NO.250 Iran could win the war with the United States. ・・・ but what happens afterwards?

If Iran and the United States are at war.

If Iran and the United States are in a war, who will win? I guess everyone would expect the United States to dominate. Me too.
But I think Iran could well win. Iran is currently the 14th largest military power in the world. And I think Iran would have been preparing to fight the United States. Iran must have been preparing to win the United States.
I don't think the United States was preparing for a war with Iran.

It will be the same as the relationship between Japan and the United States at the time of World War II.

In World War II, Japan could beat the United States.・・・ but what has happened since then?

Japan was able to win the war with the United States when the Japanese successfully attacked the Pearl Harbor port in Hawaii.
If the Japanese had repeated more thorough repetitive attacks, Japan had won the United States.
The Japanese destroyed the American fleet in Hawaii in two attacks. At this point, Hawaii's military base function was alive. The U.S. Navy was able to conduct operations on the Pacific Ocean.
If the Japanese had subsequently carried out repeated strikes and destroyed military base functions such as fuel tanks, the U.S. Navy was completely unable to operate on the Pacific Ocean for more than six months.
During the past six months, if the Japanese Navy conquered the Middle East from the Indian Ocean, American allies had lost to Hitler's Germany. For example, the United Kingdom was completely cut off from the oil route, making it impossible to continue the war.

So, if the Japanese had a thorough and recurring assault on Pearl Harbor and completely destroyed Hawaii's military base function, the United States would have called for prompt peace. I heard that many US military personnel had said so.

But the real war would have started there.

The United States will never forgive the enemy who has won the United States.

The United States was founded by founding fathers for a common purpose. The United States is a country founded to achieve its set goals.
This American ideology should continue today.
Until just before World War II, war was not the purpose of the United States. So the United States was not preparing for war. Japan was preparing for the war.
So Japan was able to win for a while after the war began.

However, as Japan attacked Hawaii, the United States' goal was to win the war.
The United States would have intended revenge, even if Japan had thorough repeated attacks in Hawaii and achieved early peace with the United States.
The real 70 years after World War II was a peaceful era for Japan. However, if Japan had been conducting repeated attacks on Hawaii, the last 70 years would have been an era of war, with the United States fighting revenge against Japan.

It would have been a nightmare for Japan. It must have been 70 years for the United States to devote all intent and power rationally to win revenge against Japan.
The United States would have continued to grow into a military superpower incomparable to the United States just before World War II.

The same can be said of the war between Iran and the United States. Suppose Iran and the United States are in war this time, and Iran has won.
Iran's victory will be the beginning of a real war.

For example, GAFA and other giant companies in the United States have been working to profit from business.
The purpose of the actions of these American giants has been changed to win a revenge fight against Iran.

Iran will fight the final war with the United States, which has become an incomparable military superpower at the moment.

Iran should take every possible measure to avoid the war with the United States.

However, if Iran perceives the war with the United States as jihad, it will be difficult to stop Iran.
Those who died in Jihad go to heaven. Iran will be ready to die in the jihad with the United States.
On the land of the ruins of Iran, a second Islamic state will be born.

I hope Iran avoids war for friends.

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