NO.264 Message to President Trump Part 3 ・ ・ ・ Proposal of an alliance from an equal standpoint.

This is a message posted on Mr Donald Trump's site.

Alliance on an equal footing between the United States and Japan. This will be necessary. An alliance must be an alliance of persons with equal personalities.
If the United States is a necessary country for Japan, Japan must consider with responsibility and free will what to do in order not to lose the United States.
The United States is only 340 years old. Japan has been founded more than 2000 years ago. Such Japan continues to benefit unilaterally from the United States.

I say no to the United States. Because of my perspective as a Japanese, there are solutions that can be found. I will come up with a solution that can be deemed appropriate from the United States.

I choose not to lose America.

Again, the biggest factor in America's strength is the Christian religion. There is a fundamental reason for American strength in American ascetic Protestantism.
Deep in the hearts of Americans, there is a religion that fears God. Americans try to solve various problems because they fear God.
Americans fear God and try to find hope in despair.
I think this has given the hearts of the American people a powerful force for practical action and solved the problem. The United States could even make a fundamental change in the global social structure. It's a social revolution, pointed out by Max Weber.

About Japan's obligations in the Japan-US Alliance. Prime Minister Abe will argue that a constitutional revision is necessary to fulfill Japan's obligations under the Japan-US Alliance. I think it's dangerous for the United States, so I will appeal from that perspective.
In order for Japan to fulfill its defense obligations under the US-Japan Alliance, no constitutional revisions should be necessary. The history of the establishment of the Japanese Constitution is described in the preamble of the SF Peace Treaty.
The provisions of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution apply if the other party is a sovereign nation seeking peace. Does not apply to terrorists. And the Japanese Constitution is a declaration of Japan's will for the international community. United Nations member states should agree with this, and in this situation those who attack Japan and its allies, the United States, will be declared terrorists.
The purpose of Prime Minister Abe, who is trying to execute a constitutional amendment that is completely unnecessary, will be the resurrection of the former Japanese Empire. Prime Minister Abe's grandfather Shinsuke Kishi is said to have contributed to the conclusion of the US-Japan Security Treaty. Shinsuke Kishi was an opponent of the Constitution of Japan. The United States has guided the establishment of the Constitution of Japan so that Japan does not become a fascist state. Shinsuke Kishi is the opponent, and Prime Minister Abe has declared that he will inherit the will of Shinsuke Kishi.

Is it the intention of the United States to ally with the war nation, the Empire of Japan?

During the Second World War, Japanese citizens continued to be taught that the United States was a demon. He continued to be told that being a prisoner of the devil was harder than dying. So the Japanese soldiers fought on the battlefield without surrendering until everyone died. "The United States protects the general public." No matter how much the U.S. military called for, the general public did not listen and continued to cut off their lives. Japanese soldiers continued to hit body. Many American soldiers have heard that they stated that the principles of Japanese behavior were terrifying.
All of this was due to the fact that the Japanese at that time did not know the true shape of the United States.
B29 crashed in a village in Japan. Villagers find a young crew member who died in the crash. Knowing that the American youth was no less than his younger son, the villagers kept the young man's relics deeply tragic. More recently, the young man's relic has been converted to a family.
Japanese soldiers who fought in the Battle of Okinawa thought American soldiers were demons. However, in the Battle of Okinawa, he saw a picture of an American soldier who was deeply hurt and shouted, "War is a devil."

Japanese and American soldiers were not the ones to meet as killing enemies on the battlefield. They were the people I should meet as friends.

I do not want to revive the Japanese Empire.

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