NO.254 Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard has not killed any American soldiers.・・・ More than 10 missiles were fired. But he did not kill anyone.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps seems to report directly to Khamenei's chief leader.

The Iranian army is said to be the Islamic Republic of Iran Army.
The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps appears to be in charge of the missile unit.

An attack that fired more than 10 missiles at a U.S. military base would be the intention of Khamenei leader. And not killing an American soldier is his will.
He fired more than 10 missiles and killed no Americans. No accidents occurred. That was the mission of the missile unit.
Khamenei refrained from retaliation. It may have delayed revenge for friends in other countries. "We don't want war," he told Trump. Foreign Minister Zarif sent a letter to President Trump shortly after the missile attack.

Trump has no smile. He may be struggling to determine whether the killing of Commander Soleimani was appropriate. His intention is to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. He chose economic sanctions to cut off the funding source for nuclear weapons development. He cannot believe that Iran has declared no nuclear weapons development.
Belt and Road provide economic benefits. That will solve it. If Iran continues its nuclear weapons development, it will lose defense of Russia and China. President Trump must have decided so.

America was always like that. Always confess to God later in the heart. Everyone makes mistakes. Only God does not make mistakes.

Khamenei said he would withdraw the United States from Iraq. President Trump has also stated that he will withdraw from Iraq.

When the U.S. forces retreat from Iraq, Russian troops will enter Iraq. The United States is aware of this.
China and Russia can deploy military power on a global scale. With such a military superpower stationing the army, the situation in the surrounding area is maintained. This is an empirical reality.
Prior to World War II, the United Kingdom was in charge. After World War II, the United States took over its role.
Now, the United States may be giving its role to Russia and China, at least in the Middle East.

World Power must ultimately be responsible for world affairs. If the world economy is destroyed, world power will not survive.
If world power tries to dominate a small country with military power, the world situation will worsen and world power itself will not survive.

States that do not anticipate deploying troops on a global scale will find this difficult to understand. No country can understand this without experience.
States that do not anticipate deploying troops on a global scale will be completely self-centered. Disputes in the surrounding area will be permanent. If the United States withdraws from Iraq, Iran will have to continue to look for ways to survive the state in the face of difficulties.
From now on, China and Russia will have to suffer as world power.

The United States has fulfilled its responsibilities as world power for 70 years. The United States would have been accumulating wisdom while struggling. The United States will find a new way to live in the future. It seems to me that this is the American choice.

Japanese Prime Minister Abe says he is planning to visit the Middle East.

Japan's Prime Minister Abe will visit three Middle East countries soon. He had decided to cancel because of increased military tensions between the United States and Iran. The other day, both the United States and Iran have declared their intention to avoid the war and have decided to visit.
A competent politician should have visited Iran only when the situation in Iran and the United States was tense.

Let's affirm. Only when the situation in Iran and the United States is tense, is a competent politician required to intervene quickly and resolve problems. A competent politician can propose an appropriate solution.

"He might be able to solve the problem.
The United States will trust him. If President Trump had such a reputation, the United States would have welcomed the politician's visit to Iran. Iran also welcomes the visit of its politicians. Both the United States and Iran are convinced that arbitration by their politicians will solve the problem.

Had such politicians existed in Japan, they would have visited Iran promptly and proposed appropriate solutions when military tensions between the United States and Iran increased. And they would have solved the problem. The more time passes, the worse the situation gets and the more difficult it is to solve the problem.
This is the rule of history.

Japan's Prime Minister Abe re-determined his visit to the Middle East as soon as he determined that the crisis between the United States and Iran was over. "What is he going to do?" I think both the United States and Iran really think.
He only unnecessarily confuses things. Both the United States and Iran would really consider him a nuisance.

And just recently, due to alleged misfires on Ukrainian aircraft, he had been reported in the news that he was considering canceling again. Good grief.

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