot be too blessed forever. Someday, a catastrophic time will come. Then I will perish. But even though I will perish, I want to choose to try to solve the problem before it perishes.
I was able to say everything I wanted to tell you. In my third comment, I came to this conclusion. Having "Good" has given me peace of mind. There are people who have accepted my remarks. I am an outsider. Nevertheless.
Thank you for allowing my statement so far.
I think there are many people in the United States who have various problems. I believe the United States has been accepting those people. Problems may not occur in countries that refuse to accept people with problems.
I will choose another way to solve my problem in the future.
Thank you until now.

Message to President Trump's site.

The Broadcasting Law is used as a tool for subjecting Japanese people to the government. Therefore, if the Japanese government makes a mistake, the Japanese people cannot correct it. So I want to ask the US government for help. By complaining that when Japan starts the war, the United States will be involved in the war.

Broadcasting universal information to the public is the mission of NHK, a public broadcaster. The people must pay for the means to guarantee their right to know. Therefore, the person who purchased the television is obliged to contract with NHK. The broadcasting law stipulates that.
Many have argued for the right to refuse a contract with NHK. They argue, "Broadcasting law violates the Constitution of Japan, which guarantees freedom of contract."
"To fulfill the purpose of the Broadcasting Law, the contract with NHK deserves to be enforced. Therefore, the Broadcasting Law does not violate the Constitution of Japan." The Japanese Supreme Court ruled.
The contract with NHK is a Japanese civil law contract and is based on the mutual agreement of both parties. Anyone who violates the contract with NHK will be subject to civil law enforcement. Some people have refused to sign up for NHK and continue to refuse to pay for their subscriptions. The Supreme Court ruled that when the TV was purchased, the contract with NHK was concluded and ordered the payment of the receiving fee from the point of purchase of the TV. As a result of this ruling, many people who continued to refuse contracts with NHK signed with NHK.
NHK had informed those who claimed refusal of the contract that the contract had to be concluded, and claimed that the contract had been concluded at the time the notice was given. This claim has been rejected. For this reason, NHK was obliged to prove the date and time when those claiming to reject the contract purchased the television.
This is now the hope of those who claim to refuse the contract with NHK.

However, the Supreme Court may change the case. The contract is concluded at the date and time notified by NHK.
When that happens, the people will realize the despair of opposing the decisions of the government and the Supreme Court. The Japanese people will be obedient to any decision of the Japanese government.

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