NO.279 Message to President Trump 17 ・・・Democratic candidate Sanders insisted on dismantling GAFA. Probably because of problems in American society. I propose to GAFA to resolve the problem. Wealthy people are proposing an industrial revolution that changes their course of action. Until now, we have proposed several times. About the abduction issue in Japan. North Korea first voluntarily acknowledged the abduction. The Japanese government willed to say that there was no abduction. North Korea has stated that abductions have killed several people. The Japanese government is lied to have died. Until all the abductees return home, they have declared that they will break negotiations, and this is the case. Later, North Korea also voluntarily acknowledged nuclear development.

Comments on Trump's site.

Democratic candidate Sanders has claimed to dismantle GAFA. He has good grounds. The United States may have a problem corresponding to claiming the dismantling of GAFA. I will raise a countermeasure. When I make proposals that benefit the United States, I claim that I can be a team with the United States.
If the US government decides to dismantle GAFA, GAFA will abandon the United States. GAFA leaders will want to treat you with dignity and respect as a person. They will do it to their opponents, and they will demand it from their opponents.
If the U.S. government decides to dismantle GAFA unilaterally, it denies the dignity and pride of GAFA leaders. GAFA may abandon the United States and choose Europe or even China.

I suggest that the United States trust GAFA people and entrust them with a solution.
Message to them.

"According to the professional ethics of ascetic Protestantism, humans are commanded by God to engage in vocational work. But the pursuit of profit is not dictated by God. It is possible to have a profession to engage in projects that follow the Bridge's mission.
You may have to pay for your assets. Nevertheless, please follow your Noblesse oblige mission and work on a project that solves America's problems.
Carry out projects that will help those who need them now.

Now, those who have been helped will act themselves according to their mission.

What is your reward? It's honor. You get honor from those who understand pride.
If not, what would you do? At that time, give up with deep sadness that you were born in a sad world. "

If they were to act with a Noblesse oblige mission, I might get a friend.

Democratic candidate Sanders has claimed to dismantle GAFA. To solve the problem that the United States has.

For GAFA leaders, I think assets are proof of their meaning of their existence. For mere greed, they will not need huge assets.

I don't want assets. I can't get what I really want with money. If I can't get what I really want, there's no point in staying alive. It doesn't make sense to own an asset. I am suffering now because I am not getting what I really want. Now I am not willing to choose to get wealth. However, I cannot forgive trying to take away from me.

Some wealthy people will kill their lives. The most important thing for a person is not an asset.
If the nature of the value of assets changes, I believe that assets can no longer be a proof of their meaning of their existence.

Raised several times in the past. If the cost is almost zero and humankind obtains a cooperative energy source, the production cost in the industry will be almost zero. The price of the product is set to labor costs.
The purpose of a company is purely to hire people to engage in professional work. It is because God's order that a person engages in vocational work.

If mankind obtains a strong energy source with almost zero cost, the nature of the value of assets will change.
For business leaders, I think that acquiring assets will not prove their meaning of their existence.
For the business leaders, I think the noblesse obridge mission is instinct. Business leaders will choose to act with a sense of mission according to their natural instinct, Noblesse Obridge.

The honor they earn by fulfilling their mission proves their meaning of their existence. I think so.

About the North Korean abduction issue. Now, Prime Minister Abe has declared the abduction issue a top priority in Japan. The Americans may have heard of the abduction issue.
North Korea abducted several Japanese and brought them back to North Korea. More than 20 years ago, Prime Minister Koizumi and Kim Secretary met in Pyongyang, North Korea, who admitted voluntarily the abduction. Prior to that, the Japanese government continued to state that there were no abductions.
Kim wrote the names of the abductees and stated that some of them had died. Koizumi first agreed to normalize diplomatic relations between Japan and North Korea.
North Korea has sought to break the chain of past tragedies. As Japan's reparation, Kim sought only financial support.
Opposition movements have taken place in Japan. "It's a lie that the abductees have died. They are all alive. I can't trust what North Korea says. Return them all now. No more negotiations are possible until everyone returns. . "
Koizumi withdrew his intention to normalize diplomatic relations, and Japan cut off its exchanges with North Korea.

At that time, the fact of North Korea's nuclear program was unknown. The fact of North Korea's nuclear program was voluntarily acknowledged by a secretary in a meeting between senior officials and US government officials.

If diplomatic relations had been restored between the two countries at the time of the Pyongyang talks, the North Korean issue would have been resolved. North Korea should not have been able to conceal information. New facts about the abduction issue must have been discovered. The North Korean government would have discovered information that it did not know.
Nuclear development issues should have been easy to solve. With the release of North Korea, American management should have become easier.

The Japanese government has cut this possibility. The Japanese media remember this. However, the Japanese media is only a spokesman for the government.

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