NO.269 Message to Greta Thunberg ・・・ Comments on her account. Intended to be transmitted to her. For effective global warming countermeasures, it will be necessary to realize innovation. If the purpose of creating huge business opportunities is not set, innovation will be impossible. Some people have to keep emitting greenhouse gases to survive.

This is a comment on Greta's account. If Instagram allows, I want to keep commenting.

Greta. Even if we continue to complain about the need for global warming countermeasures, we cannot achieve our purpose. Everyone is trying to earn money to stay alive. Such people can only think about getting money.
If people are banned from working to emit greenhouse gases, many people will lose their jobs and prevent themselves and their families from continuing to survive.
There is a need to find ways to create huge business opportunities and address climate change.
I make that suggestion. He also commented on President Trump's account.

I propose a project of human migration to space. For example, a black hole engine will be realized. Many people will think arrogant. However, real technologists do not think that it is ridiculous.

Emigration of humanity to space. No matter what happens in the future, some humanity will survive.

Once a goal has been set that is of great interest to all mankind, various innovations will be realized. I proposed this because I came up with a project to move humanity to the Universe.
One thing that is pointed out is that it creates huge business opportunities. With the purpose of the project set to space travel and space defense, it seems that huge business opportunities are now being created. If the migration of mankind to the Universe is clearly set as a goal, there will be far greater business opportunities.

Then humanity would put all will and power into this project. As a result, various innovations are realized.
Global warming is stopped.

By setting goals clearly, a clear vision of the project is built. In order to realize the purpose, all intentions and powers are rationally input.
For example, the construction of a giant space station, such as the Death Star in the movie Star Wars, will be seriously considered for real purposes.

I think it would be possible if a powerful energy source with almost zero cost was realized.
There are inexhaustible resources in the universe. We believe that if humanity gains an inexhaustible and powerful source of energy, the bottleneck in resource development in space will be overcome. Once an automated system is built, it will continue resource development semipermanently. The system then produces the material and grows the system itself. And ultimately, the system builds a giant space station.

If human migration to space is set as a project, such technicians will be seriously considered by real science and technology engineers.

I could only think of black hole engines as a powerful energy source with almost zero cost. So, suggested this.

If a black hole engine is realized, global warming will be solved. However, human beings cannot implement a black hole engine to combat global warming. However, for the project of human migration to Universe, a black hole engine can be implemented. I thought so.

Global warming will be solved if mankind obtains a powerful energy source with almost zero cost. If the project of human migration to the universe is seriously set, the innovation will be realized. For example, black hole engines are set by technologists as a real challenge.

So, if a black hole engine is realized, wouldn't the production cost in the industry be zero? I think that the production cost in the industry will be the energy cost excluding the labor cost. . Raw material costs will be zero. With almost no cost, rare metals can be recycled indefinitely.
The price of the product is set to labor costs. The professional ethics of ascetic Protestantism interpret that engaging in professional work is God's command on humans. Companies are obliged to hire and engage in labor and pay wages. However, there is no need to pursue profits.
Anime Thunderbird's International Rescue is professional work? International Rescue does not pursue profit.

Isn't this a second industrial revolution? Humanity will be freed from the constraints of profit hunting and will be able to engage in various projects as professional labor

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