NO.268 Message to President Trump Part 7 ・・・There are many dangers of human extinction on Earth. Human migration to space is a means of human survival. Dar Al-Islam is an innovation in Islam. The important thing is that the United States confirms it. The United States will further enable the next innovation.

This is a message sent to Trump's site.

This is an issue raised in response to global warming countermeasures.

If mankind continues to live only on earth, there is always a danger of extinction. In the past, mass extinctions have been caused on Earth by various causes. Astronomical collisions have extinct dinosaurs. At the end of the Paleozoic, a volcanic eruption occurred throughout Siberia, causing the largest mass extinction in Earth's history. When Betelgeuse, about 7 million light-years away from the Earth, explodes with a supernova and a gamma burst hits the earth, the ozone layer is destroyed, and there is a danger of humanity's destruction. However, it seems that this situation can be avoided because Betelgeuse's rotation axis is misaligned.

If humanity chooses to survive, the migration of humanity to space will eventually have to be set as a common goal of all humanity.

Deterring greenhouse gas emissions is beneficial. However, various innovations are needed to make it happen. The purpose of preventing global warming does not realize that innovation.
The project I came up with for that was the migration of humanity to space.
If all human beings seriously set a purpose for the human migration project to space, it will create huge business opportunities. It's not just a space travel ratio.
This project will bring about innovation that will help prevent global warming.

Assume that Allah's prophecy is the Quran and Islamic law created by interpreting the Quran. Until realized, Allah's prophecy cannot be understood, even by Muslims.
At this time, Muslims cannot understand all of the Quran and Islamic law. Nevertheless, Muslims must interpret the Quran. The Sunni Islam and Shia Islam religions apparently differed on who entrusted the interpretation of the Quran.
According to Islamic law, jihad is an effort to build a Dar Al-Islam. Past Muslims have interpreted this as war or suicide bombing. Past Muslims have interpreted Dar Al-Islam as a state that conquered pagans and built it. If Dar Al-Islam were something to be built in the future, Muslims would not understand this at this time.
Dar Al-Islam is a world without war. This is a realization of the principles of the UN Charter. The United Nations has not yet realized this, but Dar Al-Islam does. This is the prophecy of Islamic law.
Suppose Saudi Aramco, a state-owned company in Saudi Arabia, made an investment in Africa from the Middle East, resulting in the establishment of economic zones in these areas, which Muslims recognized as Dar Al-Islam. Saudi Aramco went public. The asset value of this company is about 200 trillion yen. If Saudi Aramco acts with a religious mission, I think it will build a Dar Al-Islam.
When that happens, both Shia and Sunni Islam will change the interpretation of the Koran. Jihad proves to be a peaceful business practice. The suicide bombing of Islamic fundamentalists is gone. Muslims will not go to war.

After that, it is unclear how Muslims will behave. But the United States will enable innovation. The United States observes a radical upheaval in the world situation. Understand the nature of the situation that first emerged due to the sudden change in the situation.
For America, the collapse of the heavens and the creation of a new world. The United States will understand its essence, and the United States will itself realize innovation.
I think so.

I think the United Nations is an innovation that the United States has realized. Even before World War II, the United States advocated the League of Nations. The United States was the first country to envision a vision of the World Organization, which encompasses sovereign states of the world.
The League of Nations did not function effectively. The reason may be that there was no final responsible entity. The United States would have sought the cause of the failure and envisioned a new world organization. The United Nations was created as a system in which the winning United Nations is ultimately responsible for the world situation after World War II. The UN has survived to date.
Guarantees of universal human rights and peaceful resolution of issues are the two principles of the UN Charter. States join the UN, agreeing to respect the UN Charter.
I think that a situation has emerged in which the international community can unite on specific policies.

In the United States, the presidential election system will be innovation. After a series of indirect elections and a decision for the state, the United States will decide. The United States would be the only system in which those who registered on the electoral list would vote for the representative electorate instead of directly for the candidate.
Each citizen may be aware of the sense of solidarity that he is a member of the region, a member of the state, and a member of the United States.
The United States is probably the creator of the system. In world affairs, innovation will be realized.

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