NO.272 Message to President Trump-Part 10 ・・・ The United Kingdom has decided to introduce Huawei. The United States will not prevent this. Huawei will shortly beat the United States. But that's where the American counterattack begins. The United States enables innovation. If a powerful energy source with almost zero cost is realized, industrial production costs will be zero. Ascetic Protestants are obliged to engage in professional work, but are free from profit-seeking constraints. Ascetic Protestant behavior is fundamentally transformed, and fundamental transformation of world affairs is realized.

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The United Kingdom has decided to introduce Huawei. U.S. government officials have visited Britain for a withdrawal of the decision to introduce Huawei. The United States will not be able to prevent many countries from introducing Huawei.
If the United States demands that the countries that decide to introduce Huawei choose a camp, many countries will choose China. Many countries determine that the United States is not qualified as a leader.
Most likely, the US government will understand this.

I think China has observed the United States, analyzed the United States, and learned a lot from the United States. After World War II, China built a nation from scratch. China would have always asked himself what he needed. China would have continued to observe other countries and try to find what it needed. So I think China could learn from the United States.
I think China continued to analyze the United States. I think China analyzed the various factors that the United States has, devised solutions, and implemented them themselves. So Huawei was able to outperform American companies.

American companies will take action. American companies have always innovated their operations. Until now, American companies were number one. So American companies did not need innovation in corporate management.
Now, American companies are about to be taken away by the emerging Chinese powers. American companies will be trying to respond to this situation by enabling innovation.
Other countries will be trying to see this result.

Let's propose one vision. Once humanity has acquired a powerful energy source with almost zero cost, another industrial revolution will take place.
I think that the cost of production in industry is the cost of energy. Strong energy sources with costs close to zero reduce the cost of raw materials to zero. For example, any rare metal can be reused infinitely. The selling price of a product is set to labor costs.
The professional ethics of ascetic Protestantism interpret that engaging in professional work is a command of God. However, pursuit of profit may not be required.
In industrial production, if the cost of energy goes to zero, the selling price of the goods is set to labor costs. Since it is God's order that people engage in vocational work, companies are obliged to pay workers wages by engaging in vocational work.

Until now, people had a responsibility to manage the profits they had gained because vocational work required the pursuit of profit. The American economy was heavily constrained by the professional ethics of ascetic Protestantism. Wealth owners continued to be responsible for managing the resulting assets.
Even if this widened the gap between rich and poor and caused the Great Depression of the world economy, the United States could not help. Furthermore, Huawei, which is not subject to the ascetic Protestantism's professional ethics, has been able to gain an advantage over the United States in its business strategy.
The professional ethics of ascetic Protestantism is the biblical interpretation of ascetic Protestant responsibility for a person's conscience. Different individuals have room for different interpretations.
If ascetic Protestants are freed from the pursuit of profit, the behavior of ascetic Protestants in occupational work will be fundamentally changed. A second industrial revolution will take place.

Strong energy sources, with costs near zero, make industrial production costs zero. The price of the product is set to labor costs. People are relieved of their duty to pursue profits in professional work.
Ascetic Protestants are obliged to engage in professional work. It is God's order that people engage in vocational work. However, ascetic Protestants are liberated from the duty of profit hunting. Ascetic Protestants will be engaged in professional work for purposes other than seeking profit.
Ascetic Protestants, until now, have put all their will and power into this purpose for the purpose of acquiring and managing assets.
Ascetic Protestants will act purely according to the mission of Noblesse oblige.
This radical change in behavior in ascetic Protestant occupational work will enable a second industrial revolution. Furthermore, it will enable a fundamental change in the world situation.

If the price of the goods is set only for labor costs, the acquisition of assets will not be meaningful. One will act for the very purpose of realizing his project.
As a result, Huawei's advantage over US companies will be eliminated.
In my previous comments, I proposed the realization of a black hole engine as a powerful energy source with almost zero cost. I could only think of this. If mankind sets a purpose that requires a black hole engine, real technologists will realize the black hole engine.
The purpose I came up with is the migration of mankind into space. No matter what happens in the future, some of the human descendants will survive. This is the purpose.

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