NO.266 Message to President Trump Part 5 ・ ・ ・ Propose a project of human migration to space in order to realize innovations to combat global warming.

A collection of comments on Trump's account.

This is a comment as an answer to the question asked to me.
I will also mention here.

I really think the United States can do things that seem like miracles.

To me, what happened in the United States seems like a miracle. I've seen videos of Rev. King's movement. It's not surprising that it has been a historical tragedy. And that reality was sealed in the darkness of history. It would not have been strange that it had happened. Martin Luther King Jr. Day would not have happened if white people continued to oppose the establishment.
I heard an episode of Central High School. Governments in many countries would have abandoned Central High School's integrated education. The US government has heard that it has mobilized troops to provide integrated education for Central High School. The U.S. government has preserved its justice.
Black people have chosen to live as American citizens. If blacks had despised whites, this choice by blacks would not have been possible. Isn't the human rights movement by blacks a campaign for the right to live as a U.S. citizen?
I believe that there is a deep fear of God in the hearts of American white people. I think the white people in the United States acted according to God-fearing faith.
The faith that fears God deep in the hearts of American white people may have realized something like a miracle. Such a thing will be realized in various things from now on. I think so.
Max Weber also said that the ascetic Protestant religion had enabled a revolutionary change in global society.

This account allows me to post my claim. This account provides the opportunity for my claim to be transmitted to a large audience. I have no choice but to support the administrator of this account.

I raise a problem. I have no idea that I am saying the right answer. I have to make a claim that many people value my claim as deserving of listening.
And I leave the judgment to the person who listened to my claim. That is the best choice for me.

I also think about this. In any country, I think that the young people will have to decide the course of the country. Young people live long years of responsibility for the choices they make. So young people have to decide the course of the country.
And I think it will be a job for older people to support young people. The elderly do not live until they are fully responsible for the choices they have made. I think those people should refrain from making choices to decide the course of the state.

I let young people inherit the future. I support young people.

This account also provides Japanese and Iranian people with open speech opportunities.
I think it will be clear that these things will be of great benefit to Japanese people living in Japan. I thank the United States.

I want to tell Greta. President Trump's account provides free speech for everyone, including the Japanese and Iran.

For global warming countermeasures. Some experts still claim that greenhouse gas emissions are not the cause of global warming. I cannot judge the cause of global warming.
However, it would be beneficial to find a way to avoid greenhouse gas emissions.

However, it may be necessary to realize various innovations. In order for innovation to be realized, goals will need to be set. Global warming countermeasures do not seem to be the goal. It does not generate positive profits.

I propose a project of human migration to the Universe. The goal is to survive any human descendant, whatever happens in the future.
Life on Earth has been keeping lives for 3 billion years. I believe that this project could be the goal of the instinct of the preservation of races of humanity as a living being.

For example, let's realize a black hole engine as an innovation for this project.
Black hole engines have been pointed out in physics. If Hawking radiation is not wrong in theory.
At present, the realization of black hole engines is unrealistic. The reason is that humanity has not found a purpose that requires a black hole engine.
Real-world technologists bring innovation beyond unimaginable past science fiction writers. For example, a quantum computer.
Real technologists will surely realize a black hole engine if migration to the Universe is set as a shared goal for all humanity.

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