NO.257 Mr. Khamenei, do you think America is reliable?

This comment is the same as a comment sent to an Iranian account.

He was grieving that Iran had been divided by a request to resign to Mr. Khamenei.

Iran will definitely solve this problem. The United States was. The United States has had many problems in the past that seemed hopeless. The United States will still have many problems. But the United States has solved the problem, even if it takes a long time. Until the problem was solved, the United States could not have imagined how to solve it. But the United States has solved the problem.
The United States and Iran have something in common. Both are ideologues that adhere to their beliefs. Therefore, if America were possible, nothing would be impossible for Iran.
Can Iran's people basically trust each other? If so, I think Iran's dialogue should be repeated. Repeated dialogue between Iranians will reveal a variety of possibilities not found at this time. What is needed here is to respect and trust the other person until the end. Even people who disagree. I believe that Iranians should be able to do this.
There must be a reasonable reason for that person's claim. Opponents deserve respect and trust. The ancestors also say so.

"I accidentally shot down a Ukrainian airliner." I do not trust this official announcement by the Iranian government.

A video of the moment of the shot was being obtained by Canada. The cameraman who shot the video thinks he knew in advance that a Ukrainian airliner would be shot down.
Wouldn't it be almost impossible for any good professional photographer to shoot this scoop video by accidental timing?
A Ukrainian airliner was shot down in advance. And the photographer knew this plan. So the photographer succeeded in shooting this video.

I think if the Iranian army shot down a Ukrainian airliner, the Canadian government would not have obtained this footage.

The crash of a Ukrainian airliner may be another.

The Iranian government may have been unable to make the right decisions due to severe mental shock.

Someone may have created a mischief video and sent it to the Canadian government. The person may be scared and unable to say because the situation has become so severe.

It would be really scary if anyone had done this for a plot against Iran.

Espionage by Japanese Americans during World War II

In Hawaii just before World War II, a Japanese American citizen was spying on a Hawaiian naval port. The man was a doctor who had contacted Japan about the details of the facility at the Hawaii Naval Port.
According to international law, his actions correspond to non-combatants taking part in combat. This is a war crime and will result in death without exception.

The Imperial Japanese Government at that time did not teach international law to Japanese people. The Imperial Japanese Government has continued to teach Japanese people what war crimes are, "the right thing to do to love the country."
The Imperial Japanese Government at that time would have been trying to spy on Japanese American citizens. The U.S. government would have known this.
If you allow such things in an immigrant United States, you will be involved in the survival of the state.
Japanese American citizens who spy are legally sentenced to death. The state must have a maximum sentence and deter war crimes.
Those who become immigrants and become citizens of a country must fulfill their duty as citizens of that country in the event of a war. That is the rule of the international community.
At that time, the United States isolated Japanese Americans in Japanese American concentration camps. The American government at the time would have recognized Japanese Americans as dangerous.
Japanese American citizens are those who have chosen to stop being Japanese citizens and become American citizens. Japanese American citizens must fulfill their duties as American citizens. This is the duty of those who choose immigration. Japanese American citizens may not have understood this rule well. For this reason, this rule may have been broken.

However, I have not heard of the US government executing Japanese American citizens.

I appreciate this.

Japanese-American lawmakers raise issues with Japanese-American concentration camps

States have an obligation to make their people understand international law and the rules of the international community. However, in Japan, the doctor's actions have never been reported to be war crimes. I remember it was an NHK show, but the doctor's actions were being broadcast like a heroic tale.

Japanese American lawmakers have raised issues regarding Japanese American concentration camps in the United States. This is also reported in Japan. However, the imperial government of Japan at that time tried to spy on Japanese American citizens without any problem. "Japanese American lawmakers are raising this issue," is not reported in Japan.

White people will understand Germans and Italians. However, American white people can have difficulty understanding Asians.
If the Asians immigrate to the United States, they will need special efforts to dispel them if they are suspected.
The doctor spied to inform Japan of the entire Pearl Harbor port facility.

What does it mean for Japanese Americans to spy for Japan?
… If a Japanese American raises a matter for a Japanese American concentration camp, I think it is necessary to raise a matter for this.

The Japanese mass media broadcasts only show that they have blamed human rights suppression in Japanese American concentration camps in the United States and denounced racial discrimination against Japanese Americans.

The United States, made up of immigrants, cannot at all permit the immigration to the United States to spy for the country of origin. If the United States allows such things, the United States cannot survive as a nation.
If the United States had to raise this suspicion with every Japanese American citizen, the United States would have no choice but to isolate all Japanese Americans.

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