NO.260 I want to ask President Trump. ・・・”The burden that the United States demands on its allies is not just the cost," said a senior US government official. This causes Japan to go through a constitutional amendment. The Japanese Empire is back. The United States will have a war in alliance with the former Japanese Empire. So what is OK?

My obligation to be a member of the United States

"The United States calls on its ally Japan to fight with the United States in a war." A senior government official in the United States understands that he has said so.
If the United States unilaterally decides to start a war, the Japanese people must die in the war that the United States has begun.
Does the United States require Japan to do so?

I hate it. I can't stake my life on war. But I can stake my life on peace. If Americans are at risk of life, I, as a member of the United States of America's ally, must also do so.
I will stop the war at any risk so that no Americans lose their lives in the war.

Do I have no right to make that choice?

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In particular,

Does the United States trust Prime Minister Abe, and do you know what statements he has made against the constitution?

He speaks of the current constitution of Japan as a constitution imposed by the United States because Japan lost the war. He states that Japan cannot be a truly independent country without a constitutional amendment.

Prime Minister Abe states that the SDF cannot cooperate in defending the United States with Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution. If the United States calls on the Self-Defense Forces for defense cooperation, Prime Minister Abe will try to amend the constitution.

The history of the Constitution of Japan is described in the preamble of the San Francisco Peace Treaty.

All United Nations members understand the implications of Japan's constitutional amendment. Many countries remember the former Japanese Empire.
Many countries have determined that the United States has allowed the resumption of the former Japanese Empire. Many countries have determined that the United States has chosen to engage in wars, allied with the former Japanese Empire.

Is this the will of the United States?

"Prime Minister Abe's diplomatic efforts have cemented the Middle East's willingness to talk," Armitage said.

Can he be held accountable for this statement? Middle East talks have not even begun. No one can predict how the situation will change in the future. No one knows when something unexpected will happen. That is the rule of the international situation.
How does Armitage advise the U.S. government at that time? "Trust Japan's Prime Minister and entrust him with everything." Does Mr. Armitage give this advice?

There may have been other reasons why the Middle Eastern nations were willing to discuss. The Prime Minister Abe visited the Middle East by chance, so the Middle Eastern countries may have just responded to Prime Minister Abe.

Do Middle Eastern countries really trust Prime Minister Abe, and do they rely on Prime Minister Abe to manage the situation when an unexpected emergency occurs?
Does the United States trust Prime Minister Abe to manage talks in the Middle East?

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