NO.274 Message to President Trump — Part 12 ・ ・ ・ Japanese SDF members are not allowed to speak their own true intentions. Japanese SDF members are only allowed to carry out orders faithfully. The Japanese Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) enlisted on the premise of the current Japanese Constitution. The Japanese government is trying to change the rules of war by amending the constitution without asking the SDF members will. The United States is obliged to participate in the war set up by Japan as an ally. Carlos Ghosn continued to be subjected to interrogations that severely limited human rights. The Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office has attempted to continue restricting and restricting Ghosn's human rights until the prosecutor has obtained sufficient evidence to convict Ghosn. The Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office has issued an arrest warrant for an American citizen who helped Ghosn escape. The U.S. citizen may be subject to a trial deprived of human rights. Will the U.S. Government accept the delivery?

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It is about the SDF members in Japan. I want America to listen. Japanese Self-Defense Force members are not allowed to make any statements about their true intentions. It is required that the order be faithfully fulfilled without saying anything.

Current Japanese Self-Defense Force members are those who have joined the SDF on the premise of the current Japanese Constitution. When Japan joins the war, the SDF members are the first to sacrifice life.
The Japanese government is changing the rules of Japanese war participation. The Japanese government is changing the rules that force SDF members to sacrifice life. SDF members will not be questioned.
Japanese parliamentarians unilaterally assert the spirit of the SDF members. "The Self-Defense Forces are those who love their homeland Japan and are determined to fight with the sacrifice of precious life to protect Japan."
Prime Minister Abe teaches the SDF members ahead. "The security environment surrounding Japan has been more severe than in the Cold War era of the United States and the Soviet Union. SDF members are entrusted with a serious mission. Self-defense members must fulfill their duties with pride. I am amending the Constitution to make it possible. This is the mission of politicians living in this age. "
SDF members are not allowed to protest against this.

American soldiers are preparing for the dangers of life in war. But the soldiers will continue to ask themselves. `` Is this war worthy of fighting for my death? ''
Japanese SDF members are not allowed to have this awareness.

Abe has developed war diplomacy with China. In the 19th century, war would have been triggered. And when China takes countermeasures, Prime Minister Abe criticizes China's hegemony. And they will try to revise the constitution to make war possible.

And if Japan declares for defense and embarks on a war with China, its ally, the United States of America, will have to embark on a war on China.

So I want the Americans to think too.

Carlos Ghosn was indicted by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors' Special Investigation Division in Japan. Carlos Ghosn left Japan and entered Lebanon. The purpose of his actions was to protect his own human rights. He has been severely restricted in human rights since he was charged and detained.
He had been in prolonged detention and had severe damage to his physical and mental condition on bail. He was not allowed to attend a lawyer during the interrogation. Prosecutors continued to extend the detention until they had evidence that they could be found guilty.
After bail, his rights remained severely restricted. He was not allowed to meet or contact his wife. "His wife could destroy evidence." This was the reason.
He was on bail and kept under constant surveillance. He needed permission to go out.
He was expected to take at least five years to ultimately be acquitted of the Supreme Court trial. During that time, contact with his wife and with his family continues to be restricted.

I can't think of him as someone else. If I get the same treatment, I would be completely cut off all the opportunities in my life. I'm 61 now, but my last hope in life is to get married and have descendants. If I were to be interrogated in the same way, the possibility of fulfilling this last hope in life would be completely obliterated.
For me, there is no point in living.

Carlos Ghosn chose to throw everything away. Ghosn chose only to live with his wife.

The Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Special Investigation Division has now filed an arrest warrant for a former member of the United States Special Forces on suspicion of violating the Immigration Control Law of Japan. He helped Ghosn leave Japan.
Will the United States hand over this American citizen to Japan? The American citizen could be tried with deprived human rights. Will the United States continue to hold a criminal handover treaty with such a country?

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