NO.251 I hope that Iranians will make choices for their friends that they will not break war.

The United States and Iran should be friends.

I think the United States and Iran can be friends. Both adhere to the principles they believe in. The United States and Iran can definitely be friends. It is impossible that the United States and Iran cannot be friends. I hope Iran delays retaliation for friends. I think that it is the cause of tragedy that each other does not fully understand the other party.

The inability to get to know the other person creates suspicion about the other person, and further increases blind fear.
I think many tragedies have occurred in the past due to this.

I had the opportunity to watch a rap video of Iran. I was surprised to see the video. The people in the video were people who did not change with us. They seem to be full of charm and tenderness.

Before seeing this video, the Iranians had a prejudice as if they were ferocious and frightening.
I was prejudiced by hearing Muslim episodes and news reports about Muslim conflicts.

Messages to those who have already died and their families.

I pray that the Almighty God will heal you and your loved ones.

I can only leave it to Almighty God.

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