NO.252 Both the United States and Iran seem to be a dyed-in-the-wool ideologue. ・・・It’s inevitable to let both sides go to war and leave one of them crushed.

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Both the United States and Iran seem to be a dyed-in-the-wool ideologue. ・・・ It's inevitable to let both sides go to war and leave one of them crushed.

War is not allowed. Let both survive and use them.

Mr. Khamenei.
Please refrain from further retaliation against the United States. It will take some time before the United States is ready to retaliate. In the meantime, China and Russia can take action.
China and Russia are Iranian friends. China and Russia have been striving to help Iran. China and Russia do not want Iran to be hurt in the war.
I hope Iran delays further retaliation against the United States for Iran's friends China and Russia.
Do you Muslims not delay retaliation against enemies, even for friends?

It would be sad if the Iranian attack resulted in American deaths. The United States will have to retaliate. However, I hope that it will not be a further tragedy.
I pray that God will heal the victims.

Thanks for the response. I haven't found my post.
Certainly, the next time the United States attacks Iran, the war cannot be stopped. Iranians are not afraid to die. If Iranians were afraid of dying, they would do another. But there are those who do not want the war between Iran and the United States. China's Belt and Road requires peaceful coexistence of participating nations. War destroys Belt and Road. Russia participated in Belt and Road. Belt and Road will hope for the participation of Turkey and Syria. The Belt and Road will also want Iran's participation. I think Great Zhonghua would think so. China and Russia have conducted military exercises with Iran.
I am not the only one who wants to stop the US-Iran war. I have hope for that.
Iranians are those who keep their beliefs that they believe they are right. I think I was able to know that. The same goes for the United States. I can't afford to lose either. I hope so. I don't know how much I can do.

Thanks for the response. I haven't found my post.
As you say, I do not know SOLEIMANI. I just think he should be an ideologue that upholds his beliefs. Otherwise, I think the extremely high performance of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps would not be maintained. He would have had to manage himself and train himself hard.
His family would have loved him. Many of his compatriots would have respected and loved him. This cannot be hidden in news videos. His companions are alive. I don't want them to die in war. I hope so.

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