NO.256 About the possibility of Iran. ・・・ I think Iran will be a keystone in the Middle East. Meaning that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard has acquired high abilities.

My rationale is that Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has acquired a high ability

The Iranian economy is not strong, but the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is performing well. Moreover, this army is not a select few elites. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has more than one million people, including reserves.
Not all of these people will be the most sophisticated, but a significant number have high performance.
A large number of people in this army have trained themselves with strong self-discipline. This may be the national character of Iran.

I think this suggests the possibility of Iran.

I think the Iranian military has the potential to be stronger and more powerful.
I think that the stronger and more powerful the Iranian army will create new possibilities. If Iran's forces were to be strongest in the Middle East, neighboring nations would not be able to compete with Iran.
Countries around Iran will have to respect ethnic groups and religions that are friendly to Iran. Ethnic conflicts in countries around Iran will be resolved.

If that happens, Iran will be a truly dangerous country for the entire international community. The United States and other countries around the world will fundamentally change their policies on Iran.

Iran will need to change its policy fundamentally. Until now, Iran was homeland-centric. Until now, Iran has made demands on the international community solely on account of Iran.
Until now, Iran may not have had the perspective to consider Iran's situation in the context of other nations. Therefore, Iran may not have had the perspective of taking on the responsibilities that Iran must fulfill in international relations.
In the future, it will be required to fulfill responsibility in international relations. Otherwise, Iran cannot survive.

News has reported that demand for Mr. Khamenei's resignation has been rising in Iran. This means that the Iranian people have ever appreciated and supported Mr. Khamenei with responsible free will. This is the basis for my trust in Mr. Kamenei and Iran.

I think Iran will be a keystone in the Middle East.

The Iranian military cannot deploy worldwide. The Iranian army will not have global deployment in the future. No matter how powerful the Iranian army is, its influence is limited to the area around Iran.
Therefore, Iran cannot become world power.

The United States can genocide Iran at any time. The United States has a nuclear force that can unilaterally genocide Iran. Iran has no way to compete.
But the United States has never been able to make this choice.
The fundamental reason is that Americans fear God deep in their hearts.

However, if Iran has become a truly dangerous nation, this possibility will emerge.
If Iran has no willingness to take responsibility in the area around Iran, this possibility will emerge. Until now, Iran has demanded only its own interests from neighboring countries because Iran was a small country. Until now, Iran had no choice but to demand its own interests.
However, if a nation with overwhelming dominance remains self-centered, tragedy will always occur. This is the rule of history.
World Power recognizes such a nation as a truly dangerous nation. World Power must respect the interests of other countries and have ultimate responsibility in the world affairs. Otherwise, tragedy will occur and world power itself will not survive. This is the rule of history.

Once Iran has taken control of the Middle East, Iran must play a coordinating role in respecting the interests of all ethnic groups in the region and avoiding conflict.
Iran will have to fundamentally change the national policy. Iranian people will be greatly puzzled.

I think this possibility is high. A nation that has built an army that has been able to shoot down drones in flight with missiles.

Everything will change if Iran becomes a coordinator in the Middle East.

One of the main reasons for regional conflicts between nations and ethnic groups in the Middle East is that no nation or ethnic group has enough power. They must defeat the enemy before they can be defeated. This principle of action may have taken root in the history of war.
The fear of the enemy may have established the principle of first strike.

Every hero has a deep fear in his heart. Because of the fear of the enemy, the brave will train himself.

If Iran gains greater military power than the surrounding nations, it will be free from fear of enemies. Iran no longer needs to strike first.
If Iran takes on the role of a coordinator who respects the interests of all ethnic groups in the Middle East and avoids conflict, World Power will need Iran.
Belt and Road will want Iran to participate. Belt and Road requires a peaceful coexistence and prosperity relationship between all participating countries.
Once peaceful coexistence has been achieved between Middle Eastern countries, all Middle Eastern countries will be able to participate in Belt and Road. With the participation of all countries in the Middle East, Belt and Road will benefit enormously.

I think there is a possibility of permanent settlement between Sunni Islam and Shia Islam. If Quran is Allah's word, I think Quran should be a prophecy. Allah knows everything about the future. The Quran will also describe the future. Until the prophecy of Allah is realized, humans will not understand.
When Allah's prophecy comes true, both Sunni and Shia Islam will change the interpretation of the Quran.

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