NO.273 Message to President Trump 11 ・・・ President Trump proposed the Middle East peace plan. Such a proposal always creates a backlash. From the disadvantaged side or both sides. For that, I made one suggestion. About confidentiality. I think Japan will be subject to excessive confidentiality not only in trials but also in diplomatic negotiations.

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President Trump proposed a Middle East peace plan for the coexistence of Israel and Palestine. What do U.S. government officials think?
Such a proposal would definitely provoke a rebound from Israel or Palestine. This suggestion may lead to opposition from both sides.
If they do not rebound at all, whether in Israel or Palestine, their claims will be fully accepted. And the opposing camp makes a decisive rebound. Undoubtedly, it will trigger a new conflict. At this point, US government officials may be convinced that there is no need to make such a proposal.

The United States is a supporter of Israel. The US proposal will, of course, be a favorable one for Israel. Palestine will rebound violently.

I'll give you one suggestion. Is there no idea in Judaism that Torah is a prophecy of Yahweh, and if so, that Torah describes the future? It becomes.
Until Yahweh's prophecy is realized, humans cannot understand its meaning. Torah may contain truths that Jews cannot currently know.
Then the Jews should not judge at the present time in Torah's interpretation.
For Muslims, Christians and Jews believe in the same God as Muslims. I hear that Islamic doctrine teaches that both Christians and Jews have access to heaven. Christians embrace Jews. Christians understand that Jews worship the same God as Christians.
Torah has no mention of the New Testament and the Quran. Jews may understand Muslims and Christians as pagans because they understand so.
If Torah has a description that Jews do not understand at this time, it may be that Muslims and Christians believe in Yahweh for Jews.

About confidentiality. In Japan, confidentiality is imposed on various things. Is it really appropriate?

I am afraid of confidentiality in Japan. Please listen. In the judge system of Japanese courts, judges are confidential for a lifetime. I have heard that in the United States, juries are released from confidentiality after a ruling has been issued.
I understand that the confidentiality provisions of the American jury system are that the United States will be responsible in any court proceedings. If an inappropriate thing is done in a trial, the judgment will be heard in free speech after the judgment.
In the United States, information disclosure is a fundamental principle. However, there are some things that must be kept confidential. The United States understands the importance of information disclosure deeply. The United States sets information confidentiality on the principle of information disclosure. I understand that way.
In Japanese trials, both judges and lawyers are subject to everlasting confidentiality. Therefore, the Japanese trial becomes a demon trial. Japanese people lose everything by just being interrogated by law enforcement agencies. The interrogated person is effectively fired from work and divorced from his wife. Such episodes are also broadcast on television.
Carlos Ghosn escaped Japan and entered Lebanon. I think he fled to Lebanon for a guarantee of human rights. Some people win trials in Japan. However, he may lose all of his life while fighting in a trial. Ghosn said that it would take five years to win the acquittal in the Supreme Court. During that time, meeting with family is not allowed. If I am forced to do this, my hopes in my life will all be cut off.
In other countries, I was able to find out from Ghosn's statement that a lawyer would be present during the investigation.

About confidentiality. In Japan, diplomatic negotiations are also subject to confidentiality. For example, at the summit between Prime Minister Abe and President Trump and at the summit between Prime Minister Abe and Russian President Putin, stakeholders will be confidential until agreement is reached.

The United States has a deep understanding of the importance of information disclosure, makes information disclosure a principle, and sets secret matters on top of that. I said in my last comment that I understand this way.

How do Americans judge confidentiality in diplomatic negotiations in Japan?

In diplomatic negotiations, if the details of the negotiations are leaked before the two parties reach an agreement, it will be an obstacle to the negotiations. This is the reason.
In a formal parliamentary debate, even if legislators ask questions about the diplomatic negotiation process, they will not be able to answer because of confidentiality.
If an agreement is reached in diplomatic negotiations, the terms of the agreement are binding on both sides. The history of the negotiations before the agreement was reached cannot be disclosed.
If there is a problem in diplomatic negotiations, it is not allowed even in parliament to modify the agreement before it is concluded. Before an agreement is reached, if there is a problem, it cannot be known. Parliament has the ultimate responsibility of the state. Japan's parliament cannot be allowed to hold a final responsibility in diplomacy.

How do you judge the United States?

My personal opinion has no meaning in the secrecy of diplomatic negotiations. Diplomatic negotiations will not succeed unless they are made public. Present the solution in public. The other party agrees. Third-party countries can also gain understanding. This is the solution.

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