NO.261 President Trump. please listen. ・・・ the world economy may be in a period of great depression.

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We believe that the dynamism of the current world economy, where most of the wealth of the world economy is distributed to a few wealthy people, will cause the Great Depression. If my guess is correct, people all over the world will eventually face the Great Depression. I raise a problem because it is a common problem all over the world.
I think the reason why Democratic Socialists of America are increasing in favor is that the economy is in the Great Depression. There is no guarantee that it will be settled under the Democratic government.

Model of the Great Depression in 2020. Part 1

In the futures market, the price of the commodity rises. Futures trading profits are distributed to the wealthy. The wages of those who buy the product remain the same. For the purchase of soaring goods, the person reduces the purchase of other goods. As a result, many corporate performances deteriorate. Companies whose business performance has deteriorated will reduce labor costs.
These things add up, workers are fired, companies continue to go bankrupt, and massive unemployment emerges.

Model of the Great Depression in 2020. Part 2

Unemployed people cannot purchase goods at all. The emergence of massive unemployed breaks the economic cycle. An economy whose economic cycle has been cut off falls into a spiral of collapse. I understand this is the Great Depression.
With the emergence of a large number of unemployed people, many corporate performances will suffer dramatically. Workers are fired and corporate bankruptcy continues. Again, a large amount of unemployed emerges. In addition, the performance of many companies suffers. ... the economy collapses with this spiral.

The Great Depression in an ultra-low interest rate environment will not be a deflationary spiral.

I believe that the deflationary spiral is caused by banks collecting loans and paying them back to the central bank to avoid losses.
In a very low interest rate environment, banks will not fall into this credit crunch, and the economy will not fall into a deflationary spiral.
The United States remembers raising interest rates a bit after very low interest rates. At this time, I think that the deflationary spiral may have begun. For example, investment in real estate has become more active, real estate prices have risen, the number of people who have become unable to pay rent has increased, and homelessness has increased. What is the situation in America?

I hope the rich people will solve the Great Depression.

Who can help solve the Great Depression? I'm counting on the rich. Wealthy people will likely have succeeded in building a business and fortune. Among those who have built up huge assets,
Many people have realized innovation.
I will raise issues so that they will innovate and find solutions.

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