NO.263 Message to President Trump-Part 2 ・・・ I am grateful to the United States. Article 97 of the Japanese Constitution guaranteed basic human rights to Japanese people. I can make choices at my own free will.

I posted the following comment on Mr Donald Trump's site. … His site accepts and publishes comments from Iranians.

I am grateful to the United States. The United States has implemented a peace treaty project with Japan as a post-war process in World War II. At that time, General MacArthur's GHQ led the enactment of the Constitution of Japan. The Constitution of Japan was created based on the Charter of the United Nations. Article 97 of the Japanese Constitution guaranteed basic human rights to Japanese people.
We, the Japanese, were guaranteed the right to make choices with responsible free will.

I choose to trust the United States at my will.

The enacted Constitution of Japan was evaluated as a declaration that Japan would comply with the principles of the Charter of the United Nations and the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As a result, the conclusion of the SF Peace Treaty and Japan's accession to the UN have been decided. This is stated in the preamble to the SF Peace Treaty.
I believe the United States and United Nations have not forgotten this.

For precious democracy and the basic human rights of human beings are not lost.

In the United States, there is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The United States can do this.
To me it looks like this: I don't think American white people are thinking about colored people when facing Martin Luther King Jr. Day. White Americans are only interested in facing God in their own mind when facing Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
Deep in the hearts of American whites lies faith that fears God.
Making these people seriously angry is really scary. This is worth mentioning.

It is my policy not to mention racial issues in the United States. The reason is that the American people are working on the problem in their responsibility of conscience.
Discrimination can be found in any ethnic group. That reality is often not seen directly. The reason why American slavery has become world-famous is that American white people have raised their own problems.
The Bible says, "Do not judge." This is the truth. So I do not conclude that the conclusion should be:
The author who wrote Uncle Thomas Cabin was white. The musician who composed Old Black Joe was white. Can Asia create such music and literature?
At a meeting of scholars, a black scholar cried when the novel "Roots" was talked about. "So I love the United States. Such stories become novels and are published."
The United States has achieved this.

The United States will have various problems. But I am convinced.
"The United States will definitely solve the problem."
If the United States can't solve a problem, no one will.

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