NO.276 Message to President Trump 14 ・・・ he may be tried in Japan for violations of human rights. Will the U.S. government allow U.S. citizens to be violated by human rights? Will the United States continue to maintain a criminal surrender treaty in which the rights of American citizens are not guaranteed? If the United States protests against Japan, it will be a warning against Japan. I want this. The Japanese Broadcasting Law orders those who purchase television a contract with NHK. This is a civil law contract. The Japanese Supreme Court has ruled that the Broadcasting Law is constitutional. The Supreme Court ruled that the deal with the NHK deserves to be enforced on the people.

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The Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Special Investigation Division has obtained an arrest warrant for a former US Special Forces member who helped leave Carlos Ghosn. His delivery to Japan will be charged to the United States.
He may be tried in Japan for a violation of human rights. Will the U.S. government allow U.S. citizens to be violated by human rights?
Will the United States continue to maintain a criminal surrender treaty in which the rights of American citizens are not guaranteed? If the United States protests against Japan, it will be a warning against Japan. I want this.

Carlos Ghosn's departure from Japan raised us questions about the nature of Japanese justice. "Attorneys are not allowed to be present in Japan during an investigation at an investigative agency." The Japanese did not know until he pointed out that this was unusual.

In a nation where human rights are respected, a person is fully guaranteed the right to be a good citizen until prosecuted, at which point the investigative body will be able to cooperate with the investigation. Are you in a position to do that?
In Japan, respect for human rights will be suspended when investigative investigations begin. Persons being interrogated are unable to act freely, even in detained cells. He must obey orders in each and every action.
The Japanese did not recognize until Carlos Ghosn had pointed out that the violation of human rights by Japanese judiciary was more than in a human rights nation.

Carlos Ghosn had no choice but to escape from Japan to protect human rights. There was no other way but to violate Japanese law. Carlos Ghosn had severely restricted his rights after bail. The rights granted to Carlos Ghosn were determined by a court decision.

This is an example of the actual situation of Japanese justice and respect for human rights in Japan.

In a December 2017 NHK subscription contract trial, the Japanese Supreme Court ruled that the Broadcasting Law is constitutional. The Broadcasting Law forces TV owners to sign a "Receiver Contract" with NHK. "Broadcasting Law violates the Constitution of Japan, which guarantees freedom of contract." This is the claim of the rejector of the "Receiver Contract".
Refusal of the "Receiver Contract" has asserted the right to reject the "Receiver Contract" with NHK.
The Supreme Court ruled that TV owners deserve to be forced to enter into a "Receiver Contract" with NHK.

The Broadcasting Law was enacted to guarantee the public's right to know. Citizens have the right to know information that is not biased by the claims of a particular individual or group. NHK, a public broadcaster, is tasked with reporting this particular individual to information that is not biased by the group. Claims by certain individuals or groups are reported by Japanese private broadcasters.
Broadcasting in Japan consists of two systems, public broadcasting and private broadcasting, which guarantees the right of citizens to know.
The public is obliged to pay for the guarantee of the right to know. This burden must be fair to all citizens.
Therefore, it is reasonable that a “Receiver Contract” is regarded as having been established when the people possess the television. The principle of fairness must be adhered to.
Therefore, Japanese citizens are obliged to pay a viewing fee from the point of possession of the television.
The Japanese Supreme Court ruled this way.

Anyone who has refused the "Receiver Contract" will be obliged to pay the receiving fee after the television was installed.

NHK sends a document requesting the conclusion of a "Receiver Contract" to a person who has not received a "Receiver Contract" with a specified date. NHK has requested in court that the agreement be concluded when this document is sent.
This NHK request has been denied. NHK has to prove that anyone who does not have a "Receiver Contract" possesses a television.
The Japanese mass media has reported that this is the decency of the Japanese Supreme Court.

NHK hires a contractor to have the TV owner carry out the contract with NHK. The contractor will not ask anyone who has not contracted with NHK the will of the contract. The contractor states, "You must sign a contract because it is determined by law," and requests that the contract be concluded.

And if the person stops owning the TV after the contract with NHK is concluded, the contract can be canceled. To cancel the contract, the person must file with NHK. It seems that the rules of this cancellation procedure are determined by the internal rules of NHK.
Since the contract with NHK is a contract under the Civil law of Japan, it will be stipulated that it is subject to NHK's internal rules.
Cancellation of a contract with NHK requires that person notify NHK and be approved by NHK.

A contract with NHK is legally considered that the TV owner has agreed to the contract. Violators of the contract will be enforced in accordance with Civil law.

Many people choose not to own a television to refuse a contract with NHK. They use the Internet.
The Japanese parliament has proposed an amendment to the Broadcasting Law. "For the people who want to watch NHK programs on the Internet, we will define a revision of the Broadcasting Law so that NHK programs can be distributed on the Internet." Was passed.
Under the revised broadcasting law, a contract with NHK is established when possessing a device that can connect to the Internet, such as a personal computer or smartphone.

On the Internet, you can pay when you visit the NHK site. There is no need to subscribe. This claim is not made.

The Supreme Court ruling of the December 2017 NHK Receiving Contract Trial does not explain why individual freedom of contract is denied in accordance with the provisions of the Broadcasting Law.
I interpreted it. Article 13 of the Japanese Constitution states that individuals are prohibited from claiming the right to violate public welfare. I judge that the Supreme Court defined the philosophy of the Broadcast Law as public welfare.
The Supreme Court ruling will be the precedent in subsequent trials. The Supreme Court's decision should explain why the individual's freedom of contract was denied.
The Supreme Court has denied individual freedom of contract in violation of the Broadcast Law.
The Japanese Supreme Court has denied Article 97 of the Japanese Constitution. Article 97 of the Constitution of Japan guarantees universal human rights established by mankind in history. With respect to this article, the philosophy of the Broadcasting Law cannot be public welfare. The Broadcast Law, which denies freedom of contract, violates Article 97 of the Japanese Constitution.
The Supreme Court ruling, which denied universal human rights to all mankind, became the precedent in Japanese courts thereafter.

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