NO.277 Message to President Trump 15 ・・・ The Supreme Court of Japan has ruled that contracts with NHK must be enforced by individuals in order to achieve the purposes of the Broadcasting Law. Japanese television mass media is controlled by the Broadcasting Law. Japanese citizens have no access to the information they really need to know.

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I want to raise a question about Japanese public broadcasting. We hope that raising this issue will benefit the United States.

The Japanese Broadcasting Law requires anyone who purchases a TV to contract with NHK. This contract is a Japanese civil law contract, and it is assumed that both parties will agree to the contract. Violators of this agreement will be enforced under civil law for violating the agreement once agreed and concluded.
So, it is a contract between TV buyer and NHK, but it is established when a person purchases TV. Many people willing to refuse a contract with NHK have been contested in court with NHK, which demands a contract. The allegations of those who demanded the refusal of the contract were "Broadcasting Law violates the Constitution of Japan which guarantees freedom of contract." In December 2017, the Japanese Supreme Court ruled that "Broadcasting Law is constitutional."
"In order to fulfill the purposes of the Broadcasting Law, the contract with NHK deserves to be enforced. Therefore, the Broadcasting Law does not violate the Constitution of Japan."
This was the reason for the ruling.
Article 97 of the Japanese Constitution guarantees the Japanese people basic human rights that are universal to all humankind. I believe that if Article 97 of the Constitution of Japan is respected first, the freedom of contract of the individual must be respected with the highest priority. Is it appropriate?
In the contract between the individual and NHK, the duty imposed on the individual is the periodic payment of the receiving fee to NHK. The person's obligation to pay for the subscription is imposed when the person purchases the television.
If a person keeps refusing to enter into a contract with NHK, he will be forced to pay the sum of the subscription fee from the time of purchase of the television.

The Japanese Broadcasting Law was enacted to protect the right of people to know. Japanese people have the right to know information that is not biased by the assertions of certain individuals or organizations. The mission of public broadcasting is to broadcast information that is not biased by the claims of this particular individual or organization. Claims of certain individuals and organizations are broadcast by private broadcasters. The two broadcasting systems guarantee the people's right to know.
This is the philosophy of the Broadcast Law.

Whether the Japanese people are really guaranteed the right to know will be determined by the media reported in Japan.
"In the Constitution of Japan, the United States, which won the war, made it in about two weeks with an idea and imposed it on Japan," said Prime Minister Abe. And the Japanese mass media continues to report so.
"The history of the establishment of the Japanese Constitution is described in the preamble of the SF Peace Treaty." No Japanese media reported this.
The first draft of the Japanese Constitution was in English and is kept by the United States. The first draft of the Constitution of Japan was developed by a team of leading American scholars over time. The Constitution of Japan is based on the UN Charter. The preamble of the Japanese Constitution is modeled on the preamble of the United States Constitution.
The United States is proud of the United States Constitution. The text of the Declaration of the United States Constitution is a noble statement proclaiming this pride.
That the United States modeled the preamble of the United States Constitution as a preamble to the Constitution of Japan would be the United States' highest respect for Japan.

We, the Japanese, will need to know this. Our right to know is not guaranteed.

We Japanese are not guaranteed the right to know. This is fatally restricted in the real world of today's Japanese society, even if individuals seek to obtain the information they really need to know.
Japan cannot live alone. Japan needs to partner with the United States. For the United States, I believe that what is required of an ally would be to be able to make choices with responsible free will.
I think it is necessary for Japan to select the United States as a partner with a responsible and free will. This is because Japan, which has made this choice, will be able to determine its obligations as a US partner. Unless individuals have the means to know what information they really need to know, they cannot make responsible judgments at responsible free will.
Therefore, I raise a problem in the United States regarding the actual situation of Japan.

Japanese society will be effectively managed by the Broadcast Law. As I mentioned in my last comment, Japanese TV broadcasts never report what we really need to know.
The principle is that the Japanese Constitution should be properly revised by Japanese citizens who are sovereigns of Japan. To do so, we must know the truth in past history. By taking responsibility for our past, we can choose the right course for the future.
If Japan is to amend the constitution, first of all, the citizens of Japan must know the truth about the history of the constitution of Japan.

Japan triggered World War II. This historical fact established Japan's post-war regime.
Japan must decide its course based on this historical fact.

On top of that, even if Japan revises its constitution and revives as the Empire of Japan again, this time it will not be forgiven by the international community and will be completely left from history, it is a choice of Japan.

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