NO.280 Message to President Trump 18 ・・・We Asians were taught by white people about human rights and neighbor love. Many Asians vaguely understand human rights and Neighbor love. However, it was not possible for Asians to clarify these concepts as logically thorough concepts. White people could do this because of Christian beliefs. The correct information is not transmitted to the Japanese. Prime Minister Abe and others stated that the Constitution of Japan imposed the US, which won the war, in a matter of days in a sloppy fashion. The United States took the time with a team of the best jurists to guide Japan in enacting the Constitution of Japan for American projects. The Japanese will repeat tragedies unless they decide on options for the future based on the historical fact of World War II. The United States, Japan's ally, will also be involved in tragedy. About submissions at the University of California, Berkeley. I think it is true. I think we Asians do not have enough understanding from the American people. If Asians live in the United States, they must respect the United States, understand the United States deeply, and work hard to gain a good understanding from the American people.

Message to Trump's site.

We, the Asians, have been told by white people about Neighbor love and human rights. Many Asians vaguely understand these concepts. However, Asians could not clarify these concepts as logically thorough ideas. White people could do this because of Christian beliefs.
The U.S. government mobilized troops to achieve integrated education at Central High School. White people in the United States have opted for the setting of Rev. King Luther King Jr. Day. These two must have been the conclusions for the white people of the United States from ideologies that they believed were right. The Americans have proven themselves to integrate ideologies and actions that they believe are right.
The United States will have to be a leader in world affairs. Suppose the United States has declared will. Other countries trust this. Other countries recognize that the United States Declaration has become a policy in world affairs. This benefits the small country. Since small countries can judge that common recognition has been established in all countries of the world, they can decide policies on the world situation.

For me it is worth raising a problem because the United States integrates ideologies and actions that the United States believes to be right.
If I can raise a problem that the United States deserves to be listened to, the United States will someday find a solution.

I think today's Japanese society is controlled by information. Japanese citizens have no access to the information they really need to know. The Japanese people today cannot make appropriate decisions.

For example, the current Japanese Constitution continued to advertise Prime Minister Abe and others that it was imposed because Japan lost the war. The United States has been said to have imposed a sloppy constitution on Japan in a few days since the United States won the war.
And the Japanese government insists on constitutional revision.

The United States has instructed Japan on the enactment of the Constitution of Japan as part of a project following the end of World War II.
The first draft of the Japanese Constitution was created by a team of the best American lawyers over time. The Japanese Constitution was drafted based on the UN Charter. The preamble of the Japanese Constitution was modeled on the preamble of the United States Constitution.
The United States should have carried out this project with a clear sense of purpose and vision. The project includes a transition from the United Nations to the United Nations. Subject to the enactment of the Constitution of Japan, the conclusion of the SF Peace Treaty and Japan's accession to the UN have been decided. This is stated in the preamble to the SF Peace Treaty.
The purpose of this project in the United States was not to repeat the tragedy of World War II.

Japan launched a war in the United States, causing World War II. As a result, post-war processing of World War II was required. This is a historical fact. As a result of World War II, the international community's response to Japan was decided. Japan will not be able to decide the future course without this premise.

Someone asked a question about my comment.
"What is the purpose of making this comment here?"
I replied directly to that person, but I want to tell everyone.

This is in order not to repeat the tragedy of the past. Japan is an ally of the United States, and if Japan accidentally starts a war, the United States will be involved. The tragedy will surely expand. If someone in Japan raises a problem with the United States and the United States is preparing, it is more likely to deter tragedy. This is my intention.

Message to the site of the University of California, Berkeley.

I am a Japanese living in Japan. I pay tribute to the University of California, Berkeley for bravely speaking the truth. "It's only natural for Americans to see Asians and think of them as coronaviruses now." I think this is a hard fact.
If we Asians choose to live in the United States, we must respect the United States and have an obligation to deeply understand the United States.
And we must make efforts to give Americans an understanding of Asians. I think that this case has made it clear that many people in American society have not recognized that we deserve to treat our Asians with human respect.
Many Americans would have been disgusted at seeing the Chinese government's response to the coronavirus. And to many Americans, all Asians will look the same as the Chinese government.
We, Asians, must first make an effort to gain the understanding of the American people. If we respect the American people and choose to live with them, it is a natural duty.

The United States has solved this type of problem. I think it's not yet clear whether we, Asians, can do the same thing.

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