NO.270 Message to President Trump Part 8 ・・・ There is no official language in the United States. The United States has chosen to accept all immigrants, including their language. Some German immigrants declare that the official language of the United States is English. Immigration to the United States means learning American language, learning American law, learning American customs, and becoming an American citizen. He said so. Germany is a country where people understand what matters.

Comments on Trump's site.

"There is no official language in the United States." I read this statement in an Internet news article. Not setting the official language would be an American choice. In the United States, it was stated that many people were aware of discomfort when listening to languages ​​other than English in public places. The author of the news article considers the United States an important country. So that person has a strong interest.
Americans will not choose to make English the official language. Even people who are uncomfortable listening to languages ​​other than English in public places. "If the United States makes English the official language, it will no longer be the United States." Otherwise, the United States would have already made English the official language.
The founding fathers of the United States founded the United States according to the philosophy that they believed was right. Those who support and have inherited the founding philosophy are still upholding the philosophy they believe is right.

People outside the United States see the United States by contrasting with the facts of the country in which they live. Judge and evaluate the United States from that person's perspective.
I want to ask many people around the world. "What do you think of America like this? I respect and trust such America."

The U.S. government mobilized the army to protect black children attending school to enable integrated education at Central High School. Americans eventually supported this. The Americans ultimately chose to inherit and adhere to the founding philosophy.

I hope that this irreplaceable thing of the United States will be protected. It is a boon for me who lives in Japan.

A German immigrant descendant replied to my comment. His grandfather and grandmother emigrated to the United States to become an American citizen. He was banned from speaking German by his parents.
He told me. If I emigrate to the United States, I must learn American language, law and customs and become an American citizen.
He declares. "The official language of the United States is English."

Germany, his ancestor country, is a country where the Germans have learned something important. Germany is a wonderful country.

The United States guarantees citizens the freedom of choice of language. For all immigrants, I understand that they are all about the pride of their ethnicity, because the United States will accept it as it is.
However, his father and he studied American language, law and tradition and chose to be an American citizen.
The United States is a country where great people live.

At the moment I do not intend to immigrate to the United States. What I am thinking now is not to let my homeland Japan repeat the tragedy of World War II. My brothers more than 70 years ago were sacrifice by the government of my homeland. The government at that time taught people that Americans were demons and should not be taken prisoner.
Kamikaze, Cryshing. Citizens committed suicide in groups refusing to receive U.S. military protection. The Americans would have seen the Japanese as a murderer who only thought about killing Americans. As a last resort, the U.S. military decided to indiscriminately bomb large cities and drop the atomic bombs.
It was the Japanese government at the time that caused the United States to do so. It is my intention not to let the Japanese government repeat the same.

Japanese parliamentarians, both the ruling and opposition parties, insist on constitutional amendments. What does the United States choose for Japan's constitutional amendment? Japan's constitutional amendment is an important international issue. The United States has set this up.
The enactment of the Japanese Constitution was implemented as part of a US post-WWII project.
The enacted Constitution of Japan has been evaluated as a declaration of Japan's implementation of the principles of the United Nations Charter and of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This has led to the conclusion of the SF Peace Treaty and Japan's accession to the United Nations. This is stated in the preamble to the SF Peace Treaty. The first draft of the Japanese Constitution is based on the UN Charter. A team of leading American law scholars took the time to prepare.
It must have been the foundation of the United States' post-World War II international strategy.
Japan and Germany join the UN as a pacifist democracy that guarantees human rights. The United Nations monitors that Japan and Germany do not become fascist states again. This must have been part of America's fundamental strategy.
All United Nations members understand US projects. Countries should have joined the United Nations by understanding and agreeing to its basic principles. A small country cannot survive unless it is diplomatic. Small countries will take advantage of the UN policy.
The amendment of Japan's constitution violates the terms of the conclusion of the SF Peace Treaty and the terms of Japan's accession to the United Nations. With the assertion that Japan has chosen to become a fascist state again, the enemy clause will be invoked.
America's international strategy will require a fundamental shift.

I dare to affirm. No constitutional amendment is necessary for the United States to require Japan as an ally. If the United States approves this, everything will be resolved.
I'll explain in the comments that follow.

In order for Japan to fulfill its obligations as an ally required by the United States, there is no need to change Japan's constitution.
The Constitution of Japan is based on the Charter of the United Nations. The Constitution of Japan has been created on the premise that Japan is a UN member state. The provisions of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution are intended for UN Member States. UN Member States have joined the UN with an understanding of the UN Charter and decision-making in support of the principles of the UN Charter. Therefore, UN member states seek peace. Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution is intended for sovereign states seeking peace. Terrorists and invaders are exempt from Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan.
Japan abandons war and declares non-holding power only to sovereign states seeking peace. Japan fights terrorists and invaders. The Japanese Self-Defense Force is a force that fights terrorists and invaders.
Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution is a declaration of Japan's will to UN member states. And, at the time of accession to the UN, UN Member States agree to this declaration of Japan.
Thus, the nations attacking Japan, which is constantly seeking a peaceful solution to the problem, are terrorists or invaders. And the nation that attacks the United States, Japan's ally, is also a terrorist or invader.
If the United States approves this, this will be the rule of the international community.

America's basic policy should be a peaceful solution to the problem. The United States knows what a bog war will bring. Everything ends when the war cannot be stopped.
I suggest overcoming any difficulties and deterring war.

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