NO.259 Issues raised for Mr. Donald Trump ・・・Part 1 How will he respond?

I support Donald Trump.

I support Donald Trump. The main reason is that he has released this account so that I can make a claim. People in Iran post taunts against him. But he does not rule out such posts.
Many people reject posts that they don't agree with. From the beginning, many people ban others from posting. But Donald Trump offers everyone the opportunity to assert. For this reason I support Donald Trump.

Personally, I hope he will continue to be president for another four years. Humans always fail. Only God does not fail. Four years ago, Donald Trump was elected President because the United States had serious problems and American citizens entrusted him with solving them.
Rather than traditional Republican candidates, American citizens chose Donald Trump, who was allegedly heresy. "The United States shouldn't do the same thing as before." This was probably the choice of American citizens.

Donald Trump chose an unprecedented measure. At first it is natural that failure continues. If successful from the beginning, others would have been elected president. How he fixes it will be important. I think it would be appropriate for him to commit another four years to that end. If the president changes now, the new president will have to start trial and error again from scratch. The last four years are wasted. I think the United States should start fresh when it comes to a conclusion four years later.

But all is a choice for American citizens. I trust the president who has been elected by formal US procedures. For me, trusting the United States is like this.

I raise a problem. How will President Trump respond?

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Outline of NO.180

The United States raises issues because it is the most important country for me. Democratic Socialists of America are American protests against the United States. American conservatives are also protesting against the United States. The reason for the protest was probably due to the economic crisis in which the middle class in the United States was expanding the poor due to the widening gap between rich and poor. Now, globally, dynamism, where the wealth of the world economy is centrally distributed to a few wealthy people, is incorporated into the world economy. I think this will cause the Great Depression.

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US domestic issues are also reflected in the US international strategy. As a result, domestic problems in the United States have a significant impact on Japan. Therefore, I try to consider American domestic issues.
My prejudice, I don't think there is a Marxist in the United States.
Democratic Socialists of America, the successor to the ideology of the founding fathers of the United States, believe that they are of the same nature as the capitalists. Otherwise, I don't think there will be enough support to influence the US presidential election.
The DSA speculates that it is protesting against the United States, just as Protestants protested Catholicism in the Reformation

Outline of NO.186

The current world economy is in a Great Depression due to the widening gap between rich and poor. However, due to the ultra-low interest rate environment, the Great Depression does not become a deflationary spiral. The US may have raised interest rates slightly, which may be causing a deflationary spiral. Rising real estate prices, rising rents, and perhaps more homeless middle-class college graduates working for businesses.

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