NO.275 Message to President Trump-Part 13 ・・・ In the impeachment trial in the Senate, Bolton's witness interrogation has been ruled out, and the impeachment trial against President Trump has been determined to be acquitted. This is an American choice. The United States continues to seek the path to the future. What will the choices of the United States produce? I will look closely at the results and consider the response. There are people in the United States who are financially in need. I suggested to the wealthy people a project to rescue those in financial distress in order to implement neighborly love.

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I heard that in an impeachment trial in the Senate, it was voted that no Bolton witness interrogations would be conducted. President Trump was expected to be acquitted. This is the choice made by the United States.
In the United States, the basic consent is that letting the elected president work for eight years. People do trial and error. If you make a mistake, you can fix it. And if he works for eight years, it is a break in his job.
I guess the president's evaluation should be done at the end of his second term. The American choice this time will say that an assessment of Trump's work should at least not be made at this time. At the very least, it should offer a chance for another presidential election.

In my opinion, it is better to entrust him with a term for the next four years. At the end of the next four years, I think an assessment should be made.
But it's not me who decides. it is America. I see the American choice. This policy has always been consistent.

I do not unconditionally agree with the conclusions of the United States. However, I respect and trust the American conclusions. I keep raising issues in the United States. And I see the American response.

The United States is sincerity to the ideology of its choice. America deserves trust.
Furthermore, there is faith in the heart of America that fears God. No matter what humans claim, only God is true. Man has no choice but to seek the truth of God by interpreting the Bible. And humans can always misinterpret the Bible. Given this, humans must interpret the Bible, taking responsibility for their own conscience.
Humans are not completely trustworthy, but I believe that those who have faith in God are the most trustworthy.

To my eyes as a Japanese, Republicans and Democrats look essentially the same. Both Republicans and Democrats are the successors of the founding fathers of the United States. Both Republicans and Democrats inherit work from the founding fathers for a joint purpose. The joint purpose is the founding of the United States. Republicans and Democrats are different in how they achieve their joint purpose.
Dr. Naoki Komuro, a Japanese sociologist, pointed out that the US founding business is still ongoing.
Komuro pointed out that all Americans share one ideology.
"I don't know what America will be tomorrow's United States, but tomorrow's America will be more American-like than today's America." All Americans believe that way. Professor Komuro, a Japanese person, pointed out so.
The United States may still be exploring the frontier. The world situation is constantly changing. The world situation is not a repetition of the past. The future world situation is a completely new world situation. In the world situation, new situations are constantly being created. That is history.
For the United States, the situation at hand is always an untapped frontier. The United States is always taking a step towards pioneering the frontiers that are in front of us.
That is the American principle of action.

So other countries will first look at American actions. For other countries, the frontiers on the road in front of us don't know what lies there.
When the United States takes a step forward in pioneering, various things hidden in the frontier emerge. The rest of the world decides what to do. With that in mind, I feel that the current world situation seems to be understandable.

The following reply was received in response to my comment.
“I don't know what is about to happen.I do know I don't feel good about it.”
This is my reply to this.
"I am sorry. I don't know the reality of the lives of Americans, so I may be expressing hopeful speculation.
However, let's make proposals to make a positive change. I don't know how much I can do. "

Ask the wealthy. Ascetic Protestant people interpret that engaging in professional work is a divine command. However, God may not have commanded humans to pursue financial profit.
"The merciful people are fortunate. They will receive mercy." This is stated in the Japanese version of the Bible. I think God may give him the opportunity to do neighborly love in order to be merciful to a certain person.
Sometimes a talented person sees people in financial distress and decides, "I can build a project to get them out of financial distress." The person may recognize that God has suggested that the project be performed. I think that the person working on this project would be a vocational job. How about that?

As we have mentioned before, if a powerful energy source with almost zero cost is realized, the production cost of the industry will be almost zero. The price of the product is a labor cost. Companies will be able to engage workers in labor for the purpose of obeying God's orders. And companies will be able to pay.

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