NO.262 President Trump. please listen. Part 2

President Trump. please listen.

It would not be appropriate to curse those who disagree with you. Those who are abused by you have their supporters. You cut yourself the possibility of getting their approval.

How far can my claims be guaranteed?

My claims will continue to be blocked from being transmitted to many people. And when my claim reaches the whole world, it may be when the world breaks.
The reason is that my claim is an unorthodox claim.

There are problems that cannot be solved without an unorthodox idea.

The idea that reaches the whole world will be the one with the consent of many people. The problems that can be solved with such an idea are already solved.
Ideas that can solve difficult problems are ideas that many people cannot envision. Ideas that can solve difficult problems are unorthodox ideas.
Unorthodox ideas do not get the top ranking in search. Heresy ideas get in the way of those who have gained the top rankings in search.
Ideas that can solve difficult problems are not communicated to people all over the world.
The time when the idea of ​​saving the world from catastrophe reaches the whole world is when the world breaks.

Another value of unorthodox ideas

People with scarce talent qualities can become aware of their own potential.
Often people who can produce unorthodox ideas have more inferior parts than others. Such offenders often have not developed their own talents, and are often unaware of their own potential.
Often, such talents are governed by the complex and suppress their own potential.

Knowing an unorthodox idea for such a genius is an opportunity to bring out the potential of the genius. "There were other people with the same idea as me."
The talent is released from loneliness. I think loneliness is a terrible thing that destroys human spirit.
By knowing the unorthodox ideas of others, the offspring can be freed from loneliness and blossom the person's original talent.

People with the genius qualities want to be free from loneliness. A person with the qualities of a genius will exercise his or her own abilities and try to serve them for those who understand.
Genius and genius understanders can be a team.

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