NO.258 Middle East situation, Saudi Arabia's potential

Saudi Arabia's potential

I'm looking at the potential of Saudi Arabia in the Middle East. The basis is Saudi Aramco, a state-owned company. This company is said to have an asset value of 200 trillion yen. This company is the best in the world, surpassing Apple.
Saudi Arabia has managed to build such a company. On this basis, I look forward to the potential in Saudi Arabia.
I assume that Saudi Aramco may be acting with a religious mission of Islam.
Saudi Aramco's will is Saudi's will. Saudi Arabia's will is the Saudi Muslim's will.

Saudi Aramco has made an initial public offering. If Saudi Aramco acts for a sense of religious mission by Islam, Saudi Aramco's purpose will be fulfillment of the purpose of Islam. Probably the construction of Dar al-Islam.

I heard that the realization of Dar Al-Islam was described in Islamic law. I thought that if Islamic law was enacted by interpreting the Koran, it might be Allah's prophecy. Muslims do not yet know the true meaning of Dar Al-Islam if Dar Al-Islam has not yet materialized. And Muslims do not yet know the true meaning of Jihad.
Dar al-Islam is a world without war. Dar al-Islam is the purpose of the principles of the Charter of the United Nations. The United Nations has not achieved this, but Dar al-Islam does. This is a prophecy of Islamic law.
I wanted to see the scene of Dar al-Islam.

I thought about such a thing. The final decision is for Muslims.

How does the United States see this? The origin of American conservatives is ascetic Protestantism, and ascetic Brotestantism is revolutionary thought. I think so.

Again, about the potential of Iran.

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has achieved incredible performance. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is not a minority of units hired from other countries. A large army of over one million people.
Everyone seems like an army trained with strict self-discipline, though not at the best performance.

Iran would also choose to act according to principles of action motivated by a religious mission.
At the root of the strong self-discipline of members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is a sense of religious mission.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps shot down US military drones with missiles. Iran would not have known in advance when and where the drone would fly. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps detected a drone and launched a missile. The missile tracked the drone and hit it.
The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps continued to manage its missiles so that they could function at all times.
I think it is an excellent technology.
Like the United States, there is not a huge industry in Iran that supports the U.S. military. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has gained such high performance in a fortunate environment.

If the Quran is Allah's prophecy, Muslim principles of action would seek out Allah's truth.
Iran will explore ways to realize Islamic objectives in new situations.
People in the Muhammad era could not even imagine modern society. Allah knows everything in the future, and the Quran should have words that apply to everything in the future. I guess so.

Both Saudi Arabia and Iran should share the same purpose of action: fulfilling the purpose of Islam.

Coffee break. British Queen's Family Meeting

A family meeting was held in the British royal family, which concluded and announced that the whole family would support Prince Henry and Meghan's way of life.

I think that some people have lived with special duties on themselves because they were born as kings. And I thought there was a decision that could only be made by such a person.
The people of the British royal family are to say that each person is a person at the same time as being a public figure. This family meeting may have been chosen by the British royal family to conclude as a family meeting rather than a public meeting.

The king considers himself a man. Humans make mistakes. The Queen of the United Kingdom may have been sad for Diana and has been thinking about Diana for many years.
The British royal family would have drawn conclusions for Prince Henry and Princess Meghan as a family.

The choice of Prince Henry, Princess Meghan, and the people of the British royal family will create various new possibilities in the future, right?

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