NO.253 Before, during, and after Ghosn's interview. ・・・ "Right to a fair trial" is one of the most important basic human rights. In order to protect these basic human rights, the judiciary is required to strictly respect the basic human rights. Japanese justice, which does not respect basic human rights, is not eligible for his trial. This is his conclusion.

About the conclusion.・・・ The Japanese Minister of Justice said, "If Ghosn made such an allegation, I would like him to have a fair and justified defense in a trial in Japan."

Not limited to the Minister of Justice of Japan. Many of the Japanese people who commented on his interview seem to be unable to understand Japanese. If I interpret those comments favorably, I understand so.

After being arrested by the Tokyo District Prosecutors' Office and interrogating, it takes five years to win the acquittal in the Supreme Court. During that time, he cannot even meet his wife. Human rights are deprived.
To win the Japanese trial, he must sacrifice his life. He escaped Japan in order not to sacrifice his life.

A muttering before Ghosn's interview

In the official prosecution announcement, the prosecution has been convicted from the beginning. Do you have any doubts as a lawyer?
Life is sacrificed by trampling human rights. Losing jobs and losing families is not uncommon.
Nevertheless, Japanese judiciary condemns a felony for failing to obey a judicial order.
Isn't the Japanese trial a devil trial, and should the Japanese obey the devil's law?
Isn't fleeing Lebanon to defend our human rights to escape the demon trial?

A mutter that wrote with the intention of addressing Gone's interview

A Japanese prosecutor has ruled Ghosn and his wife guilty. The trial has not yet started. I don't know when the trial will begin. Meanwhile, he continues to be detained. I can't meet my family. He might have died before the trial began.

In Japan, if an investigation begins at an investigative agency, life may end. Several such news have been reported.
Ghosn was able to defect to Lebanon. However, most vulnerable people cannot escape.

I may be caught by law enforcement.

When you're living normally, you may be suspected of molesting on a commuter train. And if you get caught, you will be interrogated, and you will lose everything. You are fired from work and divorced from your wife. As soon as the interrogation begins, you become a sinner.
I am terrible.

Ghosn was saying. In Japan, lawyers cannot be present during interrogations. In other countries, it is common sense.
We couldn't know without Gone saying. A judicial layman is required to sign a Procès-verbal at the time of the investigation, in isolation and as told by the investigative authorities.

From Ghosn's interview, dawn overnight

Impressions of watching Japanese news programs

In other words, do you really think that you are justice?

You are not eligible to hear my defenses. I refuse to excuse you.

This is his intention.

You are free to be moody. There's no need to be moody.

He couldn't tell why he escaped from Japan, because it would bother Lebanon.
Japan is a great country and Lebanon is a small country.

Was Lebanon threatened by Japan?

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