NO.265 Message to President Trump-Part 4 ・・・Many municipalities in Europe seem to need a smart city initiative with Huawei's digital network system, despite the risk of backdoors. How will the United States respond?

It is the content which commented on the site of Mr. Donald Trump.

I support the US policy against Huawei's digital network.
The reason is that every country in the world needs a choice other than Huawei. I don't think at the moment that Huawei will be a dictator who will use the digital network to control people around the world. Huawei will be afraid to lose trust in the countries where it does business.
But the danger always exists. When Huawei seeks to become a dictator of the digital network, it needs to be the savior of the whole world. Only the United States can do that.
The United States cannot be inferior to China in technology. I think there is a difference in the ability to build a global network. In the United States, I think the professional ethics of ascetic Protestantism is a constraint.

In the United States, politics and business seem to have to be distinguished. Politics can ask companies to cooperate. But it is up to the company to make decisions in the business.
In the case of China, it will be possible to implement the intention of the Chinese government as the intention of Huawei. Huawei will be a digital network champion.
I believe the United States will take countermeasures based on this.

I think this is a deterrent to Huawei's choices that must not be made.

What is Huawei's philosophy? Huawei's digital network works with Belt and Road. There is no doubt that the Chinese government will use it. What is Huawei's philosophy in this regard, and how important is the Chinese government's use of Huawei?
If the Chinese government attempts to dominate Huawei, digital networks will fail.
If Huawei envisions Huawei's own business vision and deploys digital network projects according to the principles of business conduct, this project will succeed. And if the Chinese government relies on Huawei to do business on its own initiative and take advantage of it, the Chinese government will also succeed. This may be a traditional Chinese political method.
In this case, the US government will be able to use Huawei.

The removal of Huawei by the US government may have been a failure. If Huawei is not eliminated, the United States will be able to compete with Huawei.
In the United States, there is Google. This company is the world's best giant of information processing technology in digital networks. Information processing technology in digital networks is the lifeblood of this company. Google won't survive if Huawei loses on information technology in digital networks.
Google will cooperate with the U.S. Government if it determines that it is beneficial to cooperate with the U.S. Government. And Huawei and Google will work together for business success.

Rev. King respected white people. That is why the speech "I hsve a dream" was born. Many Black people were able to properly value and respect White people, despite the trauma of the history of slavery.
White people, in their responsibility of conscience, have concluded in the past of slavery. Black people are witnesses. Many black people respect and trust white people.
Black people had no choice but to respect and trust white people. White people had no choice but to take responsibility for their conscience.
White people are giants, and black people are giants.
The enormous United States continues to be built by these two giants, the White people and the Black people.
That seems to me as a Japanese.

I'm just looking at the United States from far away Japan. For white people and black people, racial issues are a matter of everyday life. White people and Black people have spent a long time coming to a conclusion and solving.
Rely on the choice of white people and black people. I have no other choice.

Many countries in Europe have decided to adopt Huawei's digital network. I also know that digital products for which Chinese companies are developing software are at risk of backdoors. .
Europeans will have the same perception as me. But even at that risk, many municipalities in Europe need a Huawei smart city initiative. Some municipalities in the United States need Huawei's smart cities.
Other companies' systems are too expensive to implement. Such municipalities will introduce Huawei to continue their survival. The risk of a backdoor will be justified.
If the United States forces Huawei to be eliminated, many municipalities in Europe may choose to break with the United States. These municipalities will never be able to stay in the American camp at the expense of their own survival.

I propose to the US government. First accept Huawei. Then, take measures against Huawei.

Google is arguably the best giant in the world in information technology in digital networks. Google doesn't have a mac or iPhone like Apple. There is no distribution infrastructure like Amazon. Facebook is not mentioned here. Information technology in digital networks is the lifeblood of Google. Google should put all its power into it.

I think if the U.S. government asks Google to monitor Huawei, Google will do it.

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