NO.271 Message to President Trump 9 ・・・ General LeMay said, "Wars are against morality from the beginning." If you do not kill all, you will be killed. From the beginning, it was such a war. All was over when the war could not be stopped.

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I looked into an article about General LeMay. He was the commander of the air raids of Japanese metropolises during World War II. The motivation for studying him was that he was awarded medal by the Japanese government after the war. Like many American soldiers, he thought he would have been deeply hurt. I wondered if the Japanese government gave him a medal to hurt him. The reason for his award was that he trained the Japanese Air Self Defense Force.
"War is unethical from the beginning," he said. Japan's surrender would have been slowed if he did not effectively raid Japanese metropolises. Many Americans have died. He instructed his subordinates, "Don't be sorry for the infant crying and dying in the air raid." Air raids must be thorough so that many people in their country do not die.
This was inevitable when the war could not be stopped.

What kind of judgment will God make? Suppose a father killed a large number of enemy soldiers for his children. Let's say that the childhood was peaceful and the children were happy without having to kill people.
Is my father guilty of murder and the children innocent?

God makes judgments based on God's standards. Humans cannot know God's standards. God can save any devil. There is nothing God cannot do. Everything is determined according to God's will.

About the United States and Japan alliance. I wonder if it is permissible for me to survive because someone else fought for me. Japan's ally, the United States, fought for life, keeping Japan's peace and keeping us alive without war. Many American soldiers have died, but I do nothing. If I do that, God may not forgive me.
If American soldiers stained their hands with blood on the battlefield, thanks to them fighting, if I live in peace, my hands cannot be stained with blood Will be.
I guess I have to deter the war with my life. Otherwise, God may not forgive.
Suppress the war so that no American soldiers die in the war. I want to choose this.

China and Russia need the United States. The United States is a watchdog in China and Russia. The United States denounces any problems in China or Russia.
China and Russia have to solve their problems and make a profit at the same time. If the problem to be solved is left unresolved, it will eventually lead to catastrophe.
The trade war between the United States and China should have exposed the problems it had, especially for China. These issues would have been buried in the chaos of society without the trade war between the United States and China.
I think the United States has provided China with an opportunity to solve its problems and become a resilient nation.

I think the United States has raised the problems it has been having by President Trump.
President Trump chose to struggle with opponents. As a result, it has led to the division of the United States, but it has continued to expose the problems that have been buried in the chaos of society. The United States must have had the opportunity to solve the problems.
At present, many professionals in the United States are working on solving problems exposed in chaos.

If China and Russia strengthen, the United States will also be compelling.

I have been thinking like this and have been observing the situation.

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