NO.255 ​​A Ukrainian airliner crashed immediately after taking off from Tehran Airport.・ ・ ・ I will post this article as it is.

A Ukrainian airliner crashed shortly after taking off from Tehran Airport.

A Ukrainian airliner crashed shortly after taking off from Tehran Airport. It is alleged that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps accidentally shot down. This suspicion is justified from a crisis management perspective. Everyone really thinks it would be an accident. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard is aware of a passenger aircraft shortly after takeoff from Tehran Airport. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard is not an incompetent army to fire this airliner. Everyone decides so. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard has accumulated so much.
But in crisis management, the worst must be assumed. If a passenger plane crashes in Iran, we assume that the Iranian army may have accidentally shot down. This is crisis management. The Iranian government has an obligation to prove that the crash was not due to an Iranian missile fire.
It is the duty of sovereign nations to ensure the safety of passenger aircraft traveling in airspace.

I don't think the worst thing you can expect is a misfire. It is possible that Iran intentionally shot down the passenger aircraft. If Iran deliberately shot down this airliner, Iran would pay a huge price. The passenger plane was carrying many Iranians. People of different nationalities were on board. In Iran, relations with several countries, including Ukraine, will be severely degraded.
Nevertheless, if Iran deliberately shot down the passenger plane, it would mean that Iran had a reasonable reason. It means that there are serious issues affecting many countries.
This probability is unrealistically low. However, I think that assuming this possibility is risk management.

A video of an Iranian missile shot down on a Ukrainian airliner by accident has been released.

 wonder one question. Who was the photographer of the video? At the moment the Ukrainian airliner crashed, the photographer pointed his camera at the Ukrainian airliner.
If the video was taken by accident, isn't it a miraculous scoop video that even a professional photographer can hardly shoot?
The photographer was prepared for the shooting, knowing in advance the time and position of the Ukrainian airliner to be shot down by the missile. It is determined that way.
The shooting down of a Ukrainian airliner was planned in advance, and the details of the plan were known to the photographer.
Otherwise, it would have been impossible to shoot the footage.

The photographer is not a member of the Iranian army. Images taken by Iranian humans would never have been obtained by the Canadian government.

It would be said that there were those who had plotted in Iran. They are capable of launching missiles from within Iran and shooting down passenger planes in flight.
President Trump of the U.S.?WOW!!...The passenger aircraft include 82 Iranians, 63 Canadians, 11 Ukrainians, including nine crewmembers, 10 Swedes, and 4 Afghans There were three Germans on board. 15 of them were children.
Those who have made this plot are those who casually sacrifice these people.

This case is very similar to tanker terrorism in the Strait of Hormuz. The practitioners are those with advanced armed attack techniques and those who launch explicit plots.

Countries such as the United States and Canada will have the truth. And deliberately publicizing the alleged misfire by Iran.
And the survey is already going quite a bit.

This conspirator will use the principles of action of Mr. Khamenei and others in the Iranian government. If you are criticized by US President Trump, you will retaliate in the face of criticism.
As a result, the chain of criticism between the United States and Iran is escalating endlessly.
And the conflict between the United States and Iran will intensify forever.
This plotter will take advantage of this.

Mr Donald Trump

I thank you. Only you have given me the opportunity to speak so far. Not just me. You are providing the people of Iran with a place where they can criticize you. You protect the right to free speech for all people.
You will be able to identify who has done the trash talk to you. But you will never revenge them later. If you do that, you don't know what Mr. Khamenei says. Your pride will not allow it.
When I see you and Mr. Khamenei's exchange of criticism, I see that two of a kind have become quarrels and can no longer be withdrawn. Hmm.
When you and Mr. Khamenei think, it goes straight into your words. And if you say it, never withdraw.

You and Mr Khamenei can definitely be friends. I think so.

"I don't know what guilty scheme he's making in his heart." I wouldn't have to hold on to such suspicion.

To me, Iran and the United States look like two of a kind.

Never bend the assertion once stated. Then, remarks and actions are matched.

Mr Khamenei and the people of Iran have integrity in their statements and actions. By nature, Americans most respect and trust these people. Isn't that so?

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